Former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

White House Correspondent MaryAlice Parks discusses what to expect ahead of the Senate trial as they await the impeachment articles from the House, plus, Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act.
4:19 | 01/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial
And White House correspondent Mary Alice parks joins me now for more on all of this and Mary Alice could limit the senate conjure up enough votes to convict trump what a Republican said. About they might vote. Good morning yeah it's possible but probably still unlikely. You know I can't let Republicans exactly indicated they're open to the idea convicted outline of president trump should remember just less than a year ago senator Mitt Romney joined Democrats and didn't go to. Trial during the last she speech trial it McConnell this week said that trump himself was to blame for that violent attacks threatened the lives of lawmakers -- and so McConnell definitely gave political cover it legal cover to his colleagues and basically gave that be okay and a reason to convict. But a lot is so we started this trial so I think we'll have a lot of twists and turns the public and legal here. And normally the Chief Justice would preside over an impeachment trial but since trump is no longer president there are some questions. All we're whether that will be the case who decides that and what names are we hearing in terms of who might preside over this. Bright it's just nasty I mean this is only getting it or impeachment trial of us and a president in our nation's history as a senators are still trying to figure this out you're exactly right that the constitution only dictate that she just a Supreme Court will preside over the sitting president a lot of legal scholars debating whether chief Justice Roberts would have to preside over this trial should sit obviously president trump is no longer in office. It may be in the senate try to end by eight Robert teen night at Klein he's not into doing right now I don't think he's looking to preside over the senate trial so again there's sorting it all other names com and Harris who is the president the senate in her new role as the vice president Sheikh and presiding over this trial also senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont he's one of the longest serving senators and he was recently elected Hispanic pro town which is basically an acknowledgment that he is. The senator the most seniority. So he is also been. NN president Biden is said to signed more executive orders invoking the defense production act to help speed up vaccine production. How will that work exactly and why hasn't it been used already. Yeah there's been talk about whether more manufacturers in America should be compelled. To help make testing and vaccines applies we've heard possible shortages ups hype Patton. He's a plastic. All that Britain and that is needed to ramp up testing and ramp up vaccines there's a real anxiety that we had a shortage of vaccines and demand continues her rise and more of the general population is allowed to get a vaccine each and so basically what this executive order that president is giving himself authority to start to compel American company cash to help ouch you know presidential actually did do some of this as well heat were secure and how some companies early on a pandemic to build a national leaders and some other medical equipment but he took a lot of criticism for not doing more of business and Senator Biden is out there already on Tuesday that he is willing to pressure and should and should Powell businesses to. Howell and have to help should generate and manufactured what exactly the country needs. And Biden's Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave her first press briefing last night any highlights there. You know a lot of people after her as saying it seemed really normal. I would added it also seems pretty cordial you know just wasn't combative with the press obviously the very nature of the relationship between the press and the White House she is tends to one. It's an adversarial one the press wants answers your question how often went the government doesn't want to that was questions but it was nothing like we saw last or years wits I am with accusations. Were bigger whining or. I mean. We we also I just how nasty and it knows previous press conferences got it is very I'm a collegial and act she dodged questions still didn't answer all the questions but I. At least it's respectful humble and marry out sparks thank you.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"White House Correspondent MaryAlice Parks discusses what to expect ahead of the Senate trial as they await the impeachment articles from the House, plus, Biden will invoke the Defense Production Act.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75403491","title":"Former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial","url":"/US/video/president-donald-trumps-senate-impeachment-trial-75403491"}