Police asking for help in identifying remains of woman killed by serial killer

Samuel Litter confessed to committing the 1983 cold case murder.
2:46 | 06/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police asking for help in identifying remains of woman killed by serial killer
Record number 00949. Tells the story of a woman. Found dead on the side of interstate 1070 oneself in Willoughby Hills we're never able to identify the female or suspect it was march. 1983. When a man walking his dog stumbled upon bones here. Not far from his yard and called police. When that. Females found. It was skeletal remains in and clothing and in some jewelry the pages in the case binder have yellow to McCain's gone cold this was unlike any interview I've done. In the past late last year Willoughby hills police detectives Jamie onion. And Ron Palmer tore put a fresh set a buys on a cold case it was around the same time in admitted serial killer made headlines. For a killing spree that stretched from coast to coast 435 years that serial killer CME a little is from a range. The two detectives were soon in taxes interviewing little. One of the good things that we had going forces we were from his home area where from the Cleveland area so. It is very easy to start our conversation talking about the local sports team is really interesting note about bigamy field. And some of the things that the browns where we're doing. The detectives interest in solving their unsolved homicide. And win the subject changed so did little demeanor and then. He did you know admit to it and we just wanted to. You know confirm and reconfirm that you know mr. little's the one responsible for her death. Little said he picked up the prostitute in the Broadway area of Cleveland. They argued about the cost of sex and then like Danny reached over snapped in strangler that woman is still unidentified. This isn't sketch from 1983. He's tap and on the picture. And he says. That's her to facial features match. But the hair does not but that's are now police need help putting a name to this faith. Along with the remains police found the blue green dress and sweater with a belt these hues of pin and other jewelry. She and Hogan watch gold watch. That. Was pretty to staying because it was a man's watch from the female at the time she had a crucifix on. That's pretty readily identifiable. And a ring waited inside the ring there's a description with a backward seen. Nonetheless capital letter day in the cross line in the day was an aero waited feathers. These clues might just help crack a case that has haunted the community and one of the original officers on the case for decades. Parma Tora recently spoke to that officer. A says you know what I think about her all the time. You know wanted to know if you've been identified in you know if if there's and it ever away assault case.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Samuel Litter confessed to committing the 1983 cold case murder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63478730","title":"Police asking for help in identifying remains of woman killed by serial killer","url":"/US/video/police-identifying-remains-woman-killed-serial-killer-63478730"}