Rand Paul describes shooting at baseball field

The Republican senator from Kentucky said the police were real heroes: "Without them everyone would have been killed."
6:35 | 06/14/17

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Transcript for Rand Paul describes shooting at baseball field
Senator Rand Paul is joining us now on the phone senator we just heard. One report that you are there at the park this morning. I was I. Was out in the batting cage in right field when the first shots came. It's the first shot kind of isolated shots they're very it was kind of look sums of hey what's that and you know I grew up in the south and it's not that uncommon to hear somebody hunting and shotgun that fell you know what I'm not really in the south some in the city. But before we could think too much people didn't drop down the first shot you'll thought. Well they torture what it was reduced Celek a gunshot as pretty loud and pretty close. But then after that we heard a succession of shots 51015. Shots in a road. Steve police representatives police was at second base I'm way out right field and I'm outside of the fence. That a ten foot fence where I am an outside it. And so he goes down but is moving in this crawling towards the outfield. There was do staff members on the other side of this ten foot fence. And I'm behind a tree now right next to the batting cage. And I'm seeing shots. Skipping off of the warning track right around these two. Home. Where the shots all coming from one place senator. Well that's a strange thing at first you're not sure my instinct was there were Colin for a third base line. And I couldn't see the shooter but I IA and that I wasn't positive stand on the right side of the tree of the wrong side of the tree. And I'm looking around trying to determine if there's one shooter two shooters. And that shots appear to be coming from third base line and then the more shots were fired there and have been at least fifty or sixty shots fired. And at that point people were dropping and at least one of the staffers may have been hit in right field and another one. I think you wanna try to get out and ate all the sudden he was up and he was over the twenty foot fence and about two seconds. And I've never seen but he can't offense that fast in my life and he came tumbling of the other side we were behind the tree in the shots were continuing. And I think he was reloading and at that point you know burst of more gunfire came and so he and our discussing you know what to do and I felt like. My instinct was that he was moving and that he could just move around the entire feels it everybody and so at that point we decided to make a run for it. And he was hitting the dirt around us out in right field. So. It was a risk to stay in a risk to go but we chose to Gooden make a sad world we had to climb a couple more fences at that point to get out. Could you actually see the shooter just seeing the shots as you get a good look at who this person wants. At first some seeing only the shops and I'm pretty far away I'm in right field outside the ballpark this guy is outside the ballpark on the third base line. Near the dugout and out the keys in the dugout the edge of the cinder block of the dugout as cover. But their basic got a blue sure he's got to be sure to people. We're able to see him I can't say that I oversaw him but it felt like it was she was shooting a rifle. And people are saying it sound alike and they are fifteen. But so he he had a rifle he's sitting people from a long way away. In. And any time no sir and senate senator where did you go and actually saying he's he's made a run for. Will we repair for probably. A lot on it seemed like forever. What we finally heard was the the Capitol Hill police were turning gunfire. And these guys were real heroes and without them I think everybody would have been killed. My goodness I mean you have sin and you did at the security detail they are normally you don't go with the with the security detail but it seems like. Had they not been there the shooter would have had free rein. What else seems to lease is in leadership and that's the only reason or security detail there at all. To its you know I'm said that he was shot that he actually say they're ready life by being their because he has the two security details of I tell ya I don't know what happens if if no one's returning fire. Because people with two professionals returning far as they were both shot both the Capitol Hill policeman were shot. And yet. One of Oman told even being shot me and was still protecting school Lisa the end. I think he's tells Hulu who was is practicing this morning this was they in the entire Republican team. Yet there we we have a charity game we play G of the Republicans vs the Democrats. And there's like fifteen or twenty of us out there mostly congressmen. A couple of senators. And than the Democrats do the same thing at their field. And then we meet every year we're supposed to play a national stadium at stashed his speech baseball every wears the uniform of somebody like a team from their state. My city has a college Western Kentucky University I Wear their uniform. And you know it's a great thing my dad used to always has one of the best bipartisan things that we do in congress'. Kinda getting together outside the legislature and you know playing America's pastime. Well sir we're we're we're glad you're okay we see there the vivid video right there of congress and squeeze being taken away. On a stretcher it appears to be conscious. Right there were told who's been shot. In in the hip. Really senator before before I let you go re able to see if if anybody and we decent DC congress and squeeze they're being. Taken into the helicopter anybody treating Carson's police review left the scene by then. When the gunshots when that the Capitol Hill police started returning gunfire and it appeared that they've gotten up. The shooter may have been advancing around by downplayed coming our direction. That's so we decided that without a gun we weren't much good we were too far to help the wounded the wounded were both in the dugout in inside a twenty foot fence. And school leases it was shot around second base and he crawled a little bit into the outfield. But. Unfortunately we were too far away and they were still you know automatic car coming towards us so we we've we've at that point we. Jumped a couple of other fences and I'm ran towards history. Senator thank you for your time this morning we're glad you're okay of course we're all praying. For congress since police.

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{"id":48028606,"title":"Rand Paul describes shooting at baseball field","duration":"6:35","description":"The Republican senator from Kentucky said the police were real heroes: \"Without them everyone would have been killed.\"","url":"/US/video/rand-paul-describes-shooting-baseball-field-virginia-48028606","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}