News headlines today: June 7, 2019

Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.
5:54 | 06/07/19

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Transcript for News headlines today: June 7, 2019
Progress reported in the talks over upcoming tariffs on Mexican imports and immigration. With the clock winding down to find a deal and avert those new tariffs on Mexican goods. Mexico offering a concession to playing 6000 troops to its southern border. But the administration says that internal enforcement isn't not. We shouldn't have anybody. They shouldn't be able to walk through Mexico and I've told Mexico you don't stop this onslaught this invasion people get angry that I used the word invasion Washington Post reporting the president's team wants to see a sweeping overhaul of asylum rules across the region. Investigators are Wesley are trying to determine the cause of a dozen training accident. One cadet was killed when a truck like this when flipped over in rough terrain. The truck was carrying cadets a training exercise and nineteen others were injured along with potential there. A lot of people already facing charges in connection with the disappearance of a mother of five from Connecticut. Now talking to police Jennifer Angelos hasn't been seen for two weeks. Closes estranged husband photos to Lowe's and his girlfriend Michelle took colonists. Are charged with hindering prosecution. And tampering with evidence to con has met with detectives working on the case at her attorney's office today. Meanwhile police say they've received more than 220 tips. But after criticism from fellow Democrats Joseph body withdrew his long standing support behind the net and he prohibition against federal money for abortions he says he believes health care is a right and cannot justify denying access to millions. I believe health care as a right as I do I can no longer support an amendment. That makes that right into the someone's. We're hearing now from one of the four climbers pulled to safety after getting stranded in the storm on Mount Rainier in Washington. They originally had planned a short trip to the summit but they got stuck on the mountain for four days. High winds destroyed their tents blew away their GPS along with its sleeping bags and show. Wins and breaking attend your independence. With tactical loan for the fans. Trying to hold onto everything. Was outside everything just sleep somehow we minutes. Really cold. They eventually found enough reception to call Monday morning won all four are suffering from hypothermia. But are expected to be okay. And today British prime minister Theresa may is the last day as head of her party shall stay on as caretaker prime minister. Fancy Golden State Warriors investor from attending games for a full. Year during yesterday's game Mark Stevens received shopping raptors player Kyle Lowry had happened after Lowrie drove into the stadium for a loose ball in addition to a one year ban Stevens who was sitting in the front row was fine 500000. Dollars. Morning damn fashioned courtesy of rock and roll hall of Famer doctor John. Guide the New Orleans native best known for 1973. Hit Wright place wrong time played cat and blew through them for six. Decades and performed with everyone from Ringo Starr taking Taylor. And Aretha Franklin doctor John West 77. Friday forecast for you. More water but here's something just before we get to pictures now we note that the United States has had the latest twelve month period on records that seems like you can see a lot of funny images. Work above average rainfall in California it then yeah it's true so let's stick to what happened. Now the last 24 hours at sea water rescues and dozens of them but this one thankfully this woman in Baton Rouge. Let's say it. Couple of firefighters say that this happened the other slightly deadly and that that number tornadoes at least eight restates Alan Ross wrote there. A man who went from work just back proxy and then check this out in Oklahoma City. It only took a couple inches within a couple of dollars and you so much flooding there are places that we're having to three inch per hour rainfall rates. That'll come from flat at twelve tropical moisture and wrapping around that well this morning Arkansas River zone of the Molly Levy has dreams. We're getting close to reaching. And that's why concern and support they may have who have actually titled we can't market go into it that all drains and then. Did it would rain is still yet to fall. In northern Georgia or western South Carolina western town welcome a lot of street just wish to have come so quickly that obviously caught some. A flash flood watches this Friday. And and a severe storms forecast from my not to buffalo South Dakota and winds mean you could see him Venus did.

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