Six people killed in Jersey City shootout, including officer

The mayor of Jersey City is saying a Jewish kosher market was targeted in the shooting. ABC News’ Janai Norman reports.
2:49 | 12/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Six people killed in Jersey City shootout, including officer
Now to the breaking news overnight about that showdown in New Jersey for victims were killed including a police officer it look and sound bit like a war zone some neighbors last night were still not been allowed back home. And the new have won this morning the mayor revealing that the shooters targeted a Jewish grocery store and that's now prompted the mayor of New York City just across the river to boost security and Jewish communities. Sang the NYPD is now on high alert. This morning new details on this. Terrifying gun battle in Jersey City, New Jersey. The chaos started at a cemetery where investigators say two gunman shot in kilts detective Joseph seals and wounded an officer authorities say the two men dressed in black then drove to a Kosher supermarket. Opening fire on more officers. His video showing a police officer shot on the ground as another pulls him to safety. That ball. Sousa got that that would baffle you heard was you know he'll gunfire. For more than four hours the gunman kept firing from the market with high powered rifles. Until they were finally killed by police. Never before my life hours ago wars I mean it wasn't just a little pissed solos are big big guns. Three victims inside the market were killed. And now Jersey city's mayor says the gunman targeted that Jewish market in response to build the block EO the mayor of nearby New York City announced it added that police patrols in the Jewish community. Saying this tragically confirms that a growing pattern of violent anti semitism has now turned into a crisis for our nation. Oh yeah. I mean yeah thank. Back in Jersey City parents finally reunited with their children. 30000 school kids had been placed on lockdown during the shoot out. I can remember that's cool the deed. Up hottest in the not children got the hottest this to go to Tulsa. This morning it's still unclear what led up to detective seals being killed by the gunman in the cemetery. Authorities say it may have started as an investigation into a murder over the weekend. Detective seals is being remembered for its efforts leading the department helping to get illegal guns off the streets. Dozens and dozens of handguns. He's responsible. For remove it from this. Gray seals leaves behind a wife and five children. Overnight his neighbors left their Christmas lights off as a tribute. I just pray that god looks shifty. It's hopefully. Ash trees that's. Art simply go out to all those families impacted. York's mayor says there's no credible or specific threat about yesterday's shoot out but he says more security measures will be announced today.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"The mayor of Jersey City is saying a Jewish kosher market was targeted in the shooting. ABC News’ Janai Norman reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67648851","title":"Six people killed in Jersey City shootout, including officer","url":"/US/video/people-killed-jersey-city-shootout-including-officer-67648851"}