Powerful storm to drench Southern California

It's the strongest storm to hit the region in several years.
1:32 | 02/17/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerful storm to drench Southern California
These strong winds and cooling water or advanced warnings have much harsher weather on the way in California. In goal lead a fierce winds toppled this giant eucalyptus trees demolishing a car board and damaging cars underneath it from. In San Bernardino County increased rain being blamed for this landslide. Driving will become more more treacherous as the strongest storm in years brings heavy rains all this Southern California third guy years. Very very very years in some areas like this section of the Pacific Coast Highway roads are lined with concrete rails to keep them open in case of mudslides. We've got the barricades up there and we think they'll work but. If it came down like it did. Last one. It would overrun those barricades and come on down they'll. Evacuations have been ordered in some places hoping that this kind of weird you're doing evacuations. We will be ready to be back we'll get a bag ready to. To go some residents are stocking up on food water and other emergency supplies everybody's just getting prepared and in case you know it gets worse and worse as noise air travel is an early casualty of the bad weather this woman trying to make her way to San Jose. My thought was canceled in the morning and then and so I want to head and they rescheduled me. Although rain here right now it's not expected to last very long out by morning outbreak on Sunday. But then all next week rain again here in LA Alex stoning ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":45573275,"title":"Powerful storm to drench Southern California","duration":"1:32","description":"It's the strongest storm to hit the region in several years.","url":"/US/video/powerful-storm-drench-southern-california-45573275","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}