Precautions that will ensure a safe Thanksgiving amid the pandemic

How to stay safe and avoid “superspreader events” this Thanksgiving as more promising news emerges on COVID-19 vaccines.
3:53 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for Precautions that will ensure a safe Thanksgiving amid the pandemic
Joining me now for more on this is ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein it Dr. Brownstein Thanksgiving is now just a week away we all want to gather with friends and family. Those newlywed seem to think that there were taking the right precautions for their wedding so what can people learn from these events ahead of Thanksgiving. Yeah how I think. I mean we've been talking about this over her and action complicating factor here is an agreement takes exception to roll right we talked about quarantining each social distancing mask wearing should every present looks at their personal situation they say. And I can get around it should and that's the reality is she instigated in your settings and then you are these 21 for and so we how the leash at long and hard Thanksgiving and how did you try to get rich the real idea is your heart limit. Gatherings to house holes right biggest status as soon your postal auction it seems when you bring people from the outside touch especially if you graduation which will console due to its of course opening windows English and all listings how but clearly seeing with your postal will be Porsche now of course we can -- testing and quarantine to try to get to something safe but the reality is just can't be business as usual when entrance Thanksgiving this year and what college kids coming home for the holiday what steps and they say they keep their families saint. I'm in the same thing right soon hopefully these units are already quarantined because the best thing -- beater -- for fourteen days were going to the house Walsh clearly I can be challenging especially as a huge problem around this country so much media some you know week quarantine testing to reduce risks and also when their home trying to reduce those risks and activities on Gary Odyssey of virtual and limit shopping. And going to sporting events whatever you continue to stay within a bubble will be social important we just hit 250000. And deaths in this country we are broccoli approaching 300000. By the end of this year whatever we can do now call her French and also on top of its. It's just about students going it's also about her turn attention they aren't you up with enough trying to get back as safely as well. At thankfully we've had a lot of promising vaccine news this week an Oxford. Is now the latest there in phase two trials soon to be in phase three how much does it matter to have the potential for different vaccine options. Well listen how the multiple options. It's great because teacher gonna how they're different occasions spoken about pull storage and supply chain and availability of doses should I think he's gonna be especially important we look at the data from the phase three clinical trial because bush somebody's our teens might. Due well for younger populations might do well elderly population so I think those options will be great to see if she is actually charged with me in those recommendations. And they do this every year for the excellent new vaccine we have many options and are being different Irish population so but as an individual you're just gonna be seeking one senior and how she goes is that taxi union are. Are such but. I think all this manufactured. News it's so great wall ultimately you know more people can have access to the sexy in. And terms of who gets it first so what do we know about that at this point and will people will. Already had Kobe will they have to wait for people who happened to get the vaccine. In fact it's not true because. Its first don't know your immunity levels even if media works is we don't know personal immunity dish and also be able to track would be incredibly difficult of the harsh reality is the recommendation will be for everyone simultaneously each step he said a worst health care providers Frontline workers essential workers and the vulnerable we'll get. Is this are seeing first and then will make its way down the broader population each but it will not be defined by whether you didn't acted before and arts right doctor Don Brownstein we appreciate it radio. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"How to stay safe and avoid “superspreader events” this Thanksgiving as more promising news emerges on COVID-19 vaccines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74299372","title":"Precautions that will ensure a safe Thanksgiving amid the pandemic","url":"/US/video/precautions-ensure-safe-thanksgiving-amid-pandemic-74299372"}