Recapping the Women's March on Washington

ABC News' Rachel Scott recaps the Women's March on Washington with protesters on board a bus back to New York City.
9:40 | 01/22/17

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Transcript for Recapping the Women's March on Washington
Everywhere Rachel Scott her ABC news here. We have made it we have made it through the woman march and we now are now back on the bus that you caught us early here. I was talking to you guys about how I was in bed with this group of women and and that where I'm coming to Washington DC to take part and the woman who marched. We bust outlets ID added we got here. Everyone marched we did some live streaming now on our way home I wanted to hurry EU sort of broke again was all that's. I just bunch of people I've worked talking about what a great thing and he comes down to Washington together and. Nine as women and and and supports a cause in general. Which turned into a lot of eyes inviting our friends and family and a busload of us. Leaving at 5 o'clock this morning. It's definitely have analog gates did a great host that they are definitely snaps I don't ordinarily matter shared doughnut and some good. Now we're surprised by the amount of people I think adversity were expecting about 200000 people we are now learning that I think it's surpassed that number were you surprised how many people were there. Wildly surpassed me. Castro and weigh more and and that it was beautifully surprising. I just an unbelievable collection of women of all ages. Race it is. Highs it is genders transgender. Lots of support and that we're there as well and the whole thing was right about some of the signs that the women act we're just unbelievable. Women. Our the older and I scored commenting that they couldn't believe that they had to do Margaret is right again. It was just incredible. But it really grade. Rock yes but. Sort of chaotic. Great crowd of people that we're just all night and genetics and solidarity. Definitely. And introduce you and I know everyone is different. I began tearing them live again honey and. Made it in the Mari shall cover you guys how Lott went digging your. Vacation yeah and artsy high pressure I mean. Q do you think OK you can upheavals a lot of I got the US and it would you out and dozens of 500000 or animal aren't heat energy was totally electric mean there was just blood and didn't. Strength. It is great there's so much has TV they're out people or lighten. People where positive. A lot of fun and really important. Definitely definitely area and menacing and actually more focused delaying I know these people are very tire and they mentioned they had been. The theory being very early this morning we spoke with you know it's going to be a hammer. We got here gas at 5 o'clock. We took off that was iron Asbury currently we got there there was SE buses and light shining yes. Now and senate yes. Many teacher that I am glad I didn't let me RA and any future as an act that please. To organize and I'm OK we're on my side I'm really happy Atlantans my feet are killing me much about six miles. I was surprised at how do you police we saw. Actually it was so what are two police officers and the entire day now they probably thought themselves there women and their normal logical they don't push. We don't need to be doing that and actually hurt that they regarding the trump float on the and we just hilarious to me because those are guys were so I numbered. I was kind of Sally last night within his football maybe it. And that's amazing and great and I can't speculate as part of history and this president out of inauguration. But I was here today. And if they do it again evident go to every city in America and march every Saturday until from his time. And I went in Atlanta I'm not quite as bad is being part of history because that's so much of what we heard today was. A lot of people every year just wanted to be apart of history when it's a joint news nationwide worldwide movement. I'm used to communicate their rightly think that they wanted to support and it wasn't just in a woman's right there was also black light matter Obama care. So many different opinions about the administration's greatest country should be looting and again they're selling people there to momma. My this signs were so hilarious he couldn't shut them I think with Sony describes herself Larry's exit creative and a summary heart I'm next month. We're feminists saying those are not mutually exclusive. You know I mean we can't some people tend to marginalize. Certain segment and religion or sex or color. And this marks they shut this thing every color every nationality. Every religion. Many member there and everyone was united in whining two. Another country. I know we talk a little bit about. At least that well from your view was it may mean. He's cool how you're interaction he's never their marching it was actually Larry I mean. You love it a cynical in the Kansas excuse me. I mean after his today at any guitar that he. The funny thing for me as I'm a Big Ten fan and a manager and there was allegedly militant looking for him. And you very kind of army looking and they were each in a chance like this is what democracy looks like on the start. It had lunch and they went colleagues. At a much the other women went I. Because that's different states. Everett you snag get a Stamford it the women's heart. It was amazing grace and thank you for coming with us Andy part of it and showcasing all of Meyer classy hockey. We appreciate it. I would have everything biscuit for letting me in bed with them for the day again we left really early. I'm okay. Yeah. I'm very happy I'm Lauren and RA how do you guys feel I know it's. In the beginning is getting darker it's crazy to see how we last it was dark and earnings should and it's still dark here acting. And it's. And I was really exciting so maybe he's gone out and actually get on social media and CDs and they can I'm really happy minute. Apart and definitely you can tell the crowd there. They had everything even if any place ever more and Anthony. Pair. Here. Kind of crazy to think that. He's proud over an hour or anything. And everything and yeah actual numbers. Together. And I don't have. Thinking lately. Doctor Thompson on hearings. They're worse than speaker there were performances. But mostly leaving it close to back yeah and he was happy to be there. It's just gonna call. Determination that you beauty and the rest is that we are all going to get. I was you know that it wasn't a series easy when your around the world aren't happening. We really express how I hope it. Yeah. Breasts go forward visibility. We're not we're joining together and stand for exactly. There I think so much RA and I sleep you know. Our bags your hair yeah. Yeah and I'm not. Can be down right here doing a little I I know that your mother did you hear on this trip to the woman march. What did you think now that it's all of that and and. Lindsay like like yeah. People coming and we may not even get me. Then and it isn't as nice as they meet my. Everything didn't like getting knowing that the bag tightly laced. I'm not doing business until Locke I'm doing its part. Our women and we thank you. Prank. And and I ended with her because you know so many people did talk about today that they were doing this for the future they were doing a story the next generation. They were doing this for their legacy. Four other people that are coming after them and so he would definitely inexperienced to see people of all different ages both young and old people brought their children people. Brought beating their people here. I'm that were in wheelchairs on the just wanted to come in during March and south. Again we are headed back to New York it has been a long day we left at 5 AM. We are heading back now leaving DC I'm but I want to I knocked on her feet and I'm plus crew that is here. Our guys thanks so much for watching it Rachel Scott for ABC news.

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{"duration":"9:40","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott recaps the Women's March on Washington with protesters on board a bus back to New York City.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44961886","title":"Recapping the Women's March on Washington","url":"/US/video/recapping-womens-march-washington-44961886"}