Pope Francis Arrives in New York City

ABC News' Josh Haskell was on the tarmac as Pope Francis greeted New York City crowds.
27:37 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for Pope Francis Arrives in New York City
Josh chaps food Miree JFK airport that's the pope's plane over my shoulder you can see it's pulling up arriving at JFK airport. We have the Vatican flack on one side the American flag on the other as the American Airlines stairs will approach the plane. As the Pope will get off and be greeted by the bishop of Brooklyn. I ABC's Josh Haskell at JFK airport where Pope francis' landed in. In New York City conceded to flags above me look off my shoulder right there. American Airlines employees who were granted on this specific assignment they told me this is the best assignment they've ever had. You can see them directing the plane there. Its the Pope is inside sitting in first class. And we will bring it to you live right over my shoulder as the Pope the plane. So want to step out of the frame per second to give you the different glimpse of what we're seeing here at JFK airport. There's the pope's plane. American Airlines employees are actually approaching the plane right now. And I'm just gonna move my camera slight lead at. Give you guys a little bit better but position. ABC's Josh Haskell live at John F Kennedy Airport. That's the Pope bring that foe France's Alain. Right over my shoulder just landed. You can see the American Airlines stairs are approaching it right now we are going to keep hope Francis momentarily. If you set the scene for you over to the side of the number of parishioners there waving their flags they're chanting. Very excited for this moment as this is Pope France's. First time in New York City and this is first trip the United States the longest trip that he's taken 78 years old. The Pope of the Catholic Church now. Seems as though we have some employees approaching right now walking up the stairs. And and I'm looking at it as seed of some very anxious parishioners waving their flags you're seeing that on our ABC news cameras. The Pope is not. We've not seen the Pope yet but this stairs. Our patented door and the door should open soon in. What a step out of frame per second and two men if we can show all that. You're hearing New York, New York right now Frank Sinatra's hit. Being played we have not seen Pope France's yet but soon. They're gonna play two songs for the Pope. Number of people are hugging. Approaching if they've laid out the red carpet here at JFK airport workable. Touched down his first visit in new York and then you can see those children that we work. I tell you about earlier. Day. Or very studious and Catholic schools here in the queen in Queens and in Bronx girl there are also being rewarded for their case. By getting to welcome Pope brands. ABC's Josh Haskell live at JFK airport as we await cope branch. ABC's ABC's Josh Haskell live here JFK airport itself. Lilja see the Pope right over my shoulder. It's playing just touched down he's greeting the big ship. The diocese of Brooklyn giving him a cause we're seeing a number of school children also waiting. Close by quite a moment here is. A number of hope brings his staff. And other some cardinals were seen and other bishops come down the stairs is there waiting. Definitely a different scene and we saw Anders airport base when the Pope was greeted by. President Obama Vice President Biden and their families. What we are right now in Queens in Brooklyn's about why that bishop this year and then when he goes to Manhattan and cardinal Dolan. Of the diocese of new York film the the Pope there so just setting the scene for you here ABC's job Haskell. Hope France's you can see. Right over my shoulder. White is seen if he's talking and then I'm also hearing different chance. From the faithful right over to my right parishioners who were given the opportunity to come here. And welcome in the hope there waving the Vatican flag there screaming they have letters they have prayer the open air hoping that after the Pope. Meets the bishop and some of the young students behind me the hopeful actually take a minute to go up and and talk to them so let's take a step. Out of the camera right now it is we're bringing these pictures to you live. You can see there's a crowd forming around the Pope. As he is on the ground here in New York City is touch the pavement. Disembarking from his Boeing 777. Call sign shepherd won acclaim for bringing you live pictures here. It's JFK airport. Right now we're seeing Pope brands this approach the crowd. There's about two to 300 parishioners that are here and they're going out soon be wild and we're gonna bring you all these pictures live. I'm actually going to step away from the camera. Physically but you'll still be able to hear me as I walked over to the crowd to see exactly what hope Francis is doing hopefully you can still hear me. Right now I hope perhaps it's just walk up to. About muted 300 parishioners he's hugging them talking to them. We'll do our best to bring all this to you live I may actually go and bring my camera little bit closer. If quite a moment here it is all the people who planned this event said you don't know what hope Francis can do so we're prepared which. Cole might sits down more prepared with security were prepared to wit plenty of bottled water and treats her. The parishioners who've been waiting out here in the sun all day and it was. Definitely been worth it if you're seeing hope Francis. Approach the crowd right now. To many of them are screaming and waving flags. ABC's Josh Haskell still live with you at John F Kennedy Airport. Where Pope Francis has touched down. He's right now meeting the faithful. Made up of parishioners schoolchildren. From Brooklyn and and from queens. You're seeing live pictures on ABC. He digital both France's. Greeting parishioners who've been waiting out here for a few hours in the sun to meet the Pope this is quite a moment for them we're speaking to. A man from favorite Brooklyn earlier who said that. He can't believe this day is actually here he. Drove ten minutes from bay ridge to JFK to see the Pope. Not every day they're practicing Catholic gets to do something like that so we're bringing these pictures here alive in. Stay with us on ABC digital and also. ABC politics account on snap chat and we'll have updates. Pope Francis was scheduled to spend about fifteen minutes here at JFK we'll see if he stays longer there's a very real chance of that. But you can see that their helicopter behind him. With skin very quickly avoid that New York City traffic to Wall Street for that 645 prayer service. The Saint Patrick's Cathedral. You're seeing one crowd of parishioners right now John I can. Kennedy Airport. There's actually a second crap out. Due to 300 people. We're not sure the Pope will make it over there there are holding their cameras high anxiously hoping for a chance to speak to the Pope. But he's not a very tight schedule he was only supposed to spend. Fifteen minutes here at JFK airport. We are approaching that fifteen minute period so we'll see if he stays longer but this Pope is unpredictable and our ABC news team. Have reported there's a microphone here in case he wants to talk or offer a prayer and somehow get. Some sort of contact with a everyone. It is here at JFK airport. Hope Francis it looks like it's now walking. The helicopter which is very similar to what President Obama and Vice President Biden fly Marine One but it's not called Marine One and it's only called Marine One. When the President Obama is on board. There will surely be quite a moment when that helicopter takes off. As it was when the Boeing triple seven. Came in. To this part of JFK airport. We see the Pope now. The Pope definitely getting the tree DO royal treatment from the United States Secret Service as they are in charge of his security on this trip you see the Pope. Boarding a helicopter various alert the one that President Obama flies on when he comes to New York President Obama does very. Madam what the UN. ABC's Josh Haskell. The Marine One type helicopters it's not Marine One has pres Obama attended. But very similar to what he flies when he comes. To new York and the horses across the world but right now John F Kennedy Airport the American Airlines triple seven plane right over my shoulder. The helicopter about to take hope France's event happen over my other shoulder saw about to happen. Live on ABC digital. And we'll bring it to you want us let our audience know what his transpired here and the last twenty minutes the Pope was only close to spend fifteen minutes but there was a crowd of over 300 which he approached. I talked to were about seven minutes and took pictures they were screaming waving the Vatican flags. And now they boarded those helicopters behind me two of them which the Pope it looks like the first one. Which is scaring the Pope is about. Taped off in the second one has not started yet pretty loud but we're gonna bring it to you live here. On ABC digital. Still see a number of parishioners. Waving a Vatican flags streaming. Truly hoping that the local come out one overtime because it was quite a moment for them the Richards group made up of people from. Even from Brooklyn they come here to John F Kennedy Airport which reports in Queens to greet Pope branch this. The US Secret Service doing this security for the Pope on this trip so they are courts giving in this same treatment. The President Obama and Vice President Biden. Yet when they come. York city book on race for a variety of different events they fly and here at John F Kennedy Airport. Helicopters are waiting them and they. Them for the same hell about that boat ramp going through and Wall Street Paul then take your car off. The Saint Patrick's Cathedral if we're waiting it looks like the hotel at copter is pretty close to. Taking off job cap still live here at John F Kennedy Airport. We await the helicopter. The picture thing didn't see you know. United dealt. Other American. Flames in the background. Taxi here at JFK. Is it nothing is out of the ordinary but of course this is not a normal day at John F Kennedy Airport. Hope Francis is an inside that helicopter. Right there. And he is about to take off her backpack. If you're just joining us now on ABC digital Josh have to. Have to live at John F Kennedy Airport. We have two helicopters behind us one of them is holding hope ranch that he's about the plight of Wall Street. Where he'll get in. ABC's Josh still here John F Kennedy Airport I'm gonna move to the other side. That helicopter right there. Hold Paul Francis is here is about to make his trip down the Wall Street they don't get inside a closed vehicle. To Saint Patrick's Cathedral where hill. Get on board that Pope mobile for the last few blocks but of course to avoid that New York City traffic and the distance between. JFK airport in Manhattan. He's taking a helicopter very similar to the helicopter. Marine One that has Obama takes and vice president invited this whole journey from DC to New York very similar to what the president. Take supports the Secret Service is in charge of security for the Pope. Also dirt security for the presidents have very similar protocols here. There goes that helicopter it's not taking off it looks like it. It's taxiing as IC a number of parishioners waving their flags here. People are. Yelling and the band is playing it's hard to hear the band because those helicopters are really just that loud. Looks like. The helicopter wolf taxi. Not too far from where we are right now so you can see those pictures lives. On that helicopter it says United States of America. So now. The Pope who arrived here just about 20/20 five minutes ago. Came on an American Airlines triple seven. Disembarked was greeted by the bishop of the Brooklyn diocese and then was also greeted by number of school children and then took the time. To go in need a number of parishioners a couple hundred that are here to talk to them answer their questions. And there's helicopters have. Where right now I'm seeing a number of pop spray that are carrying a staff in the media and traveled. With the Pope and I want to try and move my camera. Show you. They're the same office raided of course traveled with the President Obama. And we're gonna zoom in right now. That is not the helicopter in the hopes on him. Just three osprey helicopter that are traveling with the the Pope on this journey. ABC's Josh cops go live at John F Kennedy Airport is you're watching. Hope grants this helicopter taxi. Then there they go. The UN John F Kennedy Airport a virtual standstill right now. And emirates plane I think. Number of claims on the runway. Just sitting there as they are the fleet goes. Three osprey helicopter and two Marine One type helicopters flying from John F Kennedy Airport. And they are the helicopters have left John F Kennedy Airport Pope Francis in one of then his staff in the other quite a moment here's the Pope. Arrived on an American Airlines plane right about my shoulder talked to preachers here he spent about twenty minutes a little bit longer than scheduled. And then. His helicopters of course flew. Two men have been for a service this evening at Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Stay with abcnews.com. And ABC digital David Muir will be anchoring from saint Patrick's and we'll have. Full coverage.

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{"duration":"27:37","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell was on the tarmac as Pope Francis greeted New York City crowds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34026338","title":"Pope Francis Arrives in New York City","url":"/US/video/pope-francis-arrives-york-city-34026338"}