Obama Tells Cop's Mom 'No Excuse' for Violence at Freddie Gray Protests

It's important for communities to recognize good police officers, he said.
4:46 | 07/15/16

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Transcript for Obama Tells Cop's Mom 'No Excuse' for Violence at Freddie Gray Protests
Good afternoon Mr. President that's. And from mom police officer. I would just like to know how you're supposed to feel every day when your son puts on a police uniform. And he's honest police officer he goes out in the community every day. And he's a personal police officer he uses the words are manned. He walks a beat he gets into the community. By you know storing. The Freddie grace situation and you know he had water bottles -- Adam he had rocks he had a brick then there was window. He had glass and is IE. But he was still out there. What's he supposed to dill you know would cease to visit your protect himself. I don't know it just seemed like never he was there then sent to protect them. Well the first of all. Then you should feel proud. Because. He is he's a public servant and this sounds like a wonderful young man who's doing the right thing. To say I was surprised that. You actually have a son old enough to be a police officer but that's that's that's a whole other topic. But the B. You know if you if you look at a situation like Baltimore. There is and I've said this before. There are not excuses for. The kinds. Violent activities that we see in response to any. In part and I've said this. I said this when it was happening. It's tearing down the very communities. That. Actually need to be built up. No I I have a staff person in the White House is mother lives in Baltimore in some areas where. Some of these disturbances took place she's elderly. She had. A CVS I think was. Which was right down the street where she could fill prescriptions. And when that gets. Torn up. Now suddenly. She's got to figure out how to get some. Store prescriptions two miles or three miles or five miles away so it's counterproductive. And it for good police officers who are genuinely. Are taking the time to get to know the community. The community has to stand up for them. And speak out on their behalf and recognize that there are partners in this process. In one of the challenges we end up having though is is that if in some of these communities in Baltimore all these tensions have built up for so long. In part for the reasons that I just mentioned a Clifton. Failed. To many unemployed folks too many drugs on the streets too many guns. Too many idle hands. Then. Sometimes what happens with. An event. Like Freddie grade. It becomes. The catalyst for all the other stuff that may not even have dual policing coming up. Aunt and that's why it's so important for us to. Do everything we can to create healthy communities. That will make life easier for yourself. But in the meantime. Oh he deserves a word of thanks and something that I do believe. Police officers don't hear about. Is thank you. Days. When they'd when they do the right thing when they save a life one day help somebody in. We can't take that for granted. We gotta do willing to hold them up. As. As as role models and and the best police departments. One of the things that they're doing. This very Smart is starting to send police officers. Into schools. Not wins there's a disturbance balances somebody has a problem but. They're sending them every school so the kids when they're still 678910. Start getting to know police officers. And turns out some momentum wanted to be police officers. And and I hope that. Your son knows how much we appreciate the good work that he's here.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"It's important for communities to recognize good police officers, he said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40595578","title":"Obama Tells Cop's Mom 'No Excuse' for Violence at Freddie Gray Protests","url":"/US/video/obama-tells-cops-mom-excuse-violence-freddie-gray-40595578"}