This Philadelphia Museum Is Dedicated to Presidents' Hair

ABC News' Mark Abdelmalek gives us a tour of a Philadelphia museum dedicated to president's hair.
22:04 | 07/25/16

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Transcript for This Philadelphia Museum Is Dedicated to Presidents' Hair
We're ABC news digital I'm doctor mark got around Philadelphia. City. Hosts of this year's Democratic National Convention. We're here about four miles north of the convention center and Wells Fargo. At the academy of natural sciences and right outside this donkey that you'll see and prey on Ohio. One of 57 donkeys. That the city has placed in preparation for this week's activities we actually just get ready to go into this museum here we came across sandy so long who is. Going to take pictures of all 57 talking. Yes that's right this movie doctor number thirty I started on Saturday. They're now let me. All right we'll look for them are violating well thank you need snow okay. So what does that we're here at the academy of natural sciences. And Drexel University. Natural history museum in the Americas and you may be asking why we're here would imagine this is a few miles down the road. Well we know that things that a little hairy. Yesterday we at the convention and within the democratic national media after Debbie wasserman. Now. Hiring again Bernie Sanders supported Hillary Clinton though they were things we're hearing there are also Harry here. We have five. Exhibit lots of hair next president. CM open especially for the democratic national. Your pain here are. Okay. We haven't had since he. Residents and almost from our past Thomas Jefferson has an early members friends for capital and Ulysses. Roosevelt. And on and on but we we put out a few things that. Things that have been getting the greatest attention at least from the media. As our new president. We got those in this case. They definitely looking at second and visit them in a glass case. There are over how long can explain your ears and front end. He's on June 29 July. It's literally as we don't want them to be lane and right in the words changed or let the hand in hand column since each. Important. I. Collector who brown who is fascinating to hear it all started. Cool. Yeah she. Finally vehicles. All right that we heard a lot here is obviously an assessment that sounds like her here's. It is being in this year's presidential election is. We'll talk about some of those things. Perhaps a very important. Biological functions as the sign of our viewers. Intervene and order here's ABC news and also dermatologists and special. The doctors community here is using air users want to. My entire social and sexual communication from the opposite sex and answers and action now garnered protectionist. Elements. It's almost like our little antenna. In the old days it was actually when he showed. Affection. In Victorian times almost every one. Hater obviously it. Yeah he's framed and hanging in the partners they had. Residents reams. Judy incorporated jewelry. Morals and whose. Clinton who found. Best wish. MB yeah. So we have our first president. George Washington and George Washington's hair is probably the best known best distributed at any president. In the United States he was hugely popular. Even before. He was getting house which. We there's a letter when he was at valley for him. Excellence can you please take a little time military operations. And later he embarked that we are getting up. Friends. Some little. Turned to. And this does not roses anyway when Tobin elementary. Julie we'll have a blond hair thrilled to have that association. Can imagine today live Kara we actually again the loss. It's certainly. All over here yeah. Patriots Rhode island city. Oh yeah. OK yeah. So. It's as president. For can turn things of that history lesson. Also a friend of Thomas Jefferson was right next to him here they room together. Constitution. Doctors had. I'm good they've became political rivals. Content Scranton resident second term judge defeat but ultimately again. Responding. Last few years they both died on July 4 you can whose case is not news. First. Yeah. They wouldn't hurt yeah. Yeah. And it is definitely this is. Given by the family and many years after his death. She brown was making houses as collection. Points. It. Oh. It all night. And so here we have a president 123. Release its. Six in San let's talk about Andrew Jackson. His parents. Everything's coming this year's election night he was also known provision. We don't know. Gary. Okay he was quite jealous of them and yeah romantic and people wanted to have his hair probably. Washington. There's. It was. Yeah yeah. It was white and the letter back to ground yeah. It'll he had. And here. It just shows you how this week there's there's just give us a month. Racist media why do you know that that's what happens to presidents Kennedy and on President Bush wearing gray and White House. Obama has been documented progress has Randy. And it's an interesting fact that he's behind he's a 5050%. Of people perhaps 50% greater. Absolutely affects our friends hmm yeah a little card. Hillary. Drummer already know. On the trail burns Eric seasoning meat confidant. Donald Trump's hair he's yeah he's scared. The he's our list tonight and I. He will be able to tell his blue machine is there. And then Hillary Clinton. He's have you around. The book came out our voices in 2000 Latina who does. Jokes some giant slayer EC saying that perhaps the title her gloves vehicles. Striking runs. The news as secretary of seasons traveling the world. He's it was moved back to Manhattan is an ambulance. Yeah. Mom always pays. Your job. Are. Are you. Earlier. He's he's not one. But they are coming out weeks. Yeah. I'm thirty. It wouldn't want there. Today we have a lot of other. DNA. Toddlers you can. He's he's airspace nobody Sundays I cracked corn if you look at them. What kind of conditions could have told us about the president's. Napoleon Bonaparte. Who was also represented. Possibly poisoned my horse. Holland wasn't his day. All the way so he could sort of interest from its future. Period yeah I think I don't know hair specimens today. Ask former president and give you here we're. Yeah it really is. So I wrote to president. And reduced its. I loved seeing allegedly. Again don't partly. Just that's usually. Little other part of the exhibition which deals and other residents I mentioned Thomas Jefferson and remember he had. You just yet something. Bone. The ways. Businesses in counties in the eyes yeah. He was hoping he'd find violence when he's that was part restaurants and he these stunts as they must exist somewhere I've seen the bones. And losing are actually accidentally half their 200. I. Yes it's. Their expedition all of the last person elected as partners here. Yes that's possible but in the de patent. It was this news center. After that you received letters and room to sleep yet. I have a better background as a Carter really. This is the letter sent. Explaining what the collection is about to humor writing duties exhibition. Here you explain to him about these into the path and you actually asked him where his. Suddenly very much like to feature a hair sample from US former president. You know things exactly we haven't updated its. We know Jimmy Carter's life from his predecessors Jefferson. He had an Christian science. He so he was sufficiently intrigued by the thought that you wrote this little note. And sent a letter back to me hey he's concerned that his years. Well known for its yeah. He needs to be doing it well tonight we're here is getting so much better. But he was concerned here is my question is usually uses his partner can only go through a quarter inch. But these guys play tonight but here tonight so everything that has that would be fine and whatever he's going to say but Angel is investigating what his thoughts about. Okay we'll what does it remind him makes her hair. This court. And so you had you read him your religion President Clinton humid for the Democrats because of conventioneers image and readiness and Obama. Short here issue. President Carter. Yeah speaking at an air fail and that about how fast heroes. It takes on average about three months to grow ones there isn't but many are planning to spend. They have pulled off the harder for little yet another look will look like a real nice pair different age. And don't most of us. Get our hair cut periodically and create monsters you as. We presidency is more competition Condit art rock yeah we just. Look at saying hey look this thing it's also very Murphy the President's Day sale and won just. There's a parlor on called White House who come to him. I imagine so is speaking out presidential here that's famous story. In 1993. Bill Clinton was in Los Angeles headed back to you. Washington and he closed down very mostly closed down for LAX runways for seven hours of their wheels helped silence. Good Joseph smuggler. Given Erica wearing a tank. He and other Arab princes and John Edwards when he was in the who ranks right. Ryan on the campaign without doing a great president. God not for spending some everything 412100. Dollars. Prince area so expensive and yeah yeah yeah yeah I think you can ever work put back on my head yeah yeah yeah okay again. It's still has expressed school groups think. What did he adding to the question here. And he's still Clinton and I anchors into the into the media isn't it's and we invite him. And yet here here and here's isn't it people. Says. That state so another fact. How many hairs people so if you or almost all the same. Really anymore. We start out there and it has about a 100000. Airs planners now. And the exact same number on your face justice for you can't see him because there are a lot higher Dallas Harris Harrisburg I'm. Air is finally I'm pace and we're now pretty neat little cigars affairs. International here don't know what you're going to the salon dot here but we've your natural hair color blind. 20% more air. Then through the Internet to ground here. It is that's a little sister have coming up your rhetoric and the presidency do you have. It and don't be alarmed residents. Monday's president's. Actually Tony Jefferson. There. You see yeah we have. That was collected for this purpose it was White. House we're very into pretty it Sweeney's best. And very tiny specimens and back to the collection there twelve. Residents in an election. Northbound. D'auria columnist. Or crash and don't want. Temperature you internships particularly this week. So we selected just threw rocks. King. First ingredient. They're all related. Yeah yeah yeah its base. It's a good yeah. Yeah yeah. John. Reason it's. She help resolve the John Vincent and the Arabs in the election. The only. City only the first example of the father's best country can when you think this week's question was second team. John yeah. And had another interesting thing about this community unit mentioned. But on the kinds of things here again. Smart this is it actually restart feature that was named in honor Thomas Jefferson. Yeah mark Jefferson them so this scientific name of this animal. It's better candidate right over us now it was discovered during this era and just. Slowed response. Because he caught sleeping giant. Leave it was a fresh sign. My book. Yeah. General yeah. Residents only and very soft. And Jefferson. Are collecting bones. Throughout pieces. The other side's. You realize it's my but as a grounds. But it's. Okay. It's. Days nickel on. Many lobsters are he wasn't consulted in the line. And and jackets and it's all about Jefferson. Jackson vehemently on bill does so but that's not for long yeah. You will meet he's just tired of where we're sitting back. Or Schumer DP is people who don't OK I don't. Straight 120 dollar bills but politically. By K Sanders who was not. It's dealing with the I think America. So it's time you retired from. And this is especially here not just because the democratic national conventions here is especially your review. As a senior fellow and he carriers if you're fortieth anniversary. But it's hard to believe yeah. So much interest and I'm going on. Science he worked in all fields. People who. What might just come yeah. The service and photographers who. Sorry yeah. And here unit. Officially humanist of the institute. What are signs you. Pretty into the cultural contacts through exhibits articles. I'm mr. Schumer at least for this immediately over contact. Although human here is not a special. It's one of those who relatives powerhouse. Team tenacity. Thanks for coming this after whether we're doing that. Yeah. A couple of things you happiness. Plus there is yeah I'm not sure you know what this is some sort out. Prehistoric dinosaur in me. The area earth. Museum to actually assembled. Hold on the. He we put an articulated this hour acts like its first time you museum world never kept him. It's skyrocketing you know Ronald Neumann a couple of hours a day and I'll give you months of the week over the news. He may still have a lot of guys. I hadn't heard that the good outside and you you can solve those two network outside. Isn't that great fun news is just end up against. It's pretty easily the or even while it is. Do not expect we're circles. It's the city's list attitude and the all images are. Again thank you for Afghans. Good good and flirty she's digital Honda car after not at least staging ABC news for continuing coverage. The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

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