Ohio Man Charged With Supporting Terrorists

Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud pleaded not guilty in federal court today. He is accused of training with terrorists in Syria and returning to the U.S. to launch an attack on military personnel.
6:01 | 04/17/15

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Transcript for Ohio Man Charged With Supporting Terrorists
Mr. Mohammed had. Plans to in did travel to Syria. You received terrorism training there on weapons combat and tactics. It is I'm tent for the United States was to kill Americans. That included US military. Police. And anyone that you young men aren't you don't play hard you're allowed Ohio. The rest of the facts will be used to trial at trial and we appreciate your help to deeply. Oddly Robin Sheikh Mohammed on law enforcement officials radars from months. Plead not guilty in court today he's a train with terrorists sincere and then retrieved the US halt to launch an attack. Well when I'm down Cutler New York. So here's the latest ABC's Karen Travers sending care Carson officials there say that this is exactly the kind of scenario that they are most worried about. And the reason for that Dan is because he went to Syria he received training and they say he was inspired by somebody there and he was able and make that trip back. One law enforcement official says you know that's. Really difficult to track he has the US passport can go back and forth. And that is hard to keep tabs on but today it's family outside of court did not comment on his case but his lawyer said. This is a 23 year old man he's very scared he had these are very serious charges. Until rock Mon Sheikh Mohammed appeared in federal court today in Ohio. He entered a not guilty plea on charges that he went to Syria train with terrorists and came back to the US inspired by ices. With plans to launch an attack the FBI claims it learn Mohammed wanted to do something big. Including going to a Texas military base to kill American soldiers execution style this scenario is what counterterrorism officials say they fear most. Law enforcement tries to track them quite difficult and track everybody Mohammad left Columbus, Ohio last April with a one way airline ticket to Greece. The FBI says during a layover in Turkey he disappeared and slipped into Syria once there prosecutors claim he joined the al-Qaeda affiliate. Training in weapons breaking in the house's explosives. And hand to hand combat intelligence officials say a cleric in Syria directed Mohammed to return to the United States and carry out an act of terrorism. The benefit of being American is he has good faith. That means he's able or traveling as the US passport. Wrong that is a goal. Mohammed is a recently naturalized US citizen from Somalia. He returned to his home in the US in June and was put under surveillance. Authorities had been tracking Mohamad for months and the FBI says he expressed his support for ice this even posting photos of fighters from the group. On his FaceBook page Dan. All right Kara thank you for that I wanna go over ABC's Eric her ski. Whose fondness a swell and Eric Mohamed pleaded not guilty how close that was he'd actually carry out an attack. Well. It seems as if the FBI had been tracking him since his return from Syria last June so we're not sure that he ever really got any kind of a plot off the ground. As Karen noted and court records spelled out he wanted to go to Texas prosecutors say to kill. US soldiers. Just a few of them three or four execution style failing that court record said. He would have gone to an American prison perhaps to shoot at security guards anybody in uniform seemed to be his goal. What. Then do prosecutors have mortal authorities haven't for any kind of evidence against and I as far as. Steps that he was looking at that necessarily take out an attack. Well they have as travel records they have. What they believed to be his intent they have his training in hand to hand combat and weapons and breaking in houses and explosives. And he received all of that in Syria court records said and brought it all back with him. With this al-Qaeda inspired plot to it to attack uniformed personnel and it's it's the very same kind of story line that we've seen in other cases. With some success in in Ottawa when did the man was accused of shooting a parliament. Is attacking a police officer here in New York with a hatchet. Right out of the nicest playbook. And in this particular case authorities believe that he was making phone calls to unidentified individuals trying to recruit them into his alleged scheme. It doesn't appear that it got very far off the ground and and we don't know why authorities decided to act at this moment. But state level charges have been brought against him back in February so he was arrested then and transfer it into federal court just today. So if he's and that's why citizen and how's the process work its parts charging him. Well at least he's charged by an indictment of the grand jury returned in in Ohio and he is going to be standing trial. It's scheduled right now. In June June 22 is the trial date so he has. He's going to be held until then as you'd expect that he would be. But his lawyer portrayed him not as did the the that it would be terrorists that prosecutors did they portrayed him as a 23 year old kid. His staff attorney kept using the word kid who likes to play basketball who Stanley fled war torn Somalia only to encounter this whole ordeal here and a defense attorney. Trident to portray him as scared as he said anybody would be he said the charges are meant to two to scare everybody. But he he said that his client is not. The the monster that that is portrayed and he plans not only just to plead guilty but to fight the charges will sing. And a lot doings in minority sectors here on that Aaron thank you for that keep up with this store in real time download an ABC news happens star in the story for updates on the go. For now. And Dan Cutler and New York.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud pleaded not guilty in federal court today. He is accused of training with terrorists in Syria and returning to the U.S. to launch an attack on military personnel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"30397643","title":"Ohio Man Charged With Supporting Terrorists","url":"/US/video/ohio-man-charged-supporting-terrorists-30397643"}