Opioid trial reaches settlement

Four out of the five companies involved in the federal opioid trial in Ohio have reached a $260 million settlement.
2:13 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Opioid trial reaches settlement
It was supposed to be the largest trial on OP Lloyd that was supposed to get started actually today. It's not happening because they reached a settlement reportedly 200 million dollars it is a landmark settlement. Obviously a lot to dig into their let's bring in my colleague Eric deters ski he's in New York so Aaron we were also for this one to happen what happened. This was going to be the first federal OBO its trial John and it was brought by two Ohio counties Cuyahoga and summit counties in. It was before a federal judge in northeastern Ohio who really urged the parties. To try and reach a settlement and in the early hours of the morning just hours before opening statements were to begin with the jury already chosen. They were able to reach a settlement with four of the five remaining defendants in those defendants include three of the nation's largest drug distributors. And Teva pharmaceuticals a large drug manufacturers is one hold out its Walgreens the big pharmacy chain. But the judge put everything on hold and gave the party's six months try and work it out with Walgreens. So Aaron obviously Jeter said this is the first one there was actually gonna go towards trial this is not the first case. In its nature that we've heard out houses have packed any ongoing cases that you and the team him honorary yet. I think it's a good point because this was to be the first but it was only limited to these two Ohio counties. But because it's the first in because they were successful in reaching a settlement would most of the defendants now. It does leave the ground Warrick people involved in the case say to perhaps reach a settlement in all 2300. All steroids cases that have been filed. In federal courts around the country it is a staggering number of lawsuits they involve states and cities and counties and individuals. Who are seeking redress from the harm not the old buicks crisis. Has brought to the country including. Hundreds of thousands of deaths and hundreds of billions of dollars in lost productivity. In those numbers are just showing our viewers on the screen they are. They're hard to swallow Aaron pitcher's Keene New York thank you sir.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Four out of the five companies involved in the federal opioid trial in Ohio have reached a $260 million settlement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66421554","title":"Opioid trial reaches settlement","url":"/US/video/opioid-trial-reaches-settlement-66421554"}