Oregon Authorities Name Gunman in Reynolds High School Shooting

Troutdale Police identify shooter as 15-year-old Jared Michael Padgett
11:54 | 06/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon Authorities Name Gunman in Reynolds High School Shooting
Warning them lieutenant Steve Alexander public information officer the hall county sheriff's office part of a team guy -- that have been assisting. The Trout -- police department with their CIO duties during this incident. Moving forward -- -- care with the -- police department. Will become the primary PIL after this -- -- only to direct media inquiries to -- care and we have contact information will provide after the briefing. We'll start this morning with chief Scott Anderson with the Trout dale police department. After that in the Florence superintendent of the Reynolds school district will have some comments and then Doug doused mayor the Steve Trout dale. Following that sergeant -- care will provide some additional resource information and tip lines. And again will be at -- primary -- moving forward from today. Hello my name is Scott Anderson and the chief -- -- travail. To update the investigation. You're against state medical Examiner's office completed the autopsy this morning. On the shooter. And has positively identified him as fifteen year old Jared Michael pageant. He was a freshman at Reynolds high school. He arrived at the school yesterday morning on a school bus. Carrying a -- hard case. And a duffel bag. He entered the boys' locker room in the building that housed the gymnasium. He spent a period of time in the locker room and during that time. He murdered a fellow student. We have not established any link. Between this the shooter. And the victim. Teacher -- -- -- Encountered the shooter in the locker room. He was fleeing. Mr. -- -- was shot wants. Suffering a grazing wound to his hip. -- -- -- Made his way to the office where he was able to notify the administration. And then immediately initiated the lockdown. As the shooter was moving through the main hallway. He encountered officers who are starting -- from two separate hallways. At that time. He moved into a small restrooms. We know there was an exchange of gunfire between. One of the first responding officers. And the shooter. Based on the autopsy this morning. We do know that the shooter died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. The shooter used an -- ar fifteen type rifle. In the attack and carried. But did not use. A semi automatic handgun. Investigators have also recovered nine loaded magazines. With the capability. Of holding several hundred rounds. The shooter also had a large knife. He was wearing a non ballistic. Vests. Used for carrying ammunition and other items. He was also wearing a multi sport helmet with the camouflage design. The shooter obtained the weapons from his family home. The weapons had been secured. That he defeated the security measures. At this time it would be inappropriate to discuss a possible motive for the murder. I cannot emphasize enough the role that mr. risk -- And the responding officers played. In saving many many lives yesterday. Given the weapons in the amount of ammunition that the shooter was -- Nearly notification and the initial law enforcement response were critical. Every one of the teachers and students in that school. Did the exact right thing in a very difficult situation. Sometimes it may be difficult to understand why we. Law enforcement. And the schools collectively. Do the planning and lockdown drills that we do. -- yesterday it worked. To the parents. We understand that there is no greater fear. Then knowing that your child may be in danger. And you can't get to them. We know that some -- you had to wait. Sometimes several hours. To reunite with them. It was our priority and out of the school. To get the kids out and get them back to you safely. We appreciate your understanding. That it was a process that took some time. The support -- -- provided to us and to your children was phenomenal. We know that parents students and staff. There are still dealing with the impact of this incident. The mental health resources. Are available again today. And I would encourage you to take advantage of them at the schools and at Mount Hood community college. We will have more information about that in a few minutes. Now I'd like to introduce Linda Florence superintendent. Of the school district. I want to express my condolences. To the families grieving the loss of their child. -- my sincere thoughts are with them during this very very different part time. I want to thank the tremendous. Efforts. Of the Reynolds high school's staff. And the students for their effective handling of yesterday's shooting. The staff was effective in implementing a school locked down quickly. And in a manner of seconds. -- -- made his way to the office to alert staff. To the emergency. Initiating the -- out even after being wounded by the shooter. We thank you so much time. The staff worked great role models for our students -- -- forum. And proceeded in a calm orderly caring manner. Students helped one another and -- cooperative and following all instructions during reunification. For some students this meant waiting for several hours. And for our parents. Waiting several hours for their students. I want especially to thank our police officers and deputies. Our school resource officers from -- dale police department for being on the scene. And there first. To all our local county state. And federal police departments and agencies. For responding so quickly. And isolating the threat. The Multnomah County emergency response team did an amazing job. -- managing coordinating. And mobilizing law enforcement community service responses. Officers responded cancer of the region and I am very grateful for that immediate support. I have no doubt in my mind that their rapid action saved -- lives. Reynolds high school it is a safe environment for our students. We have two uniformed school resource officers. From -- -- who -- on site every day along with five campus management personnel. We have a robust security system. In our schools. In addition we -- regular safety training. Drills. Safety committee meetings. The district is an active member of Sarah. Which is our school emergency response recovery alliance. That handles emergency planning for schools in the region. That includes all of our area district's schools and police departments. This is an extreme event that it's going to take. Weeks for closure. The school district is sponsoring. A candlelight vigil at Reynolds high school. On Tuesday. June 17. In the practice field behind the high school. And we invite our parents and our students. To attend and anyone else who violent. Here here responded. During this crisis and we thank. Everyone for the work they -- Good morning I'm Doug how's the mayor of -- -- My heart continues to go out to the family of the victim. Amelio hopman. And all his family. This community. Has expressed a lot of an outpouring. Care. We head three candlelight vigils last night. Attended by hundreds. If not thousands of people. Governor John kids however was that two of the three events last night to show his support to our community. There have been six churches. Through email that have notified us that they're opening their doors specifically. For families and students that want to talk. That want to have a prayer. For them to help them through this process. So I am continually amazed. And through all the grief I will have to say that I'm very proud also. To be a part of this community and the amount of caring. That you see. You should have seen the candles being held up -- last night in the darkness it was overwhelming. Thank you for being here and sharing this with the rest of the world. Hello I'm Sargent -- care dug -- police department. I'm as you know this is an active and ongoing investigation. We would like to say that anybody who witnessed the shooting or -- any information. Call our tip line. -- we have a new tip line number. 503618. 7633. Also anybody that has videos are images. That they would like to get to us. You can share those with us at our website www. Trout -- dot info. There's a link on our website. That. Email us those images. Multnomah county's established a mental health resource center. -- -- community college gymnasium. Other staffed by Multnomah County FBI victim services. Members of the trauma intervention program tip. And Reynolds school district until 7 o'clock tonight. -- moment county mental health crisis line is also available. For those who would like to speak to someone. Their phone numbers 5039884888. Thank you.

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{"id":24094133,"title":"Oregon Authorities Name Gunman in Reynolds High School Shooting","duration":"11:54","description":"Troutdale Police identify shooter as 15-year-old Jared Michael Padgett","url":"/US/video/oregon-authorities-gunman-reynolds-high-school-shooting-24094133","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}