Officials Discuss North Carolina State Fair Ride Malfunction

Five people were injured after the "Vortex" ride malfunctioned at the North Carolina State Fair.
25:01 | 10/25/13

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Transcript for Officials Discuss North Carolina State Fair Ride Malfunction
This is a special room. Again -- your witness ABC news digital special report shocking accident at the north Carolina state fair injured five people to. Seriously the first call came -- to 911 a little -- non caught last night when a pendulum ride which flips passengers upside down. Started up just as people no longer strapped and began to make their way off the ride. And right now -- county's share as department is holding a news -- in the latest on the investigation. -- -- -- Is leading the investigation. Labor commissioner -- Police department inspects amusement rides. Here in North Carolina. We -- -- Tom chambers. Who refuse. Hurt -- inspection team and bureau chief. -- Indians he isn't. -- technical expert on this -- We also have Joseph -- -- state -- public safety she. Our purpose this morning. Is provide an update ride accident occurred last night. Few minutes and we column here paerson and it's -- -- -- coming months. -- didn't want to you. Clarify. Point out few things. This election where there's confusion. The ride that was involved last night is called the vortex. It is on the lower midway. Here at the fairgrounds. -- those of you who are very familiar with state -- We also have called that the old -- original midway. In the past. It is an area and down between gates four and five. On the west side of the fairgrounds. There is another ride it out here on the main roadway which is midway directly behind you. It is also called vortex. The only thing these two grads have in common is an eighty. The -- that was involved in the accident last night. He is a different. Type of ride altogether. It is a different manufacturer. It does different things they -- the ride the other vortex -- which is on this and I just wanted to make. We've we've seen some reports that there were there to vortex -- out here. While that technically it is true they are actually very different lives. Such one -- We will. A little bit of time to take a few questions this morning. We'll try to do that after Peterson had -- chance to speak. We're I would like to you now -- on. -- Troxel. Steve. Say if you. I can tell you yeah -- working that we -- The apparent problem. The burglar. New products from -- and I'll polish border -- -- there were involved in the there are no worries that we can build my friend here that's. What -- Sorry you -- they went to lift their revered here and here it is earth. -- should be -- -- -- Orders and it works and wonderful world far less money for -- -- Problem there's no broad. -- -- -- -- We don't. How to bring this plan into action news network. Couldn't -- who. We -- yeah. And again. But the town Cologne and who -- no longer live things more smoothly players aren't. No longer. We're cardinals fun thing when you -- That regard reportage. We're we're very -- who -- Chocolate. I didn't. And more from -- Third World knows what I've learned. I hope we -- Well people and go yeah. Yeah and who were important and they're they're relieved. Here's where. Don't you call them that money right -- and get right to drive him on it won't be -- -- your route tomorrow. Right Matthew -- run through the only. And the -- -- loan workout shirt and sure personnel -- -- the way home. And recruiters do you do best and if you don't want it. And right now from what we do the -- -- here in -- coffee -- Well again I don't want to sort through rigorous and -- We're going to -- the -- And their families -- And -- and everybody. -- -- can program Bloomberg. And his art and now. -- -- -- -- -- We weren't here last night for our initial briefing. We do you have some copies of these releases distributed last night which had some basic information centers. Location and some of those basic facts. I would be happy he would. A copy of that if you need it. At this time I would I would like to call home. Sheriff -- Harrison Wayne county sheriff. Not a whole. Dressed like -- just. -- don't think I'm going. There but -- -- we're working very closely together would formally. Don't -- is calling all his sister city thing it. He can do to help us down this investigation or we needed resources that are viable pieces is concern to families. Like say the thirteenth hour and this is ongoing investigation -- -- -- last night retreat here investigation criminal investigation. And guess you'll quote. This time. Well we have a lot of witnesses talked to. As we've been doing so since last night. But it takes time. And I know you'll love -- -- and -- questions. Played in my view -- two young girls. Of our investigation and -- on one -- movie award sometimes. I want to stress this the people that was injured last night. -- requested. Privacy. They do not only to release the names. So I'm honored -- this time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If there's questions about the -- we have a complaint earlier. Rumors flying we don't basically anything else rumors that I can say -- we did have one complaint Monday night. -- -- -- do what they're supposed to them taken out and everything working properly. So. -- -- just wait and see what questions you have at Lexington Kentucky man this is an ongoing investigation. This can take a lot of time. -- -- I might introduce later in this country -- and as -- said her department. Has and -- that is responsible for inspecting amusement rides and other types of these devices. Here in North Carolina. And he can make very. -- It happened here there and is -- responsibility. To. Nature that these rides -- sad day -- -- apparently. And yes commissioner Cox has -- -- have full confidence that rats that are here. Our site for the driving public and it not children here I would. In money and -- and in that time. -- -- -- Inspectors with the elevator and amusement -- would feel confident in their children and grandchildren -- Need to understand that these inspectors prior to that there being spent more than two and a half weeks here inspecting the right thing here. And they've been around for a thorough -- Apparently for -- safety issues to the manufactures as the nation's -- -- We have 101 -- -- North Carolina which parties the -- purse and compliance. The manufactures that's the nation's top right. We won't let it. And will in confidence in the riots are operating today this was one incident. That it will not. This spirit this hair or -- coming out easily. There. Operating normally wouldn't share your son and -- nature and expertise and as we head through its inspection profits to turn. What we need to determine how citizens and on this counseling -- investigations. On this night. We will take a few questions if you. PlayStation name and media outlet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was yet sheriff's department typically -- -- partnership. Here they see something right going down a little contact us we have inspectors on site full time. And basically. On. Monday night weekend. -- uncertain right -- working. And a dispatch our starters out there and it turned out he. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right. Switch on the scene. Is it isn't yet relative lives in person influencing them. Now that's that that that that was. Basically what we will be chosen because it. Here. Requested that the right contractors. -- and take at least three times throughout. Typically -- it. We say. -- right now people who -- check picture -- Picture this issue and life. Well it's. And again I can't comment. Still investigating. For us to say anything about it -- And special. I'm typically. Get me don't look at was treating -- there. They're supposed to -- and be back. I started and stop it. Any team rivers necessary operates eight. Basically below ground spot -- Well we're on site we'll walk around the -- inspectors what. We'll ships and handed it opens. Candidate loses anything you can basically. Hours operating paying attention -- -- are now looking away. Coming voting he. Properly into the. -- on Friday. Right. I had some people here yeah. Well I think this is the -- Commissioners court stated that this is an isolated. -- -- -- -- -- Hussein stringent inspection process. -- never. At this point. -- -- It is this thing. Global news -- machines that he'd be when there. Right. Our walk around. Laws right -- say it. Sure that they -- safe. Yes. -- would have liked him. -- united us was the ship. They ask. Right here into the area he's. About nature of their injury. I'm not I don't know. Couldn't you definite answers on this. Her -- that's flat earth. And to have him released. But I can't. Yes -- almost. -- -- -- -- It and helps. -- I think it will. I'm not. -- I'm calling me you know as heartbreaking portrait. -- and speculating anything we've got to -- true. People. I don't know how they got. -- -- Drive. Fast forward on this -- that's what we're trying to make sure. -- a lot of room. Until we finish all of our investigators -- talking. From the -- operators -- person. People don't look. It's. Into a lot of people lots so right now we don't have a definite answer. -- I was told earlier. Iraq has come to a stop in the face in -- That's when something happened that morning is that something and that's what -- Now. Well -- A lot of the right. -- -- -- There are Booker prize. Just like anything else. Operating. The issue and work something -- working writing more now he's just a this is an. But it's here. Get it done. -- Right back into operation. Like. I couldn't -- There are still trying to looking through this at this. I think it's important understand. These -- You and -- Got cross team. Then a student intern. And look at it. And -- is part. -- best -- that's what we. That's what we. We have been. And a full investigation. Into what could cause. That's gonna take a little time. -- -- great. If we couldn't stand up here this morning. And tell you exactly. What. -- Right now. Sheriff is not that -- -- Labor Department. We're gonna get it we're confident that they -- everything he. Can get me. -- -- I think -- from one more question. I'm thank god. -- -- -- -- -- typically. My -- -- reports. Regarding. The operators of -- -- working. -- -- -- -- -- -- Com -- inspector. And a lot of times that's what -- -- it's just me. -- -- -- -- -- All throughout the course is fair game. What we have been so that's what we're trying to find out. We have been so that Iraq had stopped in the -- -- you know all of the sudden blast started he had. Does anyone come forward video from. -- and I have not seen her that it was one person's zip passes. You know that were released I haven't check investigators -- -- -- also found last night to three times. So I don't. -- even exist without totally. And this surveillance -- terrorism Indianapolis we're still look at those of all we have not found anything yet. The -- his clothes. The duration. Maybe the rest of their -- are. You can see out there are part -- -- movement that particular right. News close it will. I want. Good morning again thank you for your patience. Insurers say. We're still her. We're still early -- hand. We want to be able to provide additional information can and we will do. We will continue to scheduled briefings. As we have information to share. -- you're not at the moment had made time for next scheduled briefing simply -- Just need time. To do what they do. And what may have something that we can share what you. We will -- more than. I can say -- came to us you know being contact. We'll we'll we'll keep you apprised of the situation. And I do it again thank you all for coming -- this morning. And that we will stay -- thank you. So that's the latest period -- the investigation from a fair accident out of Raleigh, North Carolina to new York at this he's at the north Carolina state fair where last night five people felt from a ride. Two were seriously injured from this apparently some kind of a mechanical malfunction as we just heard from the sheriff's department there and other. Is fair inspectors. The investigation is going on they are looking at any kind of potential mechanical malfunction but at this point they have no solid answers of what may have caused. That right to malfunction -- five people falling from that -- that essentially. Takes passengers upside down about twenty feet in the air -- the complete report on and on Dan -- New York. With this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20683136,"title":"Officials Discuss North Carolina State Fair Ride Malfunction","duration":"25:01","description":"Five people were injured after the \"Vortex\" ride malfunctioned at the North Carolina State Fair.","url":"/US/video/north-carolina-state-fair-ride-malfunction-vortex-sends-20683136","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}