Ridiculous Calls Detail Abuse of 911 Hotline

Emergency calls include people who need help to change their TV remote or find sunglasses.
3:58 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Ridiculous Calls Detail Abuse of 911 Hotline
-- -- -- -- -- When you -- one of these rolling down the road somebody somewhere needs help it's usually not life or death situation. -- -- -- -- Itself on the telephone -- Operator. Or is it a life or death situation. We -- -- calls for patients who would like this to turn up and down a thermostat captain Greg Henderson -- -- -- much of fire engine 111 and says more often that you think. Someone is calling 911. Who should be assist them in finding the remote to changing the batteries helping find their sunglasses. The problem is that when someone dials 911 for whatever reason. You are going to get all of this if so what -- level what -- -- absolutely obligated to go to that residence is there are beats. I believe that there -- Mike bottom as one of the newest members to -- metro fire and one thing he's learned is those ridiculous calls are only the beginning. Some call 911 go to the hospital and then. As we are -- clear in the hospital leave they're walking out of the hospital and I don't know where they're going. That's right thinking sick using an ambulance as a taxi. -- some people call so often abusing 911 so frequently that district attorney has pressed charges. I picked up -- Help her second airport -- -- it pretty. Much -- -- are not are they here. -- Britney and her chances like -- The -- you hear on the tape has called three. Hundred times in the past eighteen months more than 100 times just this year technically she's a patient's -- not revealing her identity but you would not believe some -- -- calls and -- York. Are your in the -- he -- Dylan yeah. Under any violence and -- -- calling for help. Did it just so happened while we -- with firefighters guess who called. Because of faith leg pain we get a little assistant -- over here. But this is just one fire department consider all the ridiculous calls the other stations go -- Not to mention police officer is wasted resources and emergency rooms and then there's the calls to 911. That just waste time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He has taken crazy but. Well I'm looking forward and -- -- I think it's horrific spelling second one man hey man you want a life or death emergency law -- -- -- Isn't -- for direction. Unemployment in its morning. Warrington road not a murder city before you know like -- Quote -- -- -- -- The fifteen -- you can't 911. Two. Let's face it some of these nine along calls are a little humorous but you should consider them. Outrageous for a couple of reasons first the cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to taxpayers and second. When police officers and firefighters and paramedics are dealing with those types of called the -- they shouldn't be dealing with. Somebody else could really need -- help. Another call comes down of that neighborhood for a structure fire vehicle accident -- drowning. Whatever the case may be it's gonna take 3456. Minutes on average. For an engine come from outside of the year. And most importantly Henderson says this is not a hypothetical situation. This happens on a daily. Mean the difference between life and death. There is another extreme though people waiting far too long to column line on one some even died because of it. Bottom line these firefighters do not want you hesitating to coal -- on one. Just don't abuse the system that is meant to save a life in the newsroom -- -- Sally. -- --

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{"id":19235713,"title":"Ridiculous Calls Detail Abuse of 911 Hotline","duration":"3:58","description":"Emergency calls include people who need help to change their TV remote or find sunglasses.","url":"/US/video/ridiculous-calls-detail-abuse-911-hotline-19235713","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}