Oregon Zoo: Baby Elephant Will Be Ours

Zoo officials are negotiating with Have Trunk Will Travel to get ownership of the calf.
1:25 | 12/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon Zoo: Baby Elephant Will Be Ours
Controversy is brewing over a baby elephant born at the -- zoo in Portland it turns out the new warn it may not get to stay at the zoo with its mom or sibling. That's because the cap is owned by have trunk will travel a California company. The company will officially -- the elephant in thirty days and could take the animal. Have trunk will travel rents elephants for rides and circus like shows up around the country. In the contract it says -- -- circle travel has ownership but doesn't say that they would take care. And we have again. A gay relationship with them and -- very committed trying to talk her vision Corey -- building that hurt so we have never had any. Indication that there's any issue here the scaffold staying here with her family and grow up with her family and be what the founders continue to army truck and it's. -- -- Written down. That will hurt -- -- So have to travel again is -- part of our mission vision here. There -- the RTC was committed to her staying here so my mind's. Yes they absolutely they are -- -- commitments -- you become yours. Is really owner's words we would ask him. What happened currently -- negotiations. To have a ownership of this cap and they are very supportive of back.

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{"id":17877491,"title":"Oregon Zoo: Baby Elephant Will Be Ours","duration":"1:25","description":"Zoo officials are negotiating with Have Trunk Will Travel to get ownership of the calf.","url":"/US/video/oregon-zoo-baby-elephant-17877491","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}