NYC authorities hold press conference on helicopter crash

The helicopter crashed near Roosevelt Island around 7pm.
3:50 | 03/11/18

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Transcript for NYC authorities hold press conference on helicopter crash
Shortly after his second again today received dozens of calls the helicopter crash East River separate section. Our communities from you might be. The fire department of mutinies and aviation responded ship and the Coast Guard. Prime talk. Also assisted in his office. Search and rescue operation. Immediately began. With a total of six people. And a helicopter including the National Transportation Safety Board will be conducting an investigation. Into the crash. Yeah this preliminary explanations just a couple of hours ago. The helicopter he is owned by liberty helicopters and exit private charter version of that photo shoot. That turned up efficient night right now. As commissioner O'Neill center six people on the helicopter. Pilot freed himself. The fight so police fired divers into the water. The other Y three of them didn't critical condition they have been moved to the hospital she will get. They are now instead us. So we have a total of five victims reed hospital right now we don't have an outcome and pilot is okay who stick to the hospital to be checked out. Yeah he was able to get an answer. Took a wild tigers to. Get these people they were very quickly as fast as good as fifty feet of water there. It was a problem. Temperatures we'll news. We're very well it's great tragedy that we had heard here. Quiet otherwise quiet Sunday. You take your questions. There's a helicopter now its here at. Helicopters and a couple blocks thanks data that we do have control of like to thank you through the tugboat there the first vote on the scene. Our air sea rescue responded within five minutes and fifty NY marine units were there as well as our. It's difficult who was. Didn't the speaking to Baghdad tugboat personnel at our. Green first fifty advisory personnel. RBIs streak we'll. He was going southbound into the business it's tough it's tough coverage. It is going to be eight week. Eight. An argument went to too many details here this is happy couple hours ago it's going to be an investigation. Conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board. Yeah irregular pattern here. Witnesses are going to be quite investigation connected TVs is just Aaron. Tonight and it's. That it's remarkable. The freed himself was taken by it what fireballs sure. With the most difficult port city operation we're told his life. People besides. All tightly and there's some of these artists had to be. Get these folks all this helicopter which was upside down. It's. Just explain and Iverson big news you're. I voters. How firefighters and police divers yesterday we. Each of these flies in the. Indeed some meaning being. Carried out what people's homes to. They. Look like which it'll it's. Okay thanks very managing and executing it.

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{"id":53676019,"title":"NYC authorities hold press conference on helicopter crash","duration":"3:50","description":"The helicopter crashed near Roosevelt Island around 7pm.","url":"/US/video/nyc-authorities-hold-press-conference-helicopter-crash-53676019","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}