News headlines today: June 11, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.
4:05 | 06/11/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: June 11, 2019
Far gone Poland tonight. OK so there to greet. Treachery Cabot. The basketball world is buzzing after an emotional game five of the NBA finals the warriors stayed alive with a 106 the 105 win over the raptors to force a game six and Oakland Thursday night but the win came at a cost warrior star Kevin Durant. Return to the court last night only to limp off. With an injured Achilles he has an MRI scheduled today. National Transportation Safety Board sending a team to help investigate the crash of a helicopter on top of a building in New York City. The pilot was killed. House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler says a vote on contempt charges against attorney general William Farr has been postponed. Up at the Justice Department has agreed to turn over evidence connected to the multiple. The 4040 presidential race is coming into sharp focus in Iowa today with both president trump. Democratic front corner Joseph Biden paid a visit former. Vice president Joseph Biden hopes to reignite his campaign. He is a bed and I was since April of this debate democratic dinner Sunday. Many critics say his campaign is falling behind in the crucial state with eight months to go until the caucuses fight countering with floor events in two days. President trump we'll speak at an ethanol plant in council blocks. Hackers apparently have stolen pictures of people and vehicles coming into and going out of the country pictures collected by Customs and Border Protection. Officials say they were wrapped from a company that contract with the agency initial reports that actors got photos of up to a 100000 people. Wall Street Journal says Kim Jong Nam. Met on several occasions with CIA operatives this could help explain why Kim Jung on older brother was. Kill two years ago in that raise and move in the international airport Malaysia. Which was all caught on surveillance video. Two appointments he can't hear Payton it don't comes face and died a short time later. Lawyers say that would work wouldn't have been assassination officially leave his job is responsible for his brother's death. Washington Post here to fight it in a book released today says that. He met his handlers and Malaysia or Singapore she says that inside the backpack was carrying when he was killed. It was 120000. Dollars in cash that Clinton and payment brings intelligence information. Lower earnings from gambling business. There's a lot it remains unclear about his relationship. With the CI day. I. Retired Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz season a Boston hospital after being shot in the back quota club. Dominican Republic one suspect is in custody. The estranged husband of the mystic Connecticut woman and his girlfriend will face a judge today. 51 year old protease do lows and his girlfriend Michelle true colors are both expected to entered not guilty pleas in connection with the disappearance of Jennifer do most. To us was last seen dropping out for children at school and cannon may 24 to congress reportedly was knocked into came in the David do those vanished. A new lawyer for four teams to Lowe's plans to request came bond reduction. Yeah looks like and how are here Tuesday with more heat yeah. Did this before this geographic San Francisco airport has never before yesterday you know 100 plus degree temperature in June. July or August they reserved those Kelly we're September and they still have an easy numbers but miss the big deal. In Southern California are only has won thirteen of record on every 97 Oakland 97 any Oceanside. If I had the F Sam and had their 100 today the record straight against Washington State. Down through coastal or in even met for ghost one brief excessive heat warning please Phoenix illnesses. Only second day or Thursday depending where you aren't we're gonna see another even hotter in front of going the Wednesday and then the temperatures we'll start declined. I'm 100 I'd still bears in Las Vegas bout. How well one actually a couple of pictures out of Charlotte, North Carolina so along with a lot of river they had more than. And eat. Water rescues happening in the past 36 hours or so because it thirteen inches of rain fell in Italy. Does this show so. But I'm goes held to a vote and the state lifestyle and get them out. Safety organist that rain Saturday and a big meeting but malice or at least early in the day from its doing. And and yeah yeah yeah.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63629183","title":"News headlines today: June 11, 2019","url":"/US/video/news-headlines-today-june-11-2019-63629183"}