Police Nab 'Registered Arsonist' Following San Jose Fires

Officials believe suspect is responsible for torching at least 11 structures in San Jose, Calif.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Nab 'Registered Arsonist' Following San Jose Fires
This is a special room. Hello I'm Taina Hernandez in New York with an ABC news digital special report an arson arrest. As residents in one northern California town a bit more eighties today. Police in San Jose discussing the accused of setting eleven. Fires. Homes on violence. And he's just. That argues frequently by officers. Can't quite frankly get a hardworking. Midnight Sargent. -- it did help out. Basically identified people in the area that had a propensity for this can happen it's not as well. We'll have that figured out -- -- -- San Antonio street they live in that area he lives in the area. He is the suspect in the warehouse fire apparently iron -- The again. We are fairly confident that in that case is an arson and that the person that we have a capacity -- responsible for the which other. There's two -- on specifics on those those were beat two of the. To the part of their investigation of eve robbery detectives -- that they. That led to the rainy but obviously -- sergeant Randall said those charges will be amended at some point. In the near future to reflect all the -- -- me it wouldn't that be. -- -- -- -- he was not agitated. And he was very cooperative with investigators. That damaged beyond that -- -- it. Welcomed by the estimates -- -- in the millions. It's the they were busy right now -- got a history in this state and out of state person. Behind. That we believe so yes you know -- He. Well right now that's under investigation as well I think we've we believe that you that the fires with some sort of lighting lighter apparatus divides. But again we're still looking and everything that. Among the evidence I think obvious that you found him. -- -- -- All we can sit right now is that we have -- items that definitely linked him. To the crimes -- Emerson -- in -- database ago let's keep our eye on the sky. You didn't know he was not basically arsonists have to register. -- registered arsonists. Very the videos are -- the videos are crucial to the videos assisted us in. It identify ones we have a person of interest and -- -- photos to some of the video added that helped us see action scene. I believe he is that Nvidia's. There -- kind of itself. No I don't. I had no idea. -- -- -- -- -- It's very effectively -- -- it involves everyone there can make sure that. All of the necessary information is gathered at the -- of the documented. And we're working with -- -- but made it be different than and the efforts. From the residence here. What money. It's not a -- care and born to be getting more but it has put together all the information and determine which direction that's going. -- at what point did you realize -- it is not. -- fire that started on the line that is part. -- into the CV five's what typically for us we start seeing successive fires and very narrow area it -- to be someone that's going to be that it expired. The only candidate successes fires where they're back to back second that they have Weydedat but that's the same day here and -- at home the home to an excellent. But when you're having fitness every day separate times Everett events this week someone has caused selected third fire on the hotel industry fifteen games. No one certain. The warehouse where. You start having against the -- -- fires in the same period and that also faulted the thing. Reviewing the information you have been looking further into the possibility. Anything and everything occurring that it be part of the. What -- did resource for the way he did it -- money. And now. What other resource is being that declared that -- beauty and the citizens -- huge. Without. Everyone working together this investigation would not come to fruition but it was concerted effort that made the difference. This is -- different -- -- they've -- but -- been fired for and that's exactly what you want it is definitely. Detectives served with the what was supposed to do. -- -- That would be a two person and he can determine we don't know if there's any any -- if you look at. But that we that the police department probably. The name -- Very -- BA RYSTALLERD. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was excited -- last night. Citing last night with the have been raging bull -- -- -- linking him it. Can't give them later will be sending out that we will be sending out that he -- -- -- is in need and we will also said. Celebrities that it's if you look at your inbox is look if you -- -- all right let's shoot out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll -- -- so he was arrested yesterday evening. So why I don't know which -- by last night. There was it was a record. Fifth residents -- -- they've spotted him because of the game and the direction -- after him. -- Yeah and there you have -- San Jose officials ending their news conference with a photograph of the man they say is responsible for several instances of arson. They say they have is image caught on surveillance cameras at one particular home on fire and watching it for about twenty minutes before he left the scene. Of course this is the beginning of the proceedings this -- the accused arsonist. Accused of being responsible for eleven fires in San Jose this has been an ABC news special report from Taina Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Officials believe suspect is responsible for torching at least 11 structures in San Jose, Calif.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"21562272","title":"Police Nab 'Registered Arsonist' Following San Jose Fires","url":"/US/video/police-nab-registered-arsonist-san-jose-fires-21562272"}