President-elect Joe Biden talks jobs, COVID-19 relief bill

Biden pushes for more relief as cases continue to rise across the country.
3:41 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden talks jobs, COVID-19 relief bill
Health aspect of this visit doctor Alan you heard. President elect I didn't say there that this isn't just about the economy that it is a public health issue and he's putting out things like people need to have paid leave so that will actually stay home. When they're sick and don't go out and spread this virus and states and cities need more aids for their Covert response how much of this bill how crucial is it you'd think. To the public health aspect of all us. Should die and this is crucial and the risks to all Americans right now. And tinged with cold and nineteen is ready historic. High yesterday there were nearly 3002. Outs in one. I mean baseline it's unacceptable right now we need. To make sure. People are staying home that they have your ability to work from home and debt they are being mask in their homes does she she just came guidance. Like you mentioned before. Not only do we need to mask in public. We need to mask in our homes because guys fall and winter approach. And two temperatures get colder most of these transmissions. And how indoors in our homes. So. Re right now I want to be clear. Cold in nineteen he's the leading cause. In the United States it is surpass heart disease is surpassed cancer. And we have to get on and that's where there are days. And it he was also asked about his plan to ask Americans to Wear masks for his first 100 days in office. IT seem quieter out right said that he believes by his leadership if he shows by example if the whole team shows by example. And the American people see that leadership they may change their behavior given your experience with patients due to nothing effective. I do I mean. You know. We've scenes from multiple studies. At masking reduces transmission by up to 70%. To parts of the country in our communities they're now asking more unless she. Called in nineteen so I think this is very important I do think this is the type of message that we wanna this year should the singular message and as she leads by example I'm really hoping that the American but it did happen less out to where these masks are going to do that because these will save lives. And on the vaccine distribution or something he said that kind of raised my eyebrows saying that as far as he has heard so far he has heard no detailed plan. To get the vaccine from container. To syringe and specially given a low temperatures that we know that either vaccine has to be stored and does that concern you. So. I mean to say this is a logistical challenges it isn't it is sort of under playing it but I please remember. Both. Bull Durham and Clijsters vaccines can be refrigerated as well adjourn its at least thirty days in which Pfizer is fired days so there there is some wiggle room with. That's Pfizer vaccine to be placed on dry ice and I'm afraid right now because less people are trying to arrange there's less need for gasoline. As part of that option is ethanol and ending and with the production of ethanol when the products is carbon dioxide shouldn't you actually make sure ice so again there are challenges with supply change as well but my hope is you know a lot of spot and and money has been put into best and why you believe that we are going to be successful in the end.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Biden pushes for more relief as cases continue to rise across the country. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74548597","title":"President-elect Joe Biden talks jobs, COVID-19 relief bill","url":"/US/video/president-elect-joe-biden-talks-jobs-covid-19-74548597"}