Principal, Teachers Arraigned in Grade-School Cheating Scandal

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane says teachers changed answers on standardized tests.
2:46 | 05/09/14

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Transcript for Principal, Teachers Arraigned in Grade-School Cheating Scandal
Now out of Philadelphia were a handful of educators are in big trouble all because the allegedly helped students cheat on standardized tests they are accused of quote. Perpetuating a culture of cheating. As ABC's Molly hunter reports they are far from being alone. The culture of cheating was so rampant anti U -- mentioned school the principal was giving instructions over the loudspeaker -- -- for. In the beginning that the -- that's the major. -- a feeling and it's the exact opposite of what they're supposed to teach these -- On Thursday that principle and for teachers turned themselves in facing criminal charges. -- -- did cheating on the State's standardized tests and it's happening from coast to coast. Just last month in Nevada at the Matt Kelly elementary school suspicion that test tampering but -- -- educators on leave and -- state test scores for 2012. Were nullified. Last year in Atlanta at 35 educators from 44 schools were indicted found -- up on the weekends to change their students' test scores and. There is no place. We kidding when it comes to educating children. We do not condone it. Will not support. In Philadelphia rumors of cheating back in 2011 sparked this investigation of fifty district's schools 69 current and former employees remain suspicious and -- cheating was -- thirteen schools. That's unfortunate especially for the kids and then -- it kinda cheated soon at this center of the scandal like how you that the former principal Evelyn Cortez. A grand jury says courts has looked over students' shoulders during tests and told them -- to changing answers. Since that mr. crackdown test scores -- -- -- have plummeted in the fourth grade alone reading and math scores are both down 60%. All five defendants had been put on leave win. Pay in Philadelphia fifteen active or former educators in -- district have been disciplined in semi. But John Nanette -- a teacher in the school six that's so closely tied to these standardized test. Experts warn we only hit the -- -- the expert. John Diana. That is really hard to believe the claim -- -- -- are pretty outrageous teachers encouraged to bring the exams -- to familiarize themselves with the tests. She and other certain benchmarks that -- school have a school have to reach if they don't reach them everybody gets in trouble the teacher -- teachers who lose their jobs principals can lose their jobs and so. I can understand why they felt they they might have to do something like this might you're just hurting the kids -- do things like that. By the way the principle we saw their Evelyn Cortez is accused of recommending students and teachers who declined to cheat to. So not only what she cheating she was recommending that people are trying to be honest I guess that's -- Hussein it was a culture it's just terrible.

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{"id":23652966,"title":"Principal, Teachers Arraigned in Grade-School Cheating Scandal","duration":"2:46","description":"Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane says teachers changed answers on standardized tests.","url":"/US/video/principal-teachers-arraigned-grade-school-cheating-scandal-23652966","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}