Rep. John Lewis on 'Dream' Anniversary: 'A Change Has Come'

Congressman John Lewis the only speaker who also addressed the same rally 50 years ago.
10:14 | 08/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. John Lewis on 'Dream' Anniversary: 'A Change Has Come'
John Lewis. And now congressman Lewis. President and -- -- Obama. President Clinton. President lot of. I'm -- -- bridge named the king family. And the National Park Service. -- invited me here -- -- today. When I looked out over this -- proud and surveyed the -- -- this. -- seemed to realize what Otis -- thing about. And what more than McCain joined it reached Obama. The moment get on history have been alone time permanent. By the change hats. Real standing here in this shadow -- Abraham Lincoln. 150. Years after he's just that the emancipation proclamation. And all they've spent the years after the historic march on Washington. But jobs and freedom. -- -- from a great distance and those friends aren't. In the fifth and years. -- and have a great distance the goal. Before we fulfill the dream -- Martin Luther King Jr. Sometimes I hear people stand not that -- Let's close not want to grow the way I'd rather than apartment -- live of Alabama. The mind is there and in the United States congress. Makes me want to tell them. Com and walk and -- -- Crack. -- In -- -- all the goals but tied -- police dog. I'm -- youth and -- stayed. Arrested and taken to jail. Our -- spend a lot since then went into the same year. The president Barack Obama Lou England who -- -- -- their freedom ride. In my -- since the one black and white people could not be needed to gather up on a Greyhound bus. So we don't slap that -- -- granite. The accident. Ride. From here the -- We know maybe sad. All all all hundred amounts were arrested. And the missiles -- the bit afraid Iran. Above because they don't find unanimously now. We were beaten and arrested -- But we helped bring an end who's like that -- should implement -- have replaced -- I can't again. It -- enhancements the parade. But the -- expects that have been examined others -- nonviolent coordinating committee. We met -- rather -- punitive. Instead of five of frustration wood burning throughout the murder. In 1963. We can't read some of the votes Abubakar about -- Hamas and we had a braille bulk. Pass Slobodan of the event. Dragon -- models -- -- float. The -- -- being -- in the job. Problem of people are respite and Zell Michaels profits grind the ripples of weight in the democratic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's probably hope relevant candidate. Week -- -- hard and Washington. Who demonstrate believe what you would justice. And equal opportunity and -- -- -- -- -- -- The national capital play in a state of emergency. -- -- -- -- -- Record world's tallest player and that day that goes all the wrong. But the Mark -- quarterly. So people. Brookfield with dignity and offers better because we believe in -- way -- -- -- The way I don't follow. The way I'm -- down. -- playing today. The MR. Drugs like they were wounded a way to religiously Ruth. But the exact thing. Now we don't know about. How we got all round. They're drop out -- us together in a strange -- -- it's -- -- -- roll please stop rocket. We truly believe that in every human being. You have a whole bilateral about the word out. That was just off of the divine. And no president had -- -- -- destroyed. More into the king Jr. Told us -- we -- -- -- The women. You tell us out Apollo moving vehicle but that -- bit. The -- radical Islam. He told us. Just been out. To speak up. To speak out. The find a way to get in the way. People left -- But dead and an adjustable and it -- it and it enabled women to put out bodies on the line for a breakout role of -- -- themselves. Not one -- about it. Was reported that they -- This. Hurt panicked after leadership of the movement. -- pool of its. -- -- -- -- This hot -- McCain heard it captured the -- but people might just around America but around the world. On day one of -- -- Dornan. Maybe -- -- but he also goal deliberate but soon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It will motivate looked at. He chamber forever. AltaVista or -- global. President Kennedy embedded but -- back to the White House. He let us -- an -- Oval Office and was being in. Michael rob Caldwell. If -- -- hand. Up -- one -- you said. You did a good job. You did a good job. Is -- about the king. And you have a dream. Do you -- We don't anywhere we want the ride. Because -- what you want to stay hit balls. Why can't follow -- And you won't read on the -- Effect on the news then it. In a book. Own video. This field and been the most. Daryn and I'm during the time that form a -- between us. Many of us. Still believe different. The -- out. As -- other demands bomb Iran fool all of human -- Those problems -- -- -- the -- remains deeply embedded in American society and -- they live stop and -- and -- law. Budget just stupid little more than -- and more than. The mathematical operations a million of -- them. Damn good time and amp T he Santa about -- good unemployment. Homelessness that Robert Mayor Bloomberg. But the renewal struggled -- right side of 71. Miles today we must -- get out. We must never ever again then we must keep -- great Yankee. On the wrong. -- -- We did go to -- But the -- -- civil rights -- We got a voting rights that. -- Democrat house the night. But we must continue to push. We must continue to work. As the late -- little Randolph. So to organize. For the hearts and 96 with three. And indeed have a -- right moment once bit. Own definite steps. The real all into saying Bolton. Clinton not Obama a black outline and let you know like you know Asian American a mid America. -- -- -- -- -- -- We are one people will -- found that we all live in a friend how not just American hop but the world hall. It would be a -- Do you through with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The beloved community did -- May send -- Iowa and new residents about BankAmerica rides.

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{"id":20097876,"title":"Rep. John Lewis on 'Dream' Anniversary: 'A Change Has Come'","duration":"10:14","description":"Congressman John Lewis the only speaker who also addressed the same rally 50 years ago. ","url":"/US/video/rep-john-lewis-dream-anniversary-change-20097876","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}