The prosecution delivers its closing arguments in trial of Derek Chauvin

The state makes its final arguments as to why Chauvin should be convicted in the death of George Floyd.
11:59 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for The prosecution delivers its closing arguments in trial of Derek Chauvin
Think he's a quarter. Council. Numbers of injured. His name. Was George period Floyd junior and he was born on October 14. 1973. Fayetteville, North Carolina. Whose parents. George Floyd senior. And larceny and Jones Floyd. Sissy. The matriarch. Who you met. George Floyd's brother slowness and you've heard all about secede Floyd she was. George Floyd's mom she was the mom a house she was the mom of the neighborhood. Can you heard about the special bond. That she and George Floyd shares. During his life. You've heard about. Their relationship how he would. Always. Take time special attention to be with his mother how he would still can't whisper. In the field position you heard that. And from George Floyd's brother you learned all about. George is childhood. And during this time growing up in that house George Floyd was surrounded by people. Think people he knew people who knew him. People he recognized. A familiar face to pick out in the crowd. People need. George Floyd it was surrounded by people. He cared about. And who cares about him. Throughout his life. Throughout his childhood in that house through his adolescence. Into his adulthood. On May 252020. George Floyd. Died. Face down on the pavement. Right on 38 in Chicago. In Minneapolis. Nine minutes and 29 seconds. Nine minutes and 29 seconds. During this time George Floyd struggled. Desperate two to three. To make enough room in his chest. To breathe. But the force was too much she was she was trapped. Use traps. With deep unyielding payments. Underneath him. As unyielding as the men who held him down. Pushing him. There need to the neck. The needs of the back. Twisting his fingers holding his legs for nine minutes and 29 sets the defendants wait on him. The lungs and his chest unable. To expand because there wasn't enough room to breathe George Floyd tried. He pushed his bare shoulder against the pavement to lift himself to give his chest to give his lungs enough room in his chest. To breathe. But the pavement tearing into his bare skin. As he desperately pushed. Which is not calls to make space so we have room to breathe the pavement plastering. Last rating has not us. The defendants did on top of him. For nine minutes and 29 seconds so desperate to breathe he pushed. With his face. With its face. To lift himself. To open his chest to give his loss. The payment tearing into his skin George Floyd. Losing strength. Not superhuman strength. There is no super human strength. That day. There are no super human strength because there's no such thing as a super human. Those existing comic books. And 38 in Chicago is a very real place. Not super humans. Only humans. Just a human just a man. Lying on the pavement being pressed upon. Desperately crying out. For grown man crying out for his mother. The human beings. And in that time. In in that place. While he was surrounded in life by people he knew him faces you can. Pick out. There was no one there he knew. He was surrounded. By strangers. Strangers. All of nine minutes and 29 seconds. He surrounded by strangers. Not a familiar face to say his final words. But he did say them to solve. He sent them to someone who he did not know by name. But he knew him from the uniform he wore. The bad she wore. And he called him mister officer. As we call him mister officer. Mr. officer would help we call the police when we need help. He pleaded. With mr. officer. George Floyd's final words fine me 252020. War. Please. I can't breed. And he said those words to mr. officer he said those words. To the defendant. He asked for help. This very last breath. But mr. officer did not. The defendant did not help you stay on top of that continued to push him down. To grind his knees. To twist his hand to twist his fingers. Into handcuffs that bound him looking at him. Staring. Staring down at times though horrified. Bystanders who had gathered and watched this unfold. The model of the Minneapolis police department. That is to protect. With courage. And to serve with the compassion. When George Floyd was not a threat. To anyone he wasn't trying to hurt. Anyway he wasn't trying to do anything to anyone. Facing George Floyd that day that did not require one ounce of courage and none was shown. On that day. No courage was required. All that was required. Was a little compassion. And none. It was shown. On that day. George Floyd said. I'm not trying to win. This was. Paul about counterfeit twenty dollar bill. All that was required was some compassion. Humans need. People. The more fundamental than that. And more practical at that time and that place when George plate neither. With some oxygen. That's what he needed. He needed to breed. Because people need. Humans need that. Too greedy. And he said that and the defendant heard him say that. Over and over he hurt him but he just didn't listen. He continued to push him down to grind into him too shabby. To twist his hands. For nine minutes and 29 seconds. He. Bend George Floyd band until he could speak no more and the defense continued. This assaults. When he was unable. To speak the defendant continued. When he was unable to breathe the defendant continued beyond the point that he had a pulse. Beyond the point that he had a pulse the defendant continued. This assault. Nine minutes and 29 seconds. What an ambulance arrived there. Ambulance was here. And the designer continued. He stayed on top of him he would not yet he would not let. He stayed on him grinding into him continuing to twist his fingers to hold him down. He had no pulse. He was not briefed. He was not responsive and the defendant had to know what was right beneath him. Right beneath it. He saw the video. You saw the point where. That ambulance arrived. And finally. After paramedic got out. The defense still. The pyramid and tattoos and finally the defendant got up and they listed. Mr. Floyd onto that Gurney and you saw. The way she she was not there was nothing there. This had. To be held. To prevent it from falling to the crowd he was completely limp. The defendant had to know that he was there he was on top of him. And he was on top. Of here. On top of him. Sometimes you'd ask for the truth sometimes you insist on the truth and the truth is the defendant was on top of him. For nine minutes and 29 seconds. And he had to know. He had just. The medical examiner. We find the cause. When George Floyd's death. To be cardiopulmonary. Arrest. Complicating law enforcement so dual restraints a neck compression. What you saw. The defendant and the other officers doing to George Floyd. Cause his death. The medical examiner. Ruled the death a homicide. Just at the hands. Of and other. What the defendant did. To George Floyd.

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{"duration":"11:59","description":"The state makes its final arguments as to why Chauvin should be convicted in the death of George Floyd.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77165475","title":"The prosecution delivers its closing arguments in trial of Derek Chauvin","url":"/US/video/prosecution-delivers-closing-arguments-trial-derek-chauvin-77165475"}