Pandemic creates plastic surgery boom

ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports on increased interest in cosmetic procedures during the pandemic.
5:26 | 10/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pandemic creates plastic surgery boom
We turn to an industry that's booming during these difficult times plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments while d.s are certainly luxuries and not all can afford especially now. For some lock downs and given an excuse to lay low and he'll. ABC's Cano whitworth takes a look. Our appearance has changed in quarantine at leisure Wear in here's styles. Overgrown and make a sales stayed home but plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures. Hottest thing. So what's expects an independent from around the world some cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons are reporting a surge in demand for procedures big and small. The celebrity favorite nurse Jamie saw the uptick firsthand. I guess I would call it like to zoom in boom. Because I think people are themselves on Xoom. And there are noticing the double check and they my bags and just not feeling. Zoom calls an integral part of working from home and that means staring at yourself a lot. And that web cam sure can be unflattering and that angle out. You know rose zero. There's been some speculation about seeing yourself on the camera that age and seeing higher plus the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found 35%. Of its doctors surveyed believe video calls are driving interest in plastic surgery and went into know well what kind of procedures are you interested in. And it tell me where Ryan last season in the nose jobs. Yeah faceless impressed negotiations for not survey the society concluded there was going under the ninth want to improve their confidence especially at a time when he felt powerless and other areas. Whatever is an eagle really good about themselves. Like text ads in eateries like no all went Daniel was safe. Botox a popular wrinkle reducer for so many and with masks covering up the lower half of the phase. Attention turns upward. I was the first person on the East Coast to use the cards medically thirty years later doctor Patricia Wexler still seeing high demands I thought there may be five people New York who aren't using the hotel acts. Legend the maker of Botox reported a 21%. Increase in online searches for Botox in April. Dis. I economic uncertainty many finding ways to scrape together the money meeting a more and more people to consider procedures they haven't been getting their manicurist and head of sorts and they're hearing on their regular screening their hair blown out and they do have that went into the and you just mental and nudity and some believe always wanted to do. With all this extra time on our hands social media is playing a part I think people have more time tease you looked. Days like take charge now and can document their lives in their journeys a little more. Update number two on kind of ballot injections so this city is just gonna show day by day how it got better words. The woman UC tells us quarantine allowed four discrete down time healing from home while working from home or. Her bed yeah. U a plus for Bridget who spoke with us just one week after having her breast augmentation surgery. How he didn't get up and current clothes and go back to Americans who are still. And we. Can't care for those it would have been. I don't I could've done it in when you have to leave the house that mask can come in handy because we're not notice lets on because. There was news about a week I don't like I'm nobody noticed. When he Tierney I'm getting where and it knowing can do it. Except on Gramm for doctor Simon orient his celebrity clients like the car crash -- benefits. My Friday night's consistent actor and late night. Yeah they. That's a good night soared pats who had become a bit below disguises but nice sees it it is coats while this would have big mass gonna go outside to win those who Baylor. More than just camouflage the mask is a critical precaution during consultations. We take those temperatures are nick Ameen. With senator Evan you below its way to office lesser Aziz it's an obesity. Both Google received secret since. Doctor orient even working towards rapid testing capabilities that there are still closed hesitant to leave the house or take the plunge for a lot of us that are doing museum Collins in meetings all of the time. But maybe you are not ready to come in for a procedure yet. What would you say. Well something easy it like doing a beauty tool using entity until right before your meeting. It Adam and makes his skin appear firmer and the others seeing. Big beady tip is don't just have overhead lighting. Better aligning end it maybe take a step back what do you want to say to people that might just be. Really picking themselves apart right now I mean I would say be easy because it certainly isn't there's so much there's so much. And so I stayed you know. Forgiveness and allowing and it if it hopes to get to this day why not.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"ABC News’ Kayna Whitworth reports on increased interest in cosmetic procedures during the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73796181","title":"Pandemic creates plastic surgery boom","url":"/US/video/pandemic-creates-plastic-surgery-boom-73796181"}