North Carolina Woman Delivers Baby at Bus Stop

University of North Carolina doctoral student calls 911 and helps woman give birth.
3:00 | 11/09/12

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Transcript for North Carolina Woman Delivers Baby at Bus Stop
-- brewer was supposed to be at this bus stop yesterday. But a baby sitter canceled so she decided to take her two year old son Dillon the UNC Chapel Hill campus with -- Sitting here. Doing and a beautiful today and this woman. Comes up to me and she's in discusses -- pointing to her friends inside the bus shelter. -- simply peered inside the shelter she discovered a pregnant woman going into labor -- common and the mother is in the squat position. And she's holding opener yet it appears that the waters breaking immediately -- and Holland. High nickel and -- right now apparent. That that corner of Q and -- I got. Point -- -- -- here she darted back to be any kind of. Meanwhile and -- son Dylan was they are witnessing the real thing. It. Luckily -- and stayed by his mother's side while only got instructions from the dispatcher on what to do. You have achieved strangled -- -- but what we -- the umbilical cord. I can pick and obviously it. And it. Party PPP worn out a -- and bill Corbett -- AG from the later bill could. Typical. Deal but don't cut it just just -- random bill Corbett the issues from the -- Shortly after that paramedics arrived and took the mother and the new board to the hospital -- both -- said to be doing just fine. In fact Emily and -- stopped by the hospital last night and not to visit them and -- even got to hold the little girl. And so. Until -- beautiful and get a small child that I come into the world.

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{"id":17682332,"title":"North Carolina Woman Delivers Baby at Bus Stop","duration":"3:00","description":"University of North Carolina doctoral student calls 911 and helps woman give birth.","url":"/US/video/north-carolina-woman-delivers-baby-bus-stop-17682332","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}