Recreating George Washington's Colonial Ale

ABC News' Charli James visits Blue Point Brewery to see how their 'debate brew' is made.
12:57 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Recreating George Washington's Colonial Ale
Everyone thanks for watching ABC. I'm currently. Trivia or not only was our first president like. And at the air but he actually created his own recipe for air and there's that her grief here in Long Island not far from her husband. They will be held next week we are at one point prairie and craft brewery here and they are. Re creating one you're watching. Here Brad they found it honored that they. Irving at. People come to you debate media and we're here. Little bit more about how it made and how they found and he here is it. Is he map there. Aptly point and we're gonna I'm art safety gone have to Wear. Steve and number eight. A little more fashionable and I got you know litigated. I got that and I'm. Up aren't we had backyard and a little bit about. Found this press. Right so we heard that president of first presidential debate was coming here to Long Island. Moving closer to the city. And I had seen that there was there's a plaque up here at. Shows the death shows the location where George Washington stopped on his first presidential score after being elected president he came to Long Island. And he stopped right up here at I fought hard never. For me on here so we thought you know what better way celebrate the first president of the base and you appear that kind of plays and live George Washington and his visit here Long Island. Research the visit and George Washington found out a couple me back. He had had a here and them. Point oysters here part after. Though that his favorite beer as he was border. And that in 1757. He would and his own small beer recipe and one of the military journal softball there would have been more like oh Laurie he. Kind of nutritional beer. You water for a soldier and office. Calorie free born. We've got to must all those three together. Wolf annulment from a reporter recipe folds in elements from George Washington and then. Small there's nothing that seven recipe. And just did some historical research on what I want you here would have been like in the time. And you guys are making it right back here this up again. And a second how it. So tell us a little bit about the differences between him maybe that colonial analyst Robert Fick now argument that you put it in on. A journal and also that it was the third. Clean water. So I mean I think in general. You know we're working with the modern equipment and very stationery and environment that small beer recipe management company that made very quickly. Over a couple days in a pot at camp and then the key is that you are boiling any source of water and adding some. Examples of some hops through things you might find him getting a little bit of alcohol and there may make a few more stable. So where water might keep only for a couple of days of the year such as that might be like we did you read read. Function. Here. Friends. But you know modern ears are obviously made on like he baffled over here we have a thirty barrel rebounds over. This darkest days of mobile homes are mill involved. In the back there are recovering process. Cereal brands of hot water due process called conversion takes complex carbohydrates and. And law the actually wanted to end the camera on a volume. You can't walk. Death. And crushed the ball here random all the normal though and then weigh up rescue. Day's break here and. Our next mission so this is where we mixed the ground balls. When warm water and then hold it there are rescue conversion time to turn how much from hundreds and some jitters. And then it's kind of like. Or edgy pack consistency so in the lighter tone here is based restraining awful stories separate off. Husky green material from their liquid that we all work and we of the liquid underneath us into the rebel here. And the brew kettle is where you boil over here and do some intriguing addition soul in the cornea oil specifically to repel where we put our. Like molasses Sarah. And all sorts for steps. Which for two key ingredients. Colonial rulers what do you. All white molasses or kind of supplement your resources good mom was barred from and industry steps give you some like this in mind you know similar to hops. And hard come by. Come around even make it work. Kind of not only monitor and tape but in the process Paul yeah I mean I think you know. We probably weren't as heavy handed on the street live in the last group that would of that you know we were going more for a tribute. And actual application. Like these modern college you know we wanted to be a very. Drinkable beer but still have these notes. Oh what adjective here you get a little bit talking Marmol from the light molasses or that we added and in this kind of should receive little bit of high character on him. But they're subtle but the president and you know makes her really nice fashionable white brown male and then. You know amazingly capable of still remind you fast break up top what this is tracked down. It's on record in the in the New York library. So his hand and recipe. You know. Ten years fifteen years ago you brought would had to go into the library and check out the historic document and take a picture of it all that now it was a an Internet search around you find it online so that was pretty convenient. But yeah it's so you know and then the other things around that most mostly Internet listeners. Searches looking for good you know historical references on ingredients that colonial brewers reviews and and you know when I went to George Washington stop here and catch our hearts tavern in what did you do. Those lot of fund raisers. Free night out harvesting hair on his tenth cousin that you can not. What. We worked with supplier out of Colorado it's very key to get spruce tips when their new growth that you can only get a certain times of the year red. There's fire in Colorado who harvest them by hand. From from Colorado trees and partisan at the right time and then vacuum seals and freeze to keep them nice and fresh for when they come. Coming over me. Library from above though it down here so we are actually. You. We haven't actually thought of the name you guys are calling it colonial hail threat and you can see here they've got signs though is this. Romney here totally full. The bad colonial. And so how many US or bottling. Yep so our initial batch we just did. Thirty barreled bat which is about 101012 ounce servings. So that'll be you know that's just more of the debate specifically. So a lot of them on the me. And then we we may release that part is true that after that date and quote for the presidential election. I will still let actually you mentioned that tasting room on it. Mentioned that he heard check out the tasting room here because people who come here. Few blue point brewing companies that you. Feel that well yeah tickets. Aren't absolutely on the tape thing I'm wondering company impact comes yes we're over the case women's open on. Wednesday Thursday Friday evenings and Saturday all day and there are typical. On Saturday. Lately lose you can be bidding yeah. We're in the safety of the tasting your apple and don't worry if things flying at a that we can think of first look at CE bottle here excellent either. Yes those appointment. We were in. Partners and so I can't. I can't drink and can't sit can use. I. Yeah tell. Take eight. Yeah that's delicious Beers select as that I got to do a little bit the carnal and like talking note from though lightly molasses or that we use and then. On the end just a little bit its interest in my barriers subtle art. Nicholson's percent. But overall it's just you know agree Brownell session on sessions out of style style also lighted TV's great session brown him. And brown handily I heard as Washington's favorite is that correct or Porter Porter was watch party favorite you know. Oh ordered throughout history has come out more from white and the style to darken the style also order. Who knows what style quarterly actually liked it could have don't know if Michael Brown health all the way until it almost missed out there and so that style has a lot of flexibility and it. You know based on some of the research we found in the ingredients that we are available we think this supporters that were available in the United States were probably a little more on the on the Browner cited the style and saluting the brownie and as the base and then. Books notes from his session here which from the rest you think it would have been fairly close to Brownell. And then. We'll fiscal oil. And declining sales will be making its debut. Apple today. How exactly are people get it does it have money Allen is not. Hospitality area at the debate so the media and folks at the debate he'll come through and take a little racing you know enjoy a beer in compliance and clone oil. Com we'll have several other Beers and we're going out there goes the longer collection will be there as well so concerts. And so it. If Clinton on Hamas and try it out and sounds are. And here. It is. Barry might well. And I'm seeing lots eighty's if you monitoring public. Washington. And and tap there. And then in the people watching the deal to him this summer and the plan. Or long term yeah long term we're gonna let mark sit out of artistry here probably around the time of the election so we might do like an election night launch party the strength to restore on the details the only chance for people to drive future version. And you know little known. Not as well on New York four kind of historical presidential history say don't you know Brett Maas and but there's a lot of places in in the city and around this area where founding fathers. And Mark Grace period let's all that he. Bars. You can actually do tours in New York City to worry. Difference. Places and brew pubs where the president had had yet. Some Beers we make your view this what is there are overstep and and so I'm sure that this would be welcome there as well let's get one look at. The air and the bottles here. And he had an Acela is about the talents soon. An air soon art. That's really good around like around the ideological right to launch party on election. AXA honesty just opening. So if you're one of the lucky few who got tickets to the debate and tea colonial and a curse there. Otherwise watch out or it. Possibly coming through to you or you're in Long Island and come but I. The very years tickle torture case and showing us around and tell him. Interesting. Interesting little unknown factor at least I didn't know facts about history. We will have much more coming up leading up to the first presidential debate next Monday and of course all day coverage across all platform on ABC The first presidential debates that statement that he's thanks so much Charlie.

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{"duration":"12:57","description":"ABC News' Charli James visits Blue Point Brewery to see how their 'debate brew' is made. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42228748","title":"Recreating George Washington's Colonial Ale ","url":"/US/video/recreating-george-washingtons-colonial-ale-42228748"}