Rescuers Heard Mystery Voice Before Saving Toddler

Five of the rescuers claimed they heard an adult voice say "help me" before they found the 18-month-old in the submerged car.
2:35 | 03/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rescuers Heard Mystery Voice Before Saving Toddler
My response. Ended up coming from the south side of this river and when I got here I was the first one on scene. I made my way down this little embankment here next to be structure. Across these rocks and conceded the vehicle was. Actually upside down in the water roughly right here on this. Large partially submerged rock couple other officers pulled we had about three of us. They can I was hearing things that we talked the other officers we overheard saying to you. Voice saying help us help me. We are able to flip that vehicle up onto its side where we could then see that we had a deceased driver. And that's when I noticed that there was a baby in the back seat. The only way to really get inside that car with the Rennie Curran of the river was just to get car over so we just which attempted hook a winch. On through the car and it was unsuccessful so we discussed. Myself and three other officers together and we are stable to push the car onto its side how I I don't know I mean whether it's adrenaline or what it is incredible. When we hear the officers already been in the river how the car on its side. Cancel Meehan firefighter vomited on an actress. Climbed on top of the car the other door opened and went in the car for the baby. And I went and held the door open held him for his safety. And then he was able to get child out of the car seat and hand it to me and I passed off to officer battles. Actually is when they got up on the car opened the door and reached in pulled the baby. So right. When I got up on the car that may use merchant underwater. And so I reached in. And polar about it waters was like to have that little baby out of this. Car seat is a Fuller head thank you kept you know you can thank you tell there was some life in her you know I can see your eyes open and. And the thing I remember the most is that maybe coming out and its eyes would just like. I don't think you you just you jump in your reactions and do it in Sweden's. It's such an impact if you're able to. Save a life and help someone help someone out and images make you feel makes building when we should certainly knows there's an infant is just. An in. It's just. Do everything you can to give that child out of there and that's what we did. And it feels good. There's good.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Five of the rescuers claimed they heard an adult voice say \"help me\" before they found the 18-month-old in the submerged car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29533537","title":"Rescuers Heard Mystery Voice Before Saving Toddler","url":"/US/video/rescuers-heard-mystery-voice-saving-toddler-29533537"}