Podcast revisits case of convicted killer on the loose

Lester Eubanks, who admitted to murdering a 14-year-old girl, has been missing for 45 years after escaping from prison.
6:47 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for Podcast revisits case of convicted killer on the loose
Next now to a fifty year cold case that involving a one time death row inmate. Who escaped police custody and has never been found areas the US Marshal service is now made the case. One of their top fifteen most wanted and given ABC news unprecedented access. Inside the manhunt for Lester eubanks the operation is now the subject of a new ABC news podcast have you seen this man. Boosted by the view sunny Hostin. Here's little taste. Uniform plan and I had a plan. To smoke astounded and could actually happen. Eighty years when it seemed like no one was even looking for lesser. But recently his whereabouts have become the focus of the US Marshals Service the federal agents who track fugitives. The case is testing marshals those not much running out and we're gonna catch up with us and is being urged on by those hurt most by masters crime. He's dead in the street. He confessed to the crime. And this time it's not. And sunny Hostin joins me now in New York along with deputy US Marshal David Siler guys think so much for coming in the briefing room. This is an incredible story all the way around tell us about Lester eubanks what what is crime was and how we slips death to be analysts. Well well he committed a series of horrific crimes if if you look at it he raped and murdered a fourteen year old girl little girl named Mary Allen. And there's no question that he committed the crimes because he confessed to them. He was convicted he was sentenced to death row however his sentence was commuted to a life sentence and then. Lucky Lester I like to think of hammonds and some in some ways. Heat was allowed to participate in a program a rehabilitation program where he was really allowed to go shopping on for Christmas. And he was allowed to go Christmas shopping on the sported. Dead than with a group of inmates the other inmates came back from Christmas shopping Lester did not and that was 45. Years. Well that's really says a lot about Ohio's. About the policy there in treatment of those inmates what an indictment that is deputy Marshal Siler your. One of the agency's most decorated agents you've been on this case now for awhile where does the manhunt stand how confident Ari you'll find him. On them that's an incredible. Compliment the men and women I work with on a daily basis. They really do step outside and do the best job we possibly can. You know we're looking for that one puzzle. Excuse and a one piece of the puzzle. That's gonna get us closer to his front door. We know that someone's living with them we know he's living in plain sight and someone has that. They know that he has a scar on his right arm they know he is a painter they know that he is. When he's man they can just fit into anyway and they they know who they're living and that piece of the puzzle. Is gonna come soon. And we really hope through this podcast evidence that people will list and they will be as outraged I think as as we both far and they will call and and they will help us fit the interesting thing about this is. When. The marshals US marshals Siler says that he was living in plain sight we know in the 1990s he lives in south central LA. In plain sight he worked at a hospital as a janitor. He may have been pain seeing you know along sidewalks. He also had a lot of friends had a lot of acquaintances. He wrote the bus to work I mean this is someone that became part of the fabric of our country someone that is a rapists and a murder a child rapists and so. With them their listeners how we really really think. That. He may be brought to justice. And Debbie Marshall Sally you also a you know we can't hear in the piece of others it was some visuals of it an online. You've used some pretty novel technology to try to piece together what this man Lester you banks looks like now 45 years later tell us about that. The on the greatest part of utilizing our partners and our partnerships and Marshals Service and ABC. Is to be able to reach out to the national center for missing and exploited children. They took that photo and what we had. His jail photo from 1973. To when he'd just. Was released if you will for a lack of a better term walking away hymns released. They took that photo utilizing his. Family members and those pictures and he has a child there were able to come up with a new photo for us and we think that's the one photo and then that's gonna help. What's the age progression that was done is really really. Significant it's startling immune to it looks like Lester 45 years later it's incredible we're sure someone. Knows him has seen him and and that's why it's called have you seen this man because we know someone has seen him. We've taken at age progression photo and given to someone who has seen laster within the past ten years and they said that's that's your map. And were hoping to be able to it's to utilize that information just to catch up to him. Strange it's an amazing image it's on ABC news dot com right now NEC part of it there in the graphic art for the podcast that it's something worth taking a close look at finally sunny I just. Yeah I'm street still struck by the fact that this even happened and that this man was able to walk away and I know. That your team is talked to members and survivors. Of the victim in that Ohio community I mean. What are they feeling right now 45 years later. Well you know we I have to give you know kudos to the ABC investigative unit. This story has been shepherded by match mosque he's an incredible job and he has spoken to many witnesses. The the victim's family and they want justice that's what they want they feel that Lester has been out for 45 years a length of time you know. Four times basically. They at the age of their loved one Mary Allen and bottom line is. They want Lester eubanks to be where he belongs which is behind bars so he doesn't hurt. Anyone else and so that also he pays the price for this heinous these heinous crimes. And isn't there it's it's a community that's hurting. It and egg in community that need some help from our viewers in from our listeners and everybody can do their part by downloading have you seen this man for free it's wherever you can get. Your favorite podcast starting today apple podcast Spotify where every listen to him you can go there. Hot and downloaded a couple episodes out now it's part of a six part series or thanks. To sunny Hostin with the view and deputy Marshal David Siler thank you both very much and we should best of luck in now finding this killer thanks that in the.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Lester Eubanks, who admitted to murdering a 14-year-old girl, has been missing for 45 years after escaping from prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66482530","title":"Podcast revisits case of convicted killer on the loose","url":"/US/video/podcast-revisits-case-convicted-killer-loose-66482530"}