Remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda slam southeast Texas

People abandon vehicles, evacuate homes due to flooding; Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne described flooding in their county from Imelda as worse than Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
4:15 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda slam southeast Texas
We begin with some severe weather in Texas flash flooding that brought more than twenty inches of rain in different parts of the state. And there's more on the way it's a situation that's making people compare it to hurricane Harvey. Steve Campion from our affiliate KT RK is in southeast Texas with the latest Steve. The rain has been no legal analyst here in southeast Texas you can see it's still falling. Right now we're in the small community of Winnie where the sheriff's office estimates more than 40% of mounds. Have taken on water watch a look at the main drag here in town because he it is covered in water there still are abandoned vehicles here. The drivers were forced to abandon those vehicles Judah. Rising. Water and if you look over here here's one of them here in the ditch and the distance another. And a little bit farther over to our right we have a pickup trucks so this is a serious situation that has unfolded overnight here in southeast Texas. It's a devastating. And dangerous flood. People that we have spoken with have left their homes. And may have come to this gas station to seek refuge. First responders have deployed high water rescue vehicles and boats to help people out here they are prioritizing those calls based. I need but certainly this is still unfolding situation happening in southeast Texas. I'm Steve campaign and winning Texas you're watching ABC news five. All right thank you Steve a very dangerous situation are clean sand Dell. A spoke with the share who chambers county earlier today's take a listen. Kimberly we are here in the town of Winnie Texas or we're trying to get into the town of when he Texas I'm here with chambers county sheriff Brian Hawthorne. This is we talked yesterday. And there wasn't a lot going on here and then everything changed overnight that's really what happened. They you know whether really started and ended chambers county on the extreme side probably about 5 o'clock in the evening in our west side. And then winning the belt air to the society skull. And his continued stalling train. The weather got bad here about 8 PM and is still bad as you can see now we're we're pushing almost twelve hours. The first three hours it five to six inches an hour and hour and hour. Sure we where estimate now that we're probably vision twenty to 45 inches of rain easily. Just since last night just since last night and a lot of these houses. Our have taken on rising water depth that did not get rising waters in hard. We are talking about an early music. The effects here we're not as bad as a major hurricane that hit here two years ago that's correct and it. It has been stalled on a flight RB in depth tonight that the hospital that blood here RP we had to evacuate middle. A number of homes that never had ever seen water ever there live now have water and if that there's just too much water. What do you think people had time to get out or where most people are a lot of people stranded. People like myself included did not realize that golfers many hours though. Everybody knew it was going to be that rain again but he had no idea that it would be 812 hours at all. It is he training if you bring in more oyster development. It's a lot of water not a lot of places where no right now it's just what. So what is the next twelve hours look like for you here in this town well until it with rain and is it going to be a nightmare. And we keep wait for daylight on the it's overcast. And raining so heart was nobody there life. It's on to be shining right now. It's not in. Until we get daylight we really won't know what we'll really. Have you ever seen it. This man have you ever seen anything like this they're well I spent a lot of hurricanes that hit her and I I had not yet heard Andrea. That hurt an army that's the worst flooding I've ever. Chambers got a thank you very much for join is definitely. That is the situation here again today and now we need Kimberly still a long way to go and that the sheriff says until this rain stops. They're going to be going live problems probably all day throughout tomorrow as well Kimberly. All right Clayton unbelievable. Thank you for the updates there.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"People abandon vehicles, evacuate homes due to flooding; Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne described flooding in their county from Imelda as worse than Hurricane Harvey in 2017.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65724436","title":"Remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda slam southeast Texas","url":"/US/video/remnants-tropical-storm-imelda-slam-southeast-texas-65724436"}