Outspoken Twitter user blocked by President Trump speaks out

Philip Cohen discusses how his involvement in a Twitter thread caused the president to block him on the popular social media site.
4:57 | 07/09/19

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Transcript for Outspoken Twitter user blocked by President Trump speaks out
Another federal case today a federal court in that city Rula issued a controversial rule in a president fronts Twitter account today. The federal appeals court this morning in New York City ruled that the president cannot block his critics. On the social media platform here's what that the courts and the First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes social media account. For all manner of official purpose is to exclude persons from an otherwise open online dialogue just because they expressed views. But which the official disagrees. Well since. Taking office person trump Mary Alice you know this has blocked. More than a dozen people are including novelist Steven king and others. Including the veterans group as well quite controversial. Fundamentally the present case about the freedom of speech. Also the relationship between the public. And the government officials that were present them. There's an idea that people should be able to ask questions and should be able to speak their mind about. How they think it'll enough. And that's exactly the argument that our next guest has been making Philip Cohen joins us via facetime is university professor from silver spring Maryland one of the plaintiffs. I in the case one of the seven users that brought this case in court with the help of the night institute for the first in a medical on the university felt thanks so much. For joining us how did you find out you were blocked by the president of the United States and I guessed. Some people might wonder why did it bother you so much. Oh well I a variety brits and a habit of Reading in response to his tweets I'm criticizing. His policies and his. There is things about his presidency generally focusing on this corruption incompetence. Are recklessness ignorance you know I'm like a citizen does. And I noticed I was immediately because I couldn't loads and Pugh is just weeks so. The reason bothered me was not because I was hoping that he woods. Reading tweets are responding to them but because it was a place to. Speak with the thousands and thousands of people who congregate. In the threads it is. Below his tweets and and that's periods of very lightly space in there and a lot of people ripped my tweets and are we. We little conversation there till I was excluded. It's a complicated case the rear actor turned. Denver Reza going to help does explain it you know how did you read this court's decision and how does breaking down what was their reason. What is exactly what we were hoping for. The net. Trumpet and the department justices are presenting an answer argued that come when when trump tweets they acknowledge I'm that's official business. But I'm when he blocked people they said that was served his personal preference and this is personal behavior and it's it's it's it's really new territory because. I'm you know increasingly government officials are communicating with the public on these private platforms. I'm end we have to do some work to bring the first amendment's. Until bear and in these environments. That the principle here is that if the government or an official. And establishes what's called a public forum. And then they can't exclude people from platform on the basis of their views so truck and have a private party he can at a campaign rally. I'm he doesn't have to admit you know does not let every person of oral walk into White House. But he put a sign that says public debate happening here. I'm then he can't say and by the way only Republicans. And that's what the court found he's doing essentially what this critter feet. When he likes people and served creates this false impression that you know the biggest crowds and everybody else. And Phillips got going back to what it was that you were tweeting at the time. I don't know how many months ago was that he actually block you but what do you think it was that got under. The president's skin re re surprised that that he was even paid attention to your Stuart Levine actually went so far as to block it. Yes I was shocked and in Twitter gives you this sort of false impression that you are regular people or enter the rich are all celebrities and so on I. We had a lot of responses a lot of engagement as the platform. Comedy never hurt me that he was actually added that he cared himself I think what happened was. I'm you know when people reply to tweet the way Twitter sequences the threats the most popular tweets rise to the top. And so I had its week that said had a picture cannons and corrupt incompetent or cherry and very simple message and I'm a lot of people were liking it and I think it's sort of runs in the top sorority. If you were sort of reader comments he would see that right up there and apparently I am just too much for his own fragile ego. Then and now the soon to be perhaps unblocked Philip Cornell University professor silver spring Maryland one of the plaintiffs in the case. That once there are federal appeals court in New York the president cannot block people on Twitter. Thanks so much Philip Cohen and net interest in First Amendment act case.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Philip Cohen discusses how his involvement in a Twitter thread caused the president to block him on the popular social media site. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64228846","title":"Outspoken Twitter user blocked by President Trump speaks out","url":"/US/video/outspoken-twitter-user-blocked-president-trump-speaks-64228846"}