President Trump issues wave of pardons

The president issued 15 pardons and five sentence commutations, including pardons to two former Republican congressmen and two individuals tied to the Robert Mueller investigation.
5:55 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for President Trump issues wave of pardons
President trump has granted full pardons to fifteen people commuting part or all of the sentence of an additional five people. Most notably the list includes former representatives Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter. Then you probably haven't heard since the Robert Mueller investigation George pop and opera so popping up Ellis was an unpaid foreign policy advisor to candidate Donald Trump in. Was a first campaign advisor rested as part of Robert dollars investigation into Russian interference in the 2016. Election. He was sentenced to fourteen days incarceration after pleading guilty to making false statements to FBI agents about his correspondence with Russian nationals. Collins a former representative from New York was the first member of congress to endorse trump in the toy sixteen election. And was indicted in August of 2018. For alleged insider training he began serving a 26 month prison sentence back in October. Former California representative Duncan Hunter pleaded guilty in December of Tony nineteen to one count of conspiracy over his alleged misuse of 250000. Dollars in campaign donations for personal expenses such as family vacations into allegedly finance section marital affairs. His wife filed for divorce just two weeks ago. He was sentenced to eleven months in prison in March in the war in once called the investigation into him a politically motivated witch hunt. There's been speculation in recent weeks of presidential could move departing members of his own family this of course is something to watch. In the president's last when he nine days in office. Let's go now to our Rachel Scott Rachel the White House has been hinting it taking some of these actions several of these names allies of the president of course. Yeah allies of the president this is the first full batch of part of that we are seeing coming from residents trump. Since after the election we now live few weeks prior to this he did part in his first national security advisor Michael Flynn gore team has been reporting. As an back at the White House publicly urging the president to use martial lot of try. Overturn the results of the election and challenge the results in battleground states that the president lost but. Some familiar nickname there Lindsay as you said George pop a novelist who was convicted for lying during the Moeller investigation obviously you're seeing a lot of allies to the president people have been fierce defenders at him over the course of his last four years. Bottom line here Lindsay is what does really does show. Is that president slump while he has refused to concede this election he does recognize that he is on his way out this is something that outgoing presidents do the president is also issuing appointments left and right he is if you more than 100 appointments since losing the election the president clearly recognizes that. His days last. Are numbered Lindsay. Rachel Scott thanks so much more from you in a little bit in the show let's bring in now senior editorial producer John San Tucci it sounds like he may not be finished a potentially more parties still to come. All Donald trumps Christmas look to the only just begun Monday evening Wear understanding that there could be another will be true for the holiday and before the president respect at all tomorrow Longo to begin his Christmas vacation. Tomorrow and then right after new year Lindsay. Our sources are telling ABC news that there could be a very long list to Cobb Donald Trump White House. Has been called by many individuals over the last couple weeks and the other thing that we're tracking Lindsay is a possibility. The president trumped. Could preemptively pardoned members of his family television White House seat and even him and now he's been urged to give it. By his advisors an ally for the last several days and that could partly be because big believed. That when Joseph Biden administration comes in. There could be vulnerabilities. We heard Sean Hannity and other conservative media allies of the president on their programs. Saying another witch hunt could be coming to trump family. Don't know yet learned the of that on the list for the trump partner. Right it sounds like Rudy Giuliani may be included in as well a lot of these pardons of course. Were expected any of these names come as a surprise John. None of the named going to be necessarily I think but what we're seeing is that she leaves of what should calm are obviously. The most controversial group on this but there are some of the apple a controversy backing the group for many you're gonna dig in Q. Is a group that. President trouble getting lobbied on directly. By their families and friends and Fox News and added these four individuals. Are tied to Blackwater to to deprive it. Security firm they were tied to 2007. Killing. Seventeen. Iraqi civilians. And some of them actually just been sentenced to life in prison about a year ago but their friends and allies have been on Fox News they. Not repeat a lot of attention from commentators on fox who have been lobbying on their behalf but certainly gonna raise some eyebrows. What we're also seeing tonight Lindsay is the coming attractions of the mall or investigation we know president from as our rule railed against that investigation since it began in 2017. We know he is parting is long time advisor and confidant Roger still has. Over the summer and Michael Flynn just in the last couple weeks that night she more people. Well on that list who've been granted presidential pardons and that includes Alice Bender swan and George Stephanopoulos but the one president at a one point said he did not know we've never connected queue. But getting apartments and a coming attraction virulent beak. Do weepy Paul metaphor. Who is obviously. The biggest victim if you will of the Robert Mueller teaching he was sentenced to seven years behind bars he was released. Cubicle big nineteen pandemic but gill had that hanging over his head only had served a little over a year and a half in jail. Our sources believed that could be another person we might see or another round truck part it. Yes that sounds like stand by for news to be continued Johnson teaching thanks so much.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"The president issued 15 pardons and five sentence commutations, including pardons to two former Republican congressmen and two individuals tied to the Robert Mueller investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74873009","title":"President Trump issues wave of pardons","url":"/US/video/president-trump-issues-wave-pardons-74873009"}