Red Sox player David Ortiz takes first steps after shooting

A second suspect has been arrested, though the gunman is still being sought by police.
2:16 | 06/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Red Sox player David Ortiz takes first steps after shooting
And guys we move on to Red Sox baseball legend David Ortiz taking his first steps in a Boston hospital. Since being shot in the Dominican Republic last weekend in undergoing surgeries I want to go to Tommy Thomas. On the ground in Boston I'm Tom before we get to how David's doing I just want to ask you about. Some officials saying adds a second suspect has been arrested now yes. Kimberly good morning that's exactly correct they have arrested a second suspect in Dominican Republic. This is after that first suspect who was sort of captured and beaten by witnesses eyewitnesses. Was arraigned yesterday he was charged as an accomplice to. A more not murder a split it with that excuse is Ari as an accomplice to attempted murder I should say now the other suspect that was captured. So far he hasn't been charged yet but police are sort of making it clear that. This wasn't the gunman as well as we know the Ortiz family has stopped from the get go that this was a planned hit that there was as a carrion ball they hit man. Now that hit man in question so far has not been captured from what we understand. Any police Garcia was the first person captured he's attorneys told us he has confessed to play a role in the shooting but he was not the one who pulled the trigger. So there could be possibly more suspects out there. Were awaiting a news conference down in some flamingo. To get more of an update of what exactly is going on. Behind me here in Boston where at Massachusetts general this were David Ortiz is recovering. Yesterday his white put out a statement confirming it yet undergone a second surgery so after they've been flown here from some Domingo. They did it another surgery surgeons went back into either repair to kind of make sure everything was okay he was feeling all right. We were told they took its first steps yesterday. But his wife saying he's gonna have to be here for several days in intensive care and that they're asking for privacy right now so the hunt for more suspects continues on Dominican Republic. We're hoping to get more information tea what exactly tapping. And the big question remains what is the motive here. There police support this was not a robbery so what was the motive here was a jealousy was it something else we hope to get more information in the days ahead Kimberly. All right Tom Khamis right there on the ground in Boston. Thank you so much and I think it goes without saying that we're just very very happy that David is OK thank you so much time.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"A second suspect has been arrested, though the gunman is still being sought by police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63663306","title":"Red Sox player David Ortiz takes first steps after shooting","url":"/US/video/red-sox-player-david-ortiz-takes-steps-shooting-63663306"}