Oakland Mother Fights to Keep Child, 13, Alive

Though Jahi McMath was declared brain dead, her family believes she is still alive.
3:00 | 12/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oakland Mother Fights to Keep Child, 13, Alive
This picture nice little -- filled holds her thirteen year old daughter's hand Jai -- -- -- as she remains on a ventilator Children's Hospital in Oakland. We -- released an open letter detailing her grief she writes. They've been pressuring me to pull the plug I can't I won't I can't let them kill my baby a second time. This is the latest effort to keep pressure on Children's Hospital tonight to highs uncle said community supporters brought them this banner and sign -- in the lobby as. I think everyone out there in the community business owner -- support Friday the family got a temporary restraining order granting an independent review of -- highs condition. In her open letter -- -- writes I never thought I would have to go to court to get a hospital to treat my child. The family will return to court Monday as part of that order while that's happening Omare -- will be leading a march at Children's Hospital. And to highs favorite colors purple so you can come out wearing a purple shirt it doesn't matter what they say it is but you have a purple shirt. Please -- in March what is on Monday morning. -- high was declared brain dead last week the chief of pediatrics at Children's Hospital released a response to the letter doctor David Durand -- in part. As medical professionals it is our responsibility. To ensure that we don't create hope where there is nine when one's brain ceases to function and never restarts. Representatives from Children's Hospital will also be in court on Monday said he joking -- ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"id":21306500,"title":"Oakland Mother Fights to Keep Child, 13, Alive","duration":"3:00","description":"Though Jahi McMath was declared brain dead, her family believes she is still alive.","url":"/US/video/oakland-mother-fights-child-13-alive-21306500","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}