Protests Continue at US Airports Over Immigration Ban

Protesters plan gatherings at several major airports nationwide.
2:10 | 01/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Protests Continue at US Airports Over Immigration Ban
President trump insists his executive order aimed at blocking people from certain countries is not a Muslim van and protesters are planning more rallies from coast to coast fighting for the immigrants and refugees now in legal limbo but last night. A senior White House official called the band a massive success story. It is he's Elizabeth her at the latest good morning Elizabeth. Brian aerial good morning and yes White House officials meeting this is about protecting America about protesters. Well they're not buying it even taking their fight to the courts so far lawsuits have been filed in four states and counting. From Los Angeles to Chicago. Detroit and New York. Okay. Outrage all the streets and at airports across the country. It's not so America is not my America. Protesters sounding off slamming president trumps travel ban boy yours flocking to airport terminals. Offering free legal help to anyone in need. The president's executive order is unconstitutional. It's clearly discriminating against. Muslims. But in a statement this trump administration fired back saying this is not about religion this is about terror and keep being our country seat. If there are folks that shouldn't be in this country they're going to be detained and so would apologize for nothing here. The White House not apologizing even though this seven countries on Trump's list were not involved in a single major terror attack on US soil. Some are standing by the president. Take care of Oakland first. It didn't take care of others but thanks in part to intervention from the court now they're some clarification. Green card holders lawful permanent residents from the seven countries being targeted won't be denied entry. But they will likely feast extra questions. NL at least sixteen state attorneys general are vowing to take action calling this un American and legal expert. Well they say some of these cases could end up in this Supreme Court aerial and Ryan looks like a legal battle is just beginning Elizabeth thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Protesters plan gatherings at several major airports nationwide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45139181","title":"Protests Continue at US Airports Over Immigration Ban","url":"/US/video/protests-continue-us-airports-immigration-ban-45139181"}