Two NYPD Cops Killed in Brooklyn Ambush

Police say the suspect in the shootings killed himself after fleeing the scene.
3:23 | 12/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two NYPD Cops Killed in Brooklyn Ambush
Good evening I'm juju Chang at ABC news headquarters in New York with the digital report. Developing news on the execution style shooting of two new York city police officers this afternoon both have died. The ambush took place just before 3 o'clock this afternoon in the best die section of Brooklyn. According to NYPD an armed man walked up to the two uniformed officers sitting in a police car. At opened fire point blank. Both officers rushed to the hospital though neither survived WABC reporter Rene still is on the scene Renee. Q do I am his closeness seen here at myrtle and Tompkins avenue as you can get word to officers were shot and killed while they were sitting in their patrol car this is what we have confirmed so far. The two officers were sitting their possibly on their meal break when a man came directly up to the passenger side window. Pointed a gun into the car and fired it we understand from witnesses possibly between four and five shots. At close range of both of those are officers we understand. Have both died from their injuries now the suspect. The suspect ran into a nearby subway station the shot himself in the head and he was wheeled out on a stretcher. And taken in an ambulance but we understand that he was dead on arrival now NYPD is also looking into whether or not it's. He may have made imposed on social media. Describing that he was going to shoot a cop today. Now they have not said whether or not those posts were made by the actual suspect but they are. Looking in sewage and activist does have come out here saying what happens today is probably the worst thing that could've happened to you Jim. Rene thanks for that update New York City mayor bill the blood CO and police commissioner Bill Bratton rushed to the hospital where those police officers were taken. And they spoke to the media short time ago. To a New York's finest who was shot and killed and no warning. The qualifications. They are quite simply assassinate. Targeted for the uniform. And the responsibility. For inspiration and keep to people of this state. Pray for them pray for their families. The moment. But terrible loss as a moment when we must all. Come together to support these families. Support dealers. Of course the shooting comes at a very sensitive time for New York City just two weeks after grand jury failed to indict an NYPD officer in the case of Eric Gardiner. The unarmed man selling Lou cigarettes on the Staten Island street. Sparking those I can't breathe demonstrations trying thousands of marchers mostly peaceful throughout the country. It's also worth noting that it's been three years since an NYPD officer was killed in the line of duty and now to have lost their lives in a single day. ABC news of course we monitoring these developments around the clock see the latest anytime at And to get updates star this story on the ABC news phone app and we'll have a complete wrap up on Good Morning America. I'm juju Chang in New York.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Police say the suspect in the shootings killed himself after fleeing the scene.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27741066","title":"Two NYPD Cops Killed in Brooklyn Ambush","url":"/US/video/nypd-cops-killed-brooklyn-ambush-27741066"}