Prosecution prepares to rest its case today

Legal analyst Terri Austin discusses the "spark of life" testimony from George Floyd’s brother.
2:55 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Prosecution prepares to rest its case today
And host a legal analyst Milan crime network Terry Austin for more on this Terry. Good morning really quickly on the jury sequestration question eight could Nelson be gearing up to create a case for appeal already. Without. I think Nelson is definitely gearing up for appeal he admitted taking notes the whole time for 88 issue. That could possibly grant his client some relief. And this escalation you know he has already said they'd heat thought the jury should all along be kept. Separate from. The public so they wouldn't be seen what's going on in the news and we know for a fact. That the jurors had sixteen something's going on the news because the judge has spoken to them so I'd think that might be an issue that he could take up on appeal. At a prosecution is preparing to rest their case today overall do you think this successfully made their case beyond a reasonable doubt. I do because if you think about it and they haven't established. That this use of course was unreasonable we saw that the last witness which was on was Scotto and he was amazing heat was from an academic perspective but he broken down to the jury as though. Looking at the use of course what a science and technically it is you're supposed to be assessing the circumstance. Assessing the threat making sure that that force you use is in response to that threat. And whether or not that was reasonable and he gave his opinion that this was not reasonable force and that's going to go to the man slaughtered count and I think the prosecution it established nothing out. They definitely established that this was not reasonable and that would be that manslaughter count. And Terry yesterday we heard some emotional testimony from George Floyd's brother and that the goal of that spark of life testimony. Is to humanize the victim but the judge also warned that if those witnesses venture too far to testifying about George Floyd's character. That could open the door for the defense to be allowed to talk about his criminal history. Do you think there's a risk that according Ross George was girlfriend or flown is Floyd that there testimony may have ventured into that territory. I thought they kept it very tight they did a great job of making sure they didn't go into his character in that regard they just talked about the fact that he was a loving son and a loving father and that. The kept it very very tight so there wouldn't be any chance that it opened the door saying getting into his character south. Great job I think they could have done a little bit more in terms. His giving back to the community or other things like that that occurred winning George Floyd was an adult verses that childhood but I think that they were being cautious not to make sure they. Open that door. And I Terry Arsenault is great to have your announces thank you and we will see a little bit later. For our continuing coverage of the trial. As Derek Shelton thanks Terry.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Legal analyst Terri Austin discusses the \"spark of life\" testimony from George Floyd’s brother.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77046663","title":"Prosecution prepares to rest its case today","url":"/US/video/prosecution-prepares-rest-case-today-77046663"}