Newtown Runners Face New Tragedy in Boston

Several parents from Newtown, Conn., ran in the Boston Marathon as guests of honor.
1:25 | 04/17/13

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Transcript for Newtown Runners Face New Tragedy in Boston
Changed everything. New -- Tom Abrams didn't make it to the finish line on Monday. The two products. Needed to. It's tragic he had a handful of others have been tackling Boston Marathon route but the message on this -- T -- fueling their stride. The names of the victims on their backs Newtown straw covering their hearts on the front. A fund raiser for the victims with a purpose to represent the kids to represent our town and hopefully you would inspire change. But the bombings reminded him and others that inspiring change that takes time -- not a sprint but America. In Monday's run. Scores -- three day. Adding another child eight year old -- -- -- I don't just -- Oracle Oracle Tom's wife Lisa watched on TV at the scope of the attacks -- game. And the names and faces of the victims were revealed. She sees a connection. 308. Boston attack victims' families are feeling. Shared tonight in Newtown. One Newtown is really trying to do. Is that spread. The message that it's not just about an attempted. It's about all of us working together to create a safe community. A safe country my heart goes out to -- injured. And my heart goes out. The -- and we.

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{"id":18978368,"title":"Newtown Runners Face New Tragedy in Boston","duration":"1:25","description":"Several parents from Newtown, Conn., ran in the Boston Marathon as guests of honor.","url":"/US/video/newtown-runners-face-tragedy-at-boston-marathon-18978368","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}