NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos Honored at Funeral

ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo and Aaron Katersky report from the funeral in Queens, New York.
6:21 | 12/27/14

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Transcript for NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos Honored at Funeral
Good afternoon I'm Ron Claiborn and ABC news world headquarters in New York where they digital report. On this Saturday and it is an emotional Saturday here in New York City nearly 25000 police officers from across the country all across the country. Paying tribute to officer rocked by L Ramos overflowing in the streets of queens new York and almost un presidential support. For a brother many of them never even knew the forty year old officer was assassinated one week ago an ambush shooting in Brooklyn Austin black and his partner. Officer when John Lou the gunman. Took his own life after we're officer Ramos. Leaving behind a wife. And two sons and many dignitaries paying their respects today vice president Joseph Biden slippery one of the eulogies words of praise for the new York city police department. Compassion for the Ramos fans. I won't come. To tumble comb rough sales memory will bring a smile to your lips. Before brings a tear hero. That's when you know it's going to be okay. I know it's hard to believe that'll happen but I commission. I promise you we will have. And my prayer for use it will come sooner. Rather than later. And joining us now ABC's Morris to have a Koppel with more on this story from queens. Mark. -- the funeral for officer Ramos just wrapping up against the officers dispersing behind me here you can hear the bag pipes playing head it was down this street that the processional. Receded taking officer promised in its final resting place these streets are lined up line with the officers a sea of blue was Smart guy hit me. Most likely thousands of officers from all over the country coming out. For at this funeral to pay their respects to officer promised a servant to sell violent dignitaries speakers including Vice President Biden Governor Cuomo. And mayor to block the O. I'd like to bring in now on ABC daring pitchers gave also saw the entire you know we were able to watch it from an feet inside and Aaron. As I mentioned we heard from a lot of officials today the Stanley of course there Al surrounds his wife and his children but did we hear enough from those closest to the officer. We learned a little bit of an officer Ramos that you like the New York Mets that he liked to played basketball and his two sons thirteen and college aid. We learned that he like the Blair in Spanish gospel music from the speakers of his car and we learn most of all that he was a man of faith he had been studying to be a chaplain that in fact was gunned down a week ago as he was about to graduate from that course work. And as a tribute to him posthumously in the new York city police commissioner Bill Bradley promoted him to an honorary chaplain of his 84 precinct in Brooklyn. Also made him a detective. Thousands partner was last seen American smiles and and move soon elevated and it's ninety minutes of courtesy there's any incidents. He knew there are surviving family members access to an amendment. And these show of support here from other officers all around it and just remarkable I'm even as far as you continue to correction officers lining the streets. If the amount of support that tyranny mrs. Fairly and use. It's one of the biggest funerals and NYPD history without question they were expecting as many as 25000. Officers and you couldn't count them all because you couldn't see them all down. The major boulevards of queens surrounding Christ tabernacle church and as the hearse. Carrying the flag wrapped casket of officer Ramos persist through the streets led by motorcycles and then. Finally being defendant and pipe and drum corps the emerald society. Each of the officers as the hearse passed. Davis salute the white gloves evident in the gleaming sunshine here and now is these officers dispersed they reflect. While on the fact that it could have been them and that's why so many of them told us they had to beat here because this is a fraternity and they say they are Brothers in arms. And it was such a lovely tribute very solemn but that very fitting for the light that this man we also saw helicopter fire for twelve by my count. I'm so it's just very fitting for this officer lost his life in the line of duty now. The mayor did speak here there's been a lot of tension between the mayor and the police union and there was invited to be here by officer promises family but we did see some officers that were not supportive of his present. A number of them turn their backs on the mayor as he was speaking a symbolic gesture as they waited here outside while the mayor spoke inside. And mayor have Lazio's steered clear of the politics of the moment instead. Offered a eulogy of officer Ramos and that was entirely by design and there was not going to get into the politics he would ask that. Politics and protests be put to the side until after both officers are laid to rest. But many of the officers felt they had to turn their backs they believe that mayor to Blas here contributed. To an anti police atmosphere that they say set the stage for promises death. And his partner officer Louis also killed in that senseless attack what do we know about plans for his funeral. Their impending arrival of his family from China but it will be the same kind of prescribed feral. Every minute of this ceremony was planned by the ceremonial unit of the NYPD which is only grown in number since the 9/11 attacks and as the department has changed from a mainly Irish Catholic tradition. They've had to learn a lot of new traditions Pentecostal roots of officer Ramos the Buddhist traditions. For officer Lou but also some of those tried and true NYPD traditions of the pipe and drum corps the emerald society that tool Mueller's who played taps. The fly over you mention in the missing man formation all of those tributes the NYPD has had to do all too often. All too often managers to thank you so much for that. And no one of the marketing moments prior to the service beginning they showed a number of photos of officer Carlos Ramos personal photos with his family with his friends. Fashioning a little bit of light on what kind of man this was a father or husband. And of course a beloved officer on its home. Tim Mara thank you and that to Erica tersely. Our thanks for that report and to get updates on this story and other stardom on the ABC news phone apps for now I'm Ron Claiborne and New York. Have a good weekend.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo and Aaron Katersky report from the funeral in Queens, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27853295","title":"NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos Honored at Funeral","url":"/US/video/nypd-officer-rafael-ramos-honored-funeral-27853295"}