Plane carrying rapper Post Malone makes emergency landing with blown tires

Sixteen people were on board the aircraft, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
2:43 | 08/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Plane carrying rapper Post Malone makes emergency landing with blown tires
Now to everything. My jet carrying more than a dozen people including rapper post Malone has. Landed safely that plane touched down at Stewart airport about an hour ago but hit spent five hours circling the tristate area before attempting to land. In just a short while ago rapper oppose Malone tweeting. Stating his fans for their prayers also saying quote can't believe how many people wish death on me. Not today Eyewitness News or Marie Anthony Johnson is Levitt Peterborough where that they had taken off earlier this morning Anthony. Carolina that drama and the sky all beginning as teeter -- airport landing at Stewart international airport that's and 58 miles away but there are a lot of miles of circling and between and it's shortly. A lot of nerves were rattled while there were waiting Tim make that landing. But as you sent polls Malone is as he is now grateful for that successful landed him. The landing what as well as anyone could help. The gulfstream four touching down just before 4 o'clock at Stewart international airport after circling for five hours after taking off from teeter Burl. Rap star pose Malone was one of sixteen on that aircraft heading to London England for a show this Friday. He's seen here in the video in the red pants. Malone had just one song of the year and a little rock star at last night's MTV video musical war. Was all smiles on stage after winning the a war. You know thank you so much and I just wanna say. Thank you to my family they give you my crowd today he and his entourage. Went through some tense hours in the air as the plane tried to burn off fuel before attempting a landing. The flight took off from tear borrow around 9:50 this morning when the pilot realized that he had blown tires on the aircraft. They attempted to make a return to teeter Burl but that was waved off in part because the longest runway is just 7000 feet. Just before 1230 the gulfstream aircraft which had been circling over Rockland county. Gain altitude again and turned its heading east toward Massachusetts. It was diverted again to Stewart international airport and circled above Bridgeport Connecticut. Before descending and a Stewart making a successful landing. I'm tells salon is 23 years all of these also a native of New York to once again that plane made a successful landing at Stewart international airport. At his latest live from outside two of our airport but the plane took off this morning around 1050 Anthony Johnson channel seven Eyewitness News. What a frightening five hours.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Sixteen people were on board the aircraft, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57319269","title":"Plane carrying rapper Post Malone makes emergency landing with blown tires","url":"/US/video/plane-carrying-rapper-post-malone-makes-emergency-landing-57319269"}