Puerto Rico swears in new governor

Puerto Rico swore in Wanda Vazquez, the third governor Puerto Rico has had in the past week after Governor Ricardo Rossello officially resigned a few weeks ago.
3:07 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for Puerto Rico swears in new governor
Puerto Rico which is still been struggling to recover from. Financial problems from hurricanes and now there is a new governor the third governor. In three weeks ABC's Josh loyalists has been following all the developments in Puerto Rico and he's with us now live concealer and Casilla this new governor. Didn't want to be governor but now she is she. Do you want to be governor she's been a career attorney and member of the Justice Department prosecutor on the island for over thirty years. And because a line of succession and sit in these. Craziness that is Puerto Rican politics she ended up becoming the governor of the third in a week. Somehow. Who is one of Oscars when we need to know about it so well. Thirty years. Is prosecutor. Jurists part of the Justice Department she was appointed. The secretary of justice for the islands by recorder studio and she held the job. And tell the yesterday honestly so. She found herself in the essential of this entire firestorm. Because of that the rules of will one discretion. No matter your politics I think you can agree the people of Federico have not been entirely well served by their leadership and in in recent months years. Many decades and is there any prospect for that to change. It's typical I mean since her announcement yesterday in her speech she gates and to the islands later in the evening she's very much tried to say I am one of you I was a member. Meg I grew up in the public school system I stayed on the island after going to college and I understand the needs the problems you have. The big thing here is the island's government really hasn't been doing the job of governing in the last month I mean after a Carter CO left appointing predator prick who EC. In the last five minutes of his term as Governor Perry who was being sued by the senate to get him removed to get one of baskets and no one has been really been doing their job on that indeed the larger level of the island and so. She is coming in didn't you this entire mess really trying to realize just to secure federal funding for different programs whether it's for food stamps or. For hurricane recovery shifts to get the economy back on. On tracker shifts to deal with infrastructure problems if there's no lack of to do list now she is she's coming in did not just with the problems the last month avenue looked up at what he's had problems last. Decades that really happened in face and she has about a year to add trying to get the ship back on course before handing it off to the next governor will be duly elected yes November of next it'll be the next election that's been the big question whether there would be a by election or nine. The constitution reporter who has ever been tested in this way and so that when the supreme court of the islands it actually came down with their ruling. She say that the loophole that god and look where we see. Actually elected. Was unconstitutionally said oh by the way the rest of the law's fine states is that what will loopholes of the they're actually trying to realize how to read the constitution how do. Mix and submit. Let's fund clerical politics totally ABC's Josh good to see you thank you.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Puerto Rico swore in Wanda Vazquez, the third governor Puerto Rico has had in the past week after Governor Ricardo Rossello officially resigned a few weeks ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64860064","title":"Puerto Rico swears in new governor ","url":"/US/video/puerto-rico-swears-governor-64860064"}