Politics and pop culture commentator Mike Muse expects change in Hollywood

Mike Muse appears on a new installment of "Uncomfortable."
3:00 | 02/27/18

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Transcript for Politics and pop culture commentator Mike Muse expects change in Hollywood
Hey guys welcome to another episode of uncomfortable here with me in the studio. Mr. Mike music aliens that your name that way Doug and analytical and pop culture expert you specialize in this intersection. Of entertainment and politics there is. So much happening these days which is fascinating Iranians that you talk about the Oscars but first. We always like to hear about how aghast comes to kind of do the work that you do white specialize in much due to telling you where did you grow out of time but apparently. It's this enter staying story out NASA from Lansing mist and a reason they are battling to University of Michigan I guess where this story begins and a major industrial engineering Anglican core research did you go up wishing ante again yeah light from Lansing Michigan. There are Sammy so there amounted and massive things have spread out and have left the next if you. Ahmed Al went down the streets nearest the missing and that and ended thanks ended us Ziering and who can. But the great time within that didn't see as a fit for me act I didn't see knew my personality being able. To do that every day from nine to five ends alleged that in the first place. Eighth grade. It's getting. Hub Devoe right there there is this notion and is as I was a public high school it was a really great public high school too as well glancing at the time was booming because automotive industry things have changed obviously but you know an automotive and here in our city has a strong economy hurting us a strong school assists in the school districts. And that the school violence is a very diverse school but at the time though there was is notion is still exist today in this uncomfortable part of our conversation is where. If your black and you're Smart you automatic pushed into the science is right you're not really allowed to explore other areas is part generational too as well a lot of us are first time college generations to units and so you know any of there and some icons -- and T and at times you know my engineering is a great careers and you always have a job and your black and you should do this and so you that you should represent because you can add the ability to show the avenue always have a job right and they'll let a negative thing ends -- as they were my teachers it retains the negative associated with it it was just. What it was at a time and why they were looking out from my best interest but in doing so it didn't allow me and opportunities for other careers and tell my semi got to college. I recognize that this actually is in me doesn't really fit mean I had interns about Motorola. On Phoenix my second the summer after my second year as our realize that this is an it you know Hamill Nicholas auctioning an hour from the ceilings in science journals on the desk and out right. I can do this every day from nine to five. But you stick with that it is you can't turn back now because you X money years Pena X amount of money and in in his typical urban districts which amazed at that point and then wasn't gonna switch to that I had to really had the freedom to explore anything Al is right but that. That doesn't happy. And and so what happened when I talk to are my associate dean of the college our name is Lisa & Associates and Mike you're so unhappy she said led ago. Cities and a for the wrong reasons you doing it for your family is doing for the the pressure of your peers and missiles precedent and that. And she said but don't be foolish graduate knowing him one semester left yet and she said then explore other opportunities and at that time I had received a final offer from a major consulting firm won the big five's here in New York City. That turned them down unbeknownst to my parents hang in and say they didn't know they thought I just Christmas start date. They did your parents are you happy they think you're continue on the path of 8000 having an off because in the service of the great opposite in the war is I was on this national Bora for engineers. You know they can't can't edit a commitment conferences and regional chair like in different states. And so they saw as an ace on the Guinea's fantastic interns should really typically in terms it's to get us army getting scholarships and so they'd see anything else and it went to concern them and it went in to worry and now. It was one of those things look let me figure down on my own in my and I plan to present them with the problem let me try to sort out exactly at into the whole idea was. I'm in the mood of Florida on the B of march and ran a how random bombed Iraq and I how random and it is a great meeting went and got. Florida and I'm gonna be a bartender that's exactly this team injuring at the time. One win away as my departure right now means that you know present map returning and he you know Alice. He listed in the of the year at large institutions such as missing and I was in student society. Ours and scales I was with a kind this. A very focal point of a university when you're that young 181922. When he won he asked him that much responsibility. And you don't have the resources that athlete pass on campus for student support and psychological mental health services. That you do a student leaders was something I think that we should focus on as an agent at those students aren't actively involved on campus they need to equal amount support that we give other people who. Can't support and services has outlined a break. And in the house are you know let me just fine self Romaine and in the goods you. By the way to recognize fact. And that timing your life because most people wouldn't write what you track for something which are heading in the direction it is kinda keep going. Yet as a lot of courage to do that in that process of finding self but in my carbon happens and hey Michael as you mind being my manager this music production coming as an absolutely not. Like I have not music Avnet try it I was like you know. And as an electricity or is never been anything British and entertainment mean in no way has of those who are stupid. The way I live as it out that I was like yeah because the in my point of view McCain Republican core research background won awards for nuclear chemical recent principal Brian aipac intern when news of both hot. Ya engineering companies right now are known for that that was a pittance miner act but it's that what did you go to floor yeah oh yeah Erika Berger says it did it. And me sort of like mediate this media that are now last actually that the company its bigger and a enemy announced on my way of course I was on the skis used Lama back accurate this hook itself in the mountains and Smith out so. Rick eclectic it's it's like amazing moment that never to. It's the fact that he is a dream be weren't going to movies at copper. The opera comes in. For this music and you know right away. Say no immediately and that's it no multiple times his name is Marcus condoning kept calling means of art as a why do you want me. Yeah and needs these are the reasons why is it integrated business here people person I think that's it's you he was also engineered to Islam. Anderson is canyons trend. Could be at Nicholas resource as artists are managing the production company from there decide to turn into a record label recordings and and that's really how the story began. And then moved back to Michigan of this town to see Detroit. Ultimately get immersed into the business and we had this incredible success soundness I was able to be wrote a business plan at. That's a mr. capital plan. We get these amazing he's partners at Starbucks and Chrysler and and a felony down and took it's a cop and in his near its highs this kid from inquiries there's no match partnerships. These 360 do as and the time nanometer companies to inhabit and idling on the leeward and MTV. We had no spins on radio we will charting on billboard. Ads and the success is and then I moved to New York. And and that became the story ray has through the branding story me became. Known answers I guess lecturing a different universities. Radio came common efforts radio ga. Was a BT CI in Chicago. Calling infants New York from fortify its yield show. And we would just talk about the business of music Emmy for this hour time period and it was apps incredible and from Aaron and other. How did the interest because you're you're that's where people who is incredibly well versed incredibly well experienced and an incredibly articulate or knowledgeable but entertainment but you've also got decided you where you follow politics you know news events social justice like you're in all the issues that matter in our day to you add those to come together great. Question you Connecticut's. I think it's really good and a couple at Yale literally. So Abbott was so after our that TV radio I was doing on that President Obama at that time Senator Obama and the time candidate Obama announced his can see January of 07 the campaign com in the march of 07 and I got recommended to be part of its pricey finance committee. And of course with the trend that's an earlier and I said no not interest it's not an absolutely as lying wrong guy because they want to fund raise an asset and that fund raiser and the refineries a dam alive but I was like hey guys great. I'm a supporter of amenable floor of the added if you don't win of programs available for immediate way. Not enough. It's out a signal as it you know what we hear about you from all these different that's what you haven't media again and increasing different youth in new for demographics we leave you can bring that energy into the campaign says. On the one media can hurt Howard he reminds let time on the at the realize this in the first started. This is facing York city Clinton territory country it wasn't like million if you were beating down it to be part of this campaign. And nobody else people don't barely it is like literally like third mocked and yeah riots and lack there was no latest west it literally is an entitlement to give unlike some guys and 2016 time periods while. W over some stuff back. This decade they heard about me I finally came to a mediate an outlying. Oh my god is amazing and and here we are a result so it eight years later became known as in this person to raise a million dollars for a sitting president. Can when he over present a candidate again one year ends on ads on this took off and on the and that moment intersection me and lies. As are leveraging my contacts in resource a hand and the media entertainment around. And I said that's are using my political connections to really entice the pop culture they meet in and him rooms it was on the did you know what. Politics is giving my media counterparts a voice yeah right has given them a platform you remember this is 2008 so before they're hash tag right before there is a social media activism are relying a lot of that time period had resigned them a platform to engage in participate that I was using pop closer to kind of help transit and messaging. You're that was happening now look at 1 am a settlement I'm really intersecting Nicosia is an eye on this that I do as a all the work that due in have to have this intersection and doesn't have intersection. I won't do don't participate in NN is now my passion if you. As a separate it's just music premier entertainment is it's a love Yang and his politics on his own assistant left Brett doesn't get me out of that separately but what is he out of bed every day it's a combination of the two when it comes from a passing. It feels like everything is happening at an intersection these days an in the comes to a head reliever on awards season yes we got to do with its great Oscar nomination showed you there yet recently the Oscars are just around the corner NASA want it could try to focus live conversation on Hollywood up well we know about representation. Why the moves are changing why they aren't changing yet but let's talk about that in particular because. Let me talk about representation we talk about Hollywood it's not anecdotal right it's not like I just haven't seen people like me of people like you were whenever. There's evidence right in a number of studies that show that her representation is severely lacking when it comes to the rest of America and Hollywood. So minorities are what like a little over 40% of the country right now. We're not represented no only come to the big screen in Hollywood before we get into specifics just picture why he think that is why there's such a lack. The lag has collect unconscious by sees I think that exists author Hollywood and I think advisory reflective. Of industries and sectors and across America lettuce and finance but it's in law. I was a consumer good products. There is his notion ink and think about Mike when McDonald's has a commercial Ryan and advertising was to say for example and you cheeseburger you're right if they have four to commercial spots and a cheeseburger that cheese burger for the Hispanic market rightly Hispanic actors can have a cheeseburger with African Americans eating habits Jeter with single mom to kiss a soccer game and a sample on the when he can Hamburg and so we've always segmented our population. And so that the understand that hamburgers and cheeseburgers are universal people -- -- -- cup soccer moms as though eat cheeseburgers on the way to soccer back. The platform you can run yeah. A they're really universal time you can't epic that's that translates into Hollywood rank and as he segmented rose right so. This character is only for a black character this characters only for a white theme now rank and and in this role of the story line is only four. Black Americans and it is no way black Americans into court Phil Graham and friends in no way black America's rally around with him a majority as he BTQ. Identity yeah dynamics and issues and there's no vacancy that crime but in essence. They tan they will because after American stories are Universal American stories read and heard this fantastic quote recently from a lady and she said that more and agencies after American woman doing fantastic work and Hollywood on animations act. And she said you know and when you lean in to what makes you different. She said that the more university of story will be com right is that because he leanings as everyone can recognize something in you and in south. Because he gets down to that granular like the it is that a fair way to talk about it now. For example he uses a spot on because of it goes down to class rank with the amount Hollywood keeping my classes. Bank if you how much money these actors make heating elements studios the actors are commanding between they announced or famine the top of the elite that's a lot of money right and you are these awards are presentation of in the champagne and black tie and sexy knows this as you know different and we have about finance and Wall Street and and he must find you know the 1% tears right and so it's money sometimes in this society Emory and equates to status is equates of these these institutions rate as at their deluxe too big to fail that we heard 2008 red mile scenario these banks are too big to fail he has to value -- -- Abrams it too much of American fabric of who we are. And unfortunately we allow ourselves to carp that mentality is that that's why Hollywood has been able to have this institutional aspect of it because the money and power that he yields. Let's talk about some of the numbers though because when preparing for this conversation I had to kind of remind myself just how bad it is in some places that there are number of places that look at the date. Geared a year one at University of Southern California where the Annenberg communications school. Releases every year their media diversity and social change initiative report from last year this is a quote. Representation of women minorities LG BT people. Disable characters in films remains largely unchanged. From the previous year despite. Heightened attention to diversity and how anyway it does that surprise you that for as much as we're talking about it there really wasn't a lot each. It was eerie air netted off. Because it in the day it takes to executives who were there and aren't tick taxed into higher grain and so Ed that's still a very monolithic. Demographic generally still white males. Run the studios writings and charge of casting an aspect debit and the directors who select. Now I do believe there is a change that is coming slowly right into we're seeing now is this as I see happening within toad is I think tell it is in the lead the way. For the big screen hit I don't know what that is request because when he sees television and I think now tub is as diverse as it's ever been made and so knowingly and ended says long way to go so that say that relatively speak to pick up at. But now you seeing so many more importantly so many black show runners were we've never seen before and measures and it doesn't understand industry due to the people look and hold the editorial control again at some from the creators of the show the ones who tree on Iran not Iraq. Rank the writers make it basically director Nikita Timbaland and in their name Bob and hiring and a casting have it that we have blacks on blacks or runners now they're able to now pick. Black or minority or fee marriage be LG BTQ directors which is seeing that across the board of diverse arose now has some with a different director every week so that's doing is allowing that that female. Or allowing that black or Hispanic and Asian Indian American experience there Rio sent out to present that Hollywood if they so choose with a big screen where before there was they would did you have experience in and regret anything with a Mac and higher base and the mayor. But now that's change game. Because now accede you have experience I do have a real I had directed X amount of episodes of obvious and so before and has be fair and honest who on net it was about the mayor's previously ranked Nikita these amazing stories. There's even a stomach Nauman management on the map there's a summit got nominated last year laden and ragged ends out. They are disarm. Out of favor remiss at all about an amazing I heard interview. And and when many are creating and they say again we we just went to studio with this idea. Rang and the studios bought into and they funded and that you. My home America. Is it that easy for some people as a B of I had this idea. To go wind into the studio. With no old no tests you know short film have been turnovers and have it and does have this conversation. Yes but that's really how things get done and instead asked that question Hollywood icons in the merry. There's not a controversy is a very comfortable another controversy so coming on HBO Lydia creators a game at drones with confederate veterans saint yes. Still in the works is still in the works as far as I know is still in the works in the haven't seen anything different yet prove otherwise I was reading an article from the president of HBO again they're talking about hi this show gave green. Now granite gamers are as a huge for its Fiat monetary mines yes that make I get it. I get about making going so easily this and get its say yes you know audiences he knew exactly talent absent is a game and throw them out there is the city clear I'm saying right now. But the president said was that he green lit the idea when they came to him he and even read the treatment yet. Write an article he said adding in seeing the episodes. You found him a hug and tell the story. But yet you're willing to take a chance on the straight controversy. Old topic way. No matter what and a lot of however you just announcing yet to get rid of flags of Derek and controversial top via. And you decided not to even look at a treatment. You'd aside ninety to consider other episodes right where. It's easy for some soul. When he comes here at the right questions are eating being asked at that level because the people who might ask the questions are in this deserves and how are exactly and then that's how you get to these are content by C that exists in a wanted to question. But it really undermines his own notion of marriage and you have to have this incredible resume and grant and using two very distinct examples here Medea. Highlight. You know Rick controversy issue about what is at stake in what the issues and how it's hard to in the creative skills and you talk about Mary right it's not like you it's not in finance you can say this person raid in me this much money. You're here every year in the creative industry it's a little harder to talk about mayor Wright did not complicate the issue to. As that it has. Today is is very subjective and dancing is the boy's club narrative Ryan and as they are hiring casting their friends you know allow worked on. With Johnny on my previous two films then why would not hired ninety lead on this made as is that. Big you usually higher and go with who you now rank you talk about Johnny Depp right and the parts of. Half I. I would think that deeply rover that I think that it. A couple of different breakdowns and talk a representation it's not just about race there's gender breakdown yet to various. Disabled Americans being under represented but this number or racially fascinated me to this report at a referenced earlier. Just talking about the place of women in Hollywood in this films what they did was they looked at. Twenty sixteenths top 100 films and it looked at all this speaking and named rolls his very specific like who has. An actual role that's worth paying attention to in the east bound to be looked at 4583. Speaking characters. Up all of those characters 31%. Were female and 2016 you look at that me think okay that's not so bad right. But then they went on to say that number is basically unchanged. Since 2000 sat. To an almost did keyed. There wasn't to shifted a hall does that surprise you want to talk about race a dollar and if this is just women industry. It doesn't surprise me one bit that it's gonna surprise let me get the message. Don't watch out because it got to go down to what we're just saying in their breeds imitation and there's nobody in their room to say. Hey guys I do mean guys there. That. PA's -- there is this something wrong here rag like him there is issues that he's address where are the women and why don't more of our characters have were speaking grow manner Wiren act casting broadly here why are we that adding characters the story line. That can be just as in pack flow that as women characters and an end zone again. It goes if people just are in the room to raise their hand and ask these questions. You'd most people just think about it rank as we could ask that you used to rank and and that's when it goes down ten. Still be an excuse these days though when you talk about what if you just if you have a Twitter account do you know what people are saying about representation like its heart it's hard these days to be unaware yet I think about some of the conversations that are going on is that a valid excuse like there's knowing in the real we didn't. No camp is not a valid excuse whatsoever. But to me there is reason to believe and lives they still are slow to make that change right this isn't and a happen overnight is any key. Individuals like yourself or more and not yourself personally having a platform that allows diverse opinions and toxic had a common your program means discuss this is gonna take. More activists that have passed and it takes more women in Hollywood to panic come out and keep leave his movement don't give up on you keep bringing color themes in your tires and keep making these speeches. At the Oscars and and another award shows and our efforts are really said it and write in because. Individuals who were habit is an empowered him bailout out obviously saying yeah the makes sense but I'm not doing it right Graham right I'm fine. Most. That he had this is the question that's sadistic if you or I racism or and in that position of power able to make those kinds of decisions able to control who hires whom and what gets green lit and what doesn't. What's the selling point like you walk into a room with some and you try to convince one of those has ST is this something that they want to deal. If you NRA the and it doesn't it doesn't upset their lives at all to connect you with the status quell then why would they be incentivized to do that to make those kind of changes. Because in their mind on the they're okay and their mind. I'm Mary I have daughters at homes aka the humans as a mistake and I mean I had that black friend happened Abby races I have a gay couple they come over every Sonny Perdue and there are heavy homophobic right in though Beverly recognizing that mindset. A way it is they're actually doing and they get clawed out amid a great exam is on their literally be just witnesses last Sunday at the grammys. After the grammys came out there is a big protest that came up about how women did not get to recognize that the major categories minority even in the one female lord to his government album had an opportunity to perform and we literally had in this moment means no more name it is fantastic speech for women's issues whom ms. rice with in the music industry according academy talk to women and then the president recording academy came out in San women does need to step up more. That is your question right there in that he was there is sitting in. Hockey it's witty herds and no one may make that statement he saw on Twitter what women were reacting to it he still okay mountains and the need to step but. Right and he later we declare I walked access comity face an enormous blow back absolutely and walk them back and said they I misspoke and meant to see that we need to be there to support women you need to help them along the way that was incredibly troubling that that. His first remark but is it but it goes back to on the initial reaction rag in Nick's reaction is this in spite of on his activism that we saw on his speech tonight in talking muddy awards so as previously and and other industries and talked about it literally just in that space. So again it goes back to his unconscious biases that snapped me map of. It took two years at no actors of color across both the leading and supporting categories. And that hash tag trending Italy next talking about at the academy to institutionalize some real change man among there leadership as well. Are you heartened at all by what you're seeing happening now by the categories are the nominations we just odd fact that moonlight won best picture at last your does that show you there's change happening in a real way. Absolutely I'm doing really great about action and we still have again from the very clear honestly speaking we have a long way to go. But that we got a lot better than we have over the years at the academy. But on the goes electorate rejects saying is that. It's one minute talk about it rank as one gonna have these hash tags and against aunt April rain agree that tax or so why. But it goes to the action behind it and it goes beyond just forming a task force buying how many task force out there who XE see no reason to write it. It's a PR strategy we're gonna form a task force ran as immediate responds and I'm not devaluing past fourth. They work when you are frantically interested in having to work right writes I'm still waiting for an academy assume that any deal with their task force I. But the Oscars though they did was they had meetings and they intention to leave with the -- goes into originality. The intends and he won it a new diverts. Inductees at the class of members to be inducted into the academy is bringing people move to the courts are literally right who are diverse are more women Raines who are different ethnic backgrounds different identities right in doing so I'm that they had to cut some people from the role too as well again and so you have to make us uncomfortable decisions to cut. Right to cut this my room ethnic demographic of your base. An add on more diverse individuals succumbing to these categories as we seeing that as they have intentionally decided to be more diverse. And their induction process them it renowned start to see more representation topic categories now on the academy. I'm just thinking maybe five years from now ten years from now a theory that any more diversity RD are right now into it takes him come to what decisions and also takes. Authentic in ten nationality in doing it but counselor says not to be afraid to say black. Round Hispanic Indian Asian gay women yet have the say these word yeah right is so easy to hide in his diversity and inclusion safe for Greg but yet to call it buys an aim no pun intended because Rio de and that's in the and comfortable on continuity happened that's when change happens when con. The book so easy it worrying TO at all that it speaks like two years of public shame basically a trending hash tag of people saying. What is happening here like. Real outrage before that kind of change occurred troubling. No less traveling alma as that. It's gonna take more than just those two years is troubling that we're still gonna have to keep using that hash tag as a reminder rank it's troubling that. We're still gonna have to have had sex times. It's troubling that amber stepped on the have to have that tech meet to rein in. Because you can have to hold because of fire because people it's X Laura for you to make that mental shift allowed this is very generation. When you think about. Do you think that's true tale yes people as they grow and change it never been a different America they will just know that their priorities are different. I think there's a generation coming behind ASEAN out eventually become the recognized that. Sever pry Ortiz no longer work in this American fabric. But we need to have more inclusive priorities to represent all America really defining what America is it is difficult for me nattering constitution conversation. That makes it march housing and difficult when we talk about immigration. So we talk about xenophobia. Is very counter intuitive to what is actually happening in generations behind. Who were being instill that were on that saying we I had value we are antique was and we handles adult in the room who are using is raising a full bake. Kind of commentary of other ringing and I fear mongering and asked taking Claes but if closest fire those who have the microphones those who have a camera. Rights are really make sure they hold everyone's feet to fire and positive you have a supple and hash and you Twitter rank and that's both part that gives me hope is that. Others haven't been in power now no matter if you make twenty million Ozzy you heard him make Twain house and our rank you still had equal power. Too great to change and he's happy and but it bothers me that is gonna have to keep continuing because the moment you land at the yen to get complacent. That's when things go right back to where they where. You mentioned it looming twenty million high zero and ask you about the role of celebrity says because obviously a lot of the power resides with the executives and decision makers. But as you've seen recently and when the suggestions at this one report means that looked at diversity and suggestions with K if you start getting those A list celebrities to have equity. Written into their contracts like I'm gonna make sure that. My you know my costar as of color or other people of diverse backgrounds are paid equitably nap or that you know I'm in some way tied to them like we saw recently with. It's Pakistan is it activist Dana Kennedy answered right now that they said okay we're gonna go in this together our our fates are tied to some degree. You work with celebrities yes and in social change do you think that is a viable way to serve to hold those folks accountable to say you're responsible. Making sure this happens to. Who here we go how. Lydia. Spoke aren't they sit. Yes. It's so important for severed just above and do that but unfortunately celebrities are afraid of endorsements. Deals to gold bond wrong in sour and act and let's take Michael Jordan for example of Michael Jordan is pads yes he's giving money recently in in and we want to salute him for an. But that passed he wouldn't support political parties or political interest in USA. Democrats by Massoud says it was Republicans by my shoes rain and so. As a great example of the mines at dinner recently that's levees half from then to now about. If I engage in this will this affect it hurt my branch bank. If I engaged this time I'm brand in terms economics that will this alienate some members of my fan base and B has an eye and individuals and celebrities sting that sports is new true lies and Angeles into the films that you become sunny and throw and that musician Mayo is saying hey I had people from our sides. You know come to my constant tourists are there are free to really mess up. They're my mind a economics I think time that has changed. Rank and I think a good case states are really reflect that is to edge in points as the iconic happening for example. Comic happening is Jersey shot up to be one atop telling jerseys with NN dot com store. For stick Andy nothing didn't hat. Rank in terms of economics. But and you look at individual. Arming animus of his name I'm now on drug he plays with the Pittsburgh Steelers. As safely as his wrist there's anything normally carries that. And there's a moment and a football on game win at Pittsburgh Steelers decided to state locker room to sit way to controversy are together he XE came out not recognizing cameras are catching him out at a time and he saluted. The American flag and he didn't take any particular happen on that his Jersey win just as well. As those or -- case studies on opposite ends of the spectrum is who are various both celebrities and have high impact on society. But yet they still had economic success with their brand and so it's our customers up and there are listening to. Let that baby gates rain and that nowadays consumers in Stanton consumers. Now want the consumer pit companies to stand for something right they want and have a constitution they're gonna rally behind and support the consumer day. Is no different now they want it seem that celebrities and athletes and Hollywood is without Hollywood it's like -- which are constitution this right that they have you just sitting silently getting hair makeup done and having me come pay sixty announced that the right right I want to hear what you have to say and with that being said an easy mark allies and that Rangel was traveling about. Tim either recording academy's isn't you know I'm sure you know this now that the mouse executives have been music industry came out and wrote this and pas letter. An hour and I'm so glad that they do it right we know who was missing from that. Was it FEMA executives and actual record labels. Was missing from that. And one has to say in the up its act and get it right that jobs are on the market. Looking up for their own self interest as the enterprise and I think it was a point oh cents to engage exact earnings so I have to say I understand their point and I saying there and as in the FEMA record executives are wrong for that you know guns as it. Difficult and composition to be and but in that instance doesn't need your male counterparts and a record labels to come on saint. Something is running their record the minute reckoning with need to be allies as well as the wife beam house and high what was ally. For the blacks and from that and it and that an equity in ways gap that exists that means different let you go to pass Eskew who's gonna win best picture at the Oscars were. Who. Ray quests it. On the record now that who's gonna win. OK so here's the thing I'm now. It'd be looking into EA you can't get nervous dogleg right in my hand that I needed a regularly gets that close do you just. They are doing any. What army office last year so last year you had moonlight. One but up against the machine llama yes it was loud land this big money makers in his right. So announced that it me to believe Wright is academy comfortable where art house type films you know also can't calling my name get in there again and get out. You know did in manner you think as a chain I think get our hats. Only because base upon latches precedent that's. It can overseeing right now as we go ports is like the La La land of last year right all is is there is giving us your businesses you and I don't know the captains and is up. I think it's got to be some they weren't you surprised that in the surprise is. Get out. Were lady bird. I'm in 83 answers because your McNair yes I don't say yes. I don't do are an athlete a bit so much on your lazy day does a resident I gotta come though today that its. Actually squirm through that existed and if things evidence that it. Thank you for listening to uncomfortable. If you like what we're doing take imminent leave us the rating and a quick review it helps others define these conversations. And we really does want to hear reducing. Plus we made it easy just click on the link in the description of this app says. If you have an idea for a show topic for a gas completed in their use or react after the baathist that's. And eight WA. DI FDA and quarry used to hash tag uncomfortable. Uncomfortable with the production of ABC news. New episodes host every 2 weeks on Tuesday morning. I'm on in the five thanks for listening.

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