Political campaigns targeting voters’ phones nationwide

Candidates and outside groups are sending a record number of texts as door-knocking takes a backseat.
4:01 | 10/31/20

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Transcript for Political campaigns targeting voters’ phones nationwide
Now in this homestretch the 20/20 campaign chances are your cell phone iPhone. It's been hit by an unprecedented wave of political text messages hasn't politics. It's is about connection people connecting to people but in that cold that area arrow went door knocking his unwelcome and phone calls or just annoying those text messages. They become the trusted dual politicians trying to grab your attention. Devin Dwyer takes a look at what's behind that texting tidal wave and what you can do to stop them. The political text messages. Haiti Micah tidal waves. I offer you good text messages from a political campaign. Every day. Record number inundating voter cell phones in the final hours the 20/20 campaign. We've definitely seen this year that more people more can't teens are using it. And that is happening and it's an impacts I think people are getting a little frustrated. The billions of messages from Democrats and Republicans eclipse seen door knocks as the go to voter outreach because of Coke did nineteen. So we have a texting party at my house six women around the table we at some wine and cheese and crackers. And I gave them a little script to get them to encourage their friends and family to get out about it. They get out the vote push is being propelled by special political texting and. Apps how do you get the phone numbers. Though it did voter my own feeling you registered about at a public wreck and it. The phone numbers are automatically teed up for armies of volunteers who send prescriptive messages with a tap of a thumb dozens per minute. You had media hundred text messages this nineteen year old and he just click sanctions it. And it fend off the mass fades and you send it to the next person and then you click send and they've spent its ambulance. Every time you push that green button and new name wolves and that's a new. Person a new stranger. A lot of people might think it's a robot is totally united say humane it's a volunteer. C could be city in you know watching that flags just hang in hours. Most robo calls and robo tax are illegal without your consent. But the FCC says campaign outreach initiated by a real person he's exempt from the do not. Call list text messaging. Unit you don't answer it don't look at you stone read it. Professor Melissa Michelson to scientific research shows text messages have a direct positive impact on getting people to vote. Per bottle it's very. Our Paul. A it. He want bigger tracks. Not to do the other tactics. Those other tactics involve real human contact like Candice seen something Democrats have. This weekend will have over 100000 doors knocked. Well over 500000 calls made me Wear before appreciate those bills you know at this time they had you know isolation that that we don't you want to hear their voices out the door. But text messaging is still dominating on both sides. There were asking men. Not only will you vote for will you help your friends in your family it's about are there three people. You can support tobacco do you forgetting that Seagram's back. I sometimes you bet overwhelmingly it's positive that. The onslaught of tax expected to the very end of the campaign I'm late yellow and one way to get off the lists. Tex stop in replied. Or you could just wait for this silence that will come after November 3. Industry research shows 98%. A political tax are opened and read the candidates of course love that. Many voters I talked to Terry dancer they actually didn't mind the reminders are being gauge her from the campaigns especially. When they found out it's a real person. On the other end however most of us can only tolerate so much of that electronic bombardment. Which means of course that Wednesday will begin a welcome respite while the votes are being counted guys get do not to disturb our thanks to Devin Dwyer for that.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Candidates and outside groups are sending a record number of texts as door-knocking takes a backseat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73934008","title":"Political campaigns targeting voters’ phones nationwide","url":"/US/video/political-campaigns-targeting-voters-phones-nationwide-73934008"}