President-elect Biden: Trump sending 'damaging messages' to the world

President-elect Joe Biden called President Donald Trump’s recent efforts to sway the election outcome in his favor “totally irresponsible.”
3:51 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for President-elect Biden: Trump sending 'damaging messages' to the world
And president trump has invited Michigan lawmakers in the White House and elastic aperture reimburse his election loss. Jones legal team is hoping to convince several Republican controlled state legislatures to ignore the voters and instead choose electors who would vote. We're trump when the Electoral College meets to finalize the election should take Abu Mazen Wilmington Delaware with the latest on this. Picking what is president elect biting his team saying about the president's actions right now on this front. Well good morning guy and in fact we saw the president elect himself in a rare form yesterday a doling out of his sharpest criticisms yet against the president trucks were struggling to find the right words to describe the president's behavior and trying to delegitimize the votes are still not conceding this election and also blocking the transition process shut Biden called the behavior damaging antenna presidential will go down as one of the most irresponsible president in American history more of that exchange with my ABC news colleague Mary Bruce. In your view Mr. President elect what do you think the president is due all what are Americans witnessing. We choose my words smarter. I think through initiate an incredible irresponsibility. It's incredibly damaging messages being sent to grow swirled about democracy each conscience. And I'm saying it is wrong. Well I don't know his motive but I just think is to response. All right now Biden says that a legal action is not off the table against the GSA the agency that's supposed to kick start this transition process however he says there right now a law suits would probably not speed up this process so what he says is that no matter what happened he believes he'll be sworn in on January 20. And picked Biden spoke with governors yesterday about the pandemic and afterward he took its strongest stance yet. Against a national lock down saying it's not going to happen so what more do we know about what he does plan to do to tackle the virus. Right that president elect to release sounded frustrated when reporters asked him that yesterday she feel like this is something he's cleared up over and over again and again yesterday he said she doesn't want to shut down the country he was to shut down those virus he does better than me a national lockdown instead he wants a targeted approach because different areas of this country face different challenges he said yesterday in his meeting with a bipartisan group of governors they also discussed it universal mast mandated with a thumping they understand is needed and that it's not a political team member rather a patriotic duty. And Biden's also meeting with speaker Nancy Pelosi and senator minority leader Chuck Schumer today well can we expect from that meeting. Well the president elect to be spending his 78 birthday which happens to be today here in Delaware meeting with the leaders of his party the for the first time he's sitting down with the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi so there's a lot to discuss the for the first time they're sitting downstairs the election and we know Biden has repeatedly said that he wants congress to pass a common nineteen relief package to help the American people war struggling through the skin damage and we -- next week congress is heading off what -- a weeklong break without passing this club in nineteen relief package so be really interesting to see the -- whether this is something that comes up in the discussions today will be of course monitoring that of the transition team feels that this is just another example of biting continuing to work for the American people and pushed through de regardless of whether the top administration is working with them on this transition or not right chicken moving Wilmington Delaware and state.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"President-elect Joe Biden called President Donald Trump’s recent efforts to sway the election outcome in his favor “totally irresponsible.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74323351","title":" President-elect Biden: Trump sending 'damaging messages' to the world","url":"/US/video/president-elect-biden-trump-sending-damaging-messages-world-74323351"}