Party Bus Blunder Leads to Painful Prom

Tennessee teens didn't know they were paying $1,800 for a school bus advertising bail bonds.
1:38 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Party Bus Blunder Leads to Painful Prom
-- senior prom should be a night to remember but because of what several families are calling a case of false advertising. It's -- -- these Lynchburg teens would soon like to forget. -- -- -- And then there are looking forward to getting the backing on -- and thankful that. The group of twenty teens paid 18100 dollars -- thought you're getting this black party backseat here on superior transportation's web site. But -- there's -- this is the party bus that arrived the bright orange free at last refurbish school bus -- -- -- -- Free at last time and most is the gentleman spices I get on the back -- the of the -- Not exactly what are saying -- -- -- go. Offering to honor last problem. Superior transportation based out of Orlando Florida subcontracted. The free at last party bus without telling -- group of parents and teens Orson dam on demand -- operators of the orange bus. I did not know we were not aware of what was -- -- So they were. We just in -- -- -- we were merely tell bus appeared transport to go do pick up. If the -- called us here locally in Nashville we would describe the bath -- direct them to go to the web site now these teens aren't the only ones who feel this flag but we're getting paid less than. Half for maybe 40% of what's appeared -- and -- we've been -- bus appeared just as well. And though these seniors will soon indeed be free at last from high school. This is certainly not how they wanted to write out their big night in Lynchburg Traci -- Tito -- used to.

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{"id":19074067,"title":"Party Bus Blunder Leads to Painful Prom","duration":"1:38","description":"Tennessee teens didn't know they were paying $1,800 for a school bus advertising bail bonds.","url":"/US/video/party-bus-blunder-leads-to-painful-prom-19074067","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}