Police reform in America and possible paths forward

The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have created a movement demanding police reform, but what does that mean?
7:08 | 07/08/20

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Transcript for Police reform in America and possible paths forward
I don't understand why black people to die agreed to mixing and country. Back in the game rallying then made up hot in the country out of out. That funding the police. The decision. To end the work of the plainclothes unit. And change told more modern community based approach. This is a moment like that aren't. In 1963. This is that mold it after Rodney King behind again. What I meant that's that the spending that never any element that bad that that we can doesn't beat out because I've got a black. You have to ask you see him probe tell you legislation. And now a lot of their confrontation Iraq but an act. Angela Y means police department looks like. I believe. That we need deep structural reform. Do you really fought an extra week to receive for me. It's been a policy that it's never worked well. And you got it don't really should that the. Black Cadillac many tech team we have find it more cold air combat crime. And to me Bob and that police are armed with military equipment where it it could do a white now. Thank you our community and I eat or play. Why we. Violent crime in the country. Let my country Edmonton really find meaning and crime in America that they did the unit and lives. On being restrained fat really know anything. Me over policing. Flat yet need the overtly seen. My night. He and Cheney and was up and act country and where we hadn't been playing nearly caught my eye injury planes. Read black and our edge in our lifetime compared U 170 light and I country debate and and again and number of black man and wind and are held. What are that he and I lot like Aaron. Black. Are three times more likely do well thankfully but there's I'm like an act and. I always say this is just my little track for social change. Litigation. Legislation. Protest with a vision for where we want to go equals social change. I'm proud to announce the launch of the Chicago police department's use of force. Community would come working group. Effective immediately I'm declaring a categorical moratorium on the use of tear gas for this parcel or control of grounds. I think that these findings police department as does not so much about. Take you all the funding for police are there is pleased about. Equalizing. The duty police officers with the other government agencies. There have been massive. Changes made in the area of education and race. Even the military agrees voting rights and civil liberties. But what makes this time different is that people have finally realized that without changing the justice. All of those other changes undermined because someone with an education so long with a nice houses nice job can be going down in the street. I at least opposite with impunity. We know album born eight and a variety Adams out and among the L wagon being act and believe me and apparently local and there are eaten outwardly and art. And the united me Alabama at her apartment at the apartment and yet very good at looking cool are healthy only partly collapsed. How. I believe the community where they are ones where I. President Claudia aunt and an Everett. And went back and in the potential with the holy cow act. On the net HRX. Three. Attorney general and on yet wait ethical by the current number and department of and you got our act. And. I'm just trying to get aid simple answer rocket fuel sent a Pulitzer it's a difficult thing for our great city. Could be sued by the department of death. And think and act on access and after that art and high publicly app only wind pattern work toxic at the age act. And here a local police department mad at me and I'm sure Aaron act and matter let me let me. They really backpack again. How little we guess I think the entire country and apps apps. It's alien act and the meaning DW I act that out. How can it be that the second most violent city in America is laying off almost half its police force them. We aren't public safety crisis two outs well I'll I'll primaries were seen that much. Our murder rate was eighteen times that. What essentially happened was we created county police hours. And essentially fired up before you can see. Under the new department and we were able to revise. How you support policy. One which we thought feet in. Com community. We have a higher sense of urgency. Then almost before you give us the benefit of the doubt in the week to see if we would take appropriate action and that moment of Paulus is what. Keep the ability and even to this day this is to lower the temperature of lead buyer. I don't know bulls these officers are people go into policing because they care about people what they wanted to be social workers in social work school. You don't do it could be got. Who did not. And to do all of these things to be psychiatrists. To be parents the little kids we're calling at least opposite to do things will beyond what police officers as both of the deal. I which crimes going down. This is from them and that. And remember iron senator. Little hair it'll take advantage you have and not and that Pacman in the -- ill chance climate change in the country. All of these reforms are important. And that's why would he need to thank hold up quickly and permanently.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have created a movement demanding police reform, but what does that mean?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71677262","title":"Police reform in America and possible paths forward","url":"/US/video/police-reform-america-paths-forward-71677262"}