OSU Student Recounts How He Was Slashed by Attacker

Anderson Payne was injured Monday morning by a fellow Ohio State student.
2:30 | 11/29/16

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Transcript for OSU Student Recounts How He Was Slashed by Attacker
Miles actually and class attend a lecture and the fire alarm went off in the building. Slow the entire building exit and was waiting in the courtyard. While fire department cleared the building. On the nature there wasn't a fire. As soon as the fire department was leading we were all the classmates and and faculty and staff are still waiting for the all clear from the fire chief. And that's when the individual came around the corner in his car. And drove through the crowd of people standing outside the building when you go back in in my first instinct was those someone just had an accident. Parliament in Los controller vehicle so soon is the view came to a stop. I took a couple steps forward to assist with those that just been hit by the car. And that's an individual exited the vehicle and started. He he swung his night got the a person just in my right in any turn and went to swim and I think me. And Irish ship with my left hand and I grabbed the blade. So that it couldn't hit me in that union's time to duck under his arm. And make my way back into the building to get away from them after a duck runners on the getaway. I'm firing directly into the building and I turned around to look back to see it make sure no it was following me. Mean one of my fellow classmates. Then we went through the building to get to the backside of the building. And and I begin to seek out EMS for right hand today just noticed was bleeding after I got inside the building it was just chaos I I didn't see anything in. In particular are just lots of of running individuals. Stranded one understand what happened in get away from. Whatever danger was around them initially it just felt like someone punched me in the hand he diskette that that all. Pain in your hand and then I looked down and I saw my entire hand was full of blood was dripping blood down. On my shoes and on the ground around me you can't let it change your daily life. If you live in fear then this individual won and got what they wanted to change our lives. Com I refuse to let this change my life it it won't affect where I'm going one doing. And that's what I would. Hope that everyone else around the country. Men specially the the other eleven involved would. Take that the same way in and look very hard. But me personally and on a change who I am among like lamb and I'll. Want this to affect my outlook on on any on health clinic in contact with. I'm blessed. Thank god that I was able do. Sustain the minimal injury that I did it could have been much worse and I think it's only the islanders got.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Anderson Payne was injured Monday morning by a fellow Ohio State student.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43857915","title":"OSU Student Recounts How He Was Slashed by Attacker","url":"/US/video/osu-student-recounts-slashed-attacker-43857915"}