Pope Francis Arrives at St. Matthew's Cathedral

ABC News' Serena Marshall shows us the moment Pope Francis arrives at St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
6:05 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Arrives at St. Matthew's Cathedral
ABC three and march outside saint Matthew's cathedral we are currently awaiting imminent arrival of Pope brand said. He does and it is up parade down the national lawn you make a roughly half mile track here excuse me Matthew's cathedral. Four a pair service and deliver. Some remarks US Catholic US conference of Catholic mishaps. It appears that some police cars are writings that he should be here any minute as you can see this street is completely locked down. There are no spectators no visitors the entire block is wearing off it to good use special security. Eating guy here only if you. Security guards and the Pratt are allowed outside inside is roughly 800 invited gas. And 300 victims have been bused in. From all over. There are spectators on either side of the block hoping to catch a glimpse of hope granted. And his Pope mobile now this cathedral is the sea of art. The guy that watching ten. An accident these very interesting history here in Washington DC it's the location for them mass cathedral funeral. President John F. Kennedy and those steps we're in the front right there at the same steps that Littlejohn on saluted his father that casket was brought into the eagle. It's I'm 175. Year history it's only seen one other Pope. Pope John Paul the second in 1979. So we are currently awaiting look phrases we hear some sirens that are on their way here's and he should be here any minute when he goes inside hell be delivered. Varying Credo be prayers offered in line as well as a home heating fuel delivery and and it could be his. It happened at about one there we'll. Carry here in America you can see this please motorcade behind us. I'm. And his holiness Pope grants them. While we wait for Pope Francis a little more history about this. And credible cathedral of saint Matthew. If it is. Designed a line crossed my Mason is actually inside. I think we'll see Matthew of the civil Pete facing a civil servants inside there isn't chapel for saint saint Francis of a C. See it says. The patron. The patron saint. That but a print. Inquiries as potent Avila has arrived. You can see the the Pope there. He's. He is being greeted by cardinal. World. The the C of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of watching ten. That's cardinal were on the blackened rat greeting the Pope bring now. Cardinal girl actually. Is considered a progressive cardinal he was recently appointed to an influential Vatican Pallet channel by Pope Francis that oversees picked up appointments. He's known for having at zero pilot file. You're tolerance policy occur add use. You can hear some. Is from Francis waving to the preferences. Hitters. And the Pope is walking into the cathedral he's being handed a cries and is doing a blessing. There are a lot of folks now as you can see taking photos the Pope as he enters they're. Hundred invited guests inside and it courses more than 300. US Catholic bishops that we're bust an earlier. Now as he. Entrances in a walk down the center aisle and then they'll be participating. And fares in between those fares are expected to have moments of silence. And then that Pope will be offering his home in Spanish. And that they said earlier could be as most candid views and he'll share his message with the pope's on what they backed for the Catholic Church. Also. And the cardinal is. It is very happy you can see the smiles full of smiles at the Andrew Issac cathedral. With the with the bishops from around them. From around the United States. He's at the front of the church receiving a bit okay getting ready to locked the front of the altar. Where though spears will be again. And now will leave you with like feet inside that could be wrong time ABC's Sabrina my excellent want.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall shows us the moment Pope Francis arrives at St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"33981172","title":"Pope Francis Arrives at St. Matthew's Cathedral","url":"/US/video/pope-francis-arrives-st-matthews-cathedral-33981172"}