Two People Missing After Hudson River Boat Accident

Police authorities release initial details of the evening crash.
10:32 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for Two People Missing After Hudson River Boat Accident
The first call it burned severely injured people -- -- monthly severe much fire department is both a black fire department. Irvington part of monetary -- responded as well as -- -- county sheriff's marine unit. We resisted in the search ever to people injured people -- and an embassy Bob voters from the -- BD. Did your state police -- new York city police department. As well as it was just a -- a -- and it I don't really have a lot to share with you this morning right now we have about four people injured. The ticket to area hospitals and hospitals. We still have two people missing we ours are beginning our search this morning to go back out and try to attempt to locate two missing individuals. The -- as you can see behind me is severely damaged and will but -- -- investigations this morning and I wish I had more for you right now. Still an active investigation but our focus right now is finding the missing boaters and identity. Not as of yet but we have that over governing the release that just yet -- cars today and they hit larger believe it was 200 feet south. -- south -- have a different. Bridgestone. A barge on the status of code ordinances on this side of the bridge and assemblies are warning others -- Right now that area yes yes we're talk about it it was a wedding party on the -- like I can't -- -- the diamond mountain region. If they if you drive like we're the largest car I think lives. On the company's during the day there. Whether that it did new construction barges. But I I apologize I have didn't introduce everyone behind first -- -- -- is under sheriff Bob Bob Baker of the -- any sheriff's office. This is -- the pure -- fire department -- Gosford. This is chief of south and I -- you please read Newbury. And chief appear by the microshaft so busy all our agencies are involved in yet individual questions you can ask them. I can give you wouldn't give -- but right now it's just as an active investigation right now and -- focuses on finding two missing people. Yes yes. I do but a little open at the moment she's getting -- -- the -- injured how do you believe. That Florida I don't. You know the extent of injuries have been of them. It was into the night they. Yeah Robert venture VAN capital -- RA. There were four people remaining on the boat the boat was located just south of the Tappan Zee Bridge. They had various head injuries. And one boy was unconscious. Those individuals were transported to the pure money and -- fire department boats and then brought into -- in this staging area. Where they were evaluated and transported to area hospitals. And those on the line. These four on the -- so it -- in the northern rock the -- and you can -- That's. That's what our investigation is is -- look at but that would be an assumption that that she -- and -- -- -- those aren't destruction parts and again. -- I think -- guest there it was actually the boards that we believe was struck is actually three gorges that are tied together. And their part of the -- -- bridge construction project they have. Building materials or materials to filings for the new bridge. On the deck of the gorgeous I didn't like. They do have some letting that it was very dark out there last night and very difficult to to see the barges in the water and you know it -- not disappointed that's all for the investigation -- -- where the people coming. We believe they're coming from -- -- and headed towards -- -- and the survivors and. -- -- to give you information and all of -- conscious. Detectives have spoken to the ones that they can obviously the investigation is ongoing we don't have any other information -- to release right now about the continent again. Conversations -- -- the end like this have been created to think that John. Well the barges are far from here via barges are obviously between here in the -- package -- having -- here. I didn't -- any investigation of the movie all those facts right now we don't have that as market data coming from here -- the ferry down the death tax that was my baby. And half mile from here it's hard yeah there are just going to say they they are -- for your average voter how would they don't select -- -- -- -- -- -- there. Some kind of information from people know you don't want to do -- -- -- there's a life as a marker lights on the day that's all just Benjamin Jealous and implement. So what's next. Yesterday. Yes that's okay good that's -- that -- we have multiple -- of these agencies the fire maybe he's coming or accident at the border in the next ten minutes. And we're gonna basically. -- to -- -- had quite a bit of vessels out there searching -- everywhere -- grid search and -- weekend there were also working on aviation is welcome to look good from the air as well as from the from the -- -- How many he -- I don't know. -- a couple of thank you. But he did well this is your -- she taxi bridges right there so it's really between here and maybe even look the other -- -- -- are there -- still around. Not necessarily. The first postpartum panic remind them last night for concerned women are sound. And you don't -- let's -- When is that he had been tied last night was in it was incoming tides of the -- -- it means. -- northward to tap busy bridge that -- so that's your right obviously the search. Was towards the Tappan zee bridge and on the other side on the north side of the bridge. Obviously the entire area we'll have to be searched today to -- obviously changes as time goes by and and so we will. Obviously had -- checking. Both the shoreline in the area -- in the river. They didn't deliver his -- that is what I bring and it goes you've got equipment popular fire department he's got to get beyond -- reported today. Assisting with the search you can answer questions about the search the river that I could -- -- yeah. They hear him. Daniel Gaza it GO SW IC -- You'll -- part of on the assistant chief of the -- and -- dark and so your first name is Daniel -- -- next. Actually did legislate like Bobby said we started grid search from the more human northbound at -- was culminating. At about two and have -- current. And we -- from the barge northbound north of the Tappan Zee Bridge of the program. Players it is today they're going to be probably the same location. It's. A recovery -- this -- We don't know that -- -- he talked about -- The weather conditions for amendment wouldn't dark Mark Foley did there was a moon but it was very difficult to see the cordless. Does -- -- Now I don't know -- it's -- -- I think we're gonna have to let the investigation. Looked into that the speed and everything else like period of time doing nothing. And -- all of those -- Yes. The largest Hispanic like there's they have -- yes they do they have it collects -- -- on this element. They -- there let me put it this way they were on we got -- -- They -- survivors. They would continue. -- and no mail will help us congressman it's turning -- and this -- he tells me about their relationship. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our planning her team and it's happened every two hours -- We could. Do you. Next on yeah but she which would now recovery. And I did not say that -- -- right now it still connected to achieve. Right now we have losing people we're just searching -- business that's.

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{"id":19791337,"title":"Two People Missing After Hudson River Boat Accident","duration":"10:32","description":"Police authorities release initial details of the evening crash.","url":"/US/video/people-missing-hudson-river-boat-accident-19791337","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}