Robert Durst Denied Bail in New Orleans

ABC News' Matt Gutman has the latest on a bail hearing for the multi-millionaire murder suspect related to gun and drug charges in New Orleans.
10:07 | 03/23/15

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Transcript for Robert Durst Denied Bail in New Orleans
We were able to get a lot of information that had been available to us. I didn't have. Any hope at all that the judge was gonna set a bail bonds. Were not surprised by that at all and we will get a preliminary hearing. And on April the second. So while. All in all I think there's been very good day force thank you very much. The attorney for multi millionaire murder suspect Robert durst addressing this client's future following a bail hearing today one's gone and drug charges there. Now holding up durst action mission back to LA that's for prosecutors there have charged him in the 2000 that his friend Susan Berman. The local and I'm damn Cutler in New York following the case forests ABC's Matt Gutman in New Orleans with less than that just going right into this he. His role as a flight risk taking center stage. Crater but a drama there what happened. There was drama in the courtroom. The DA presented a tremendous amount of evidence two hours and forty minutes for that bail hearing whether things they did is. They brought in a detective who works for the district attorney's office who basically had been overseeing in managing the reasoning for keeping durst in jail. And there is a tremendously long litany of reasons. Going back all the way to 1982 his durst suspected murderer disappearing. Of his then wife Kathleen. Going to the murder in 2000 which is best friend Susan Berman was murdered again there are suspected and then the murder. Or killing he's neighbor Morris black in 2001. At that time not durst skipped bail wound up 45 days later. In Pennsylvania busted on a shoplifting charge for stealing a chicken sandwich only had 32 or 37000 dollars in cash in his caught. All of these reasoning explaining why the DA says the judge you just can not give this man bail he is not just a flight risk is a flight certainty. So the attorney for Robert durst did he cared gets up and he says why I would be an expected calling witnesses. And I don't see anybody of any scans the room in right there he sees. Geneen Piero who was the DA. During the time that she reopened the case. Into the investigation into the debt the disappearance of durst first wife Kathleen in 1982. An eighteen year old cold case. She began. Investigating the periphery but there was no grand jury hear anything else and and that's what he Garrett was trying to get through so. Some in the little Courtney he calls this woman up to standards is I want to. Have her be subpoenaed I wondered be a witness. Bailiff please escort her. Out of the courtroom I need her to be sequestered she protests five minutes later comes back in with her own attorney. Who then says and someone belonging to the DA's office who try to contest this. Eventually that motion got thrown out but. The bottom line today. No bail for Robert durst that's probably. The least surprising outcome in legal history certainly in a very long time. Even his attorney Dick Guerin coming in here. A couple of hours ago this morning that bumped into him and said we think your chances are getting bail today he said well slim to none and slim just left town itself. Not a very surprising outcome but we learned a number of interesting things justice mr. Garrett said. Then you yell at me very blunt talk there what was the main point of contention there for his attorneys. He says that the entire case is invalid because the LA warned upon which. The FBI agents here in New Orleans were acting upon that Ellie warrant for murder is invalid there's not enough probable cause. Basically there's not enough evidence to support that arrest at. If the reason enough evidence to support that arrested the hotel basically just down the street about a mile away from us right now. Durst arrest for possession of a gun by a felon in possession of a gun. In connection or in possession with a controlled substance specifically the five ounces of pot durst was caught with those have to be thrown out. The judge did not agree he granted bail anyway but expect that day and to be consistent. Read throughout the next few proceedings. Especially the preliminary meeting hearing which comes next week. Durst attorneys are going to argue again and again at the LA. PD did not have sufficient cause to arrest durst and because of that. He should have been arrested here the air for the search warrant of his room revealing that gun and the pot should be thrown out getting to hit that again and again. So based on that and as far as the as far as the charges and LA that is that tie in to the at that HBO documents series. To some bigger he's trying to say it. Durst attorneys trying to stated it's not just hiding but directly linked to the finale of that HBO dot Ceres. And there was some back and forth about that but it did not for a pre figure to prominently today. But I'll tell you what did were the most fascinating elements today is that we saw a man. Who knew how to disappear himself Robert durst according to the police was a man extraordinarily. Adept. At not only detecting surveillance by police by the FBI professionals but also evaded then so. Sometime in early march got with a whiff of the fact that the LAPD possibly FBI we're surveilling him. Sadly his phone goes side. Couple days later march 9. He leaves his apartment. He goes and somebody else's car car registered to another man entirely. Drives out of state they don't know where he goes Sutley has fun stops working he leaves. The doors to all of those apartments in that luxury Condo and the doors to his car unlocked. So when he needed wanted to break into than just opened door. He disappears and up in Louisiana. Rosa cellphone out the window it stops swinging batons Trace. But somehow they figure out that he is at the JW Marriott now. When they pick him up they realize that this man not only has had. 1010. Aliases that he's used in the past but he's using. Another one to check into this JW Marriott he pays in cash and pays its security deposit in cash. In his room 42000 dollars that we know. But we also learned today is that he had set himself a package in a package. Some extra close a fresh pair of shoes and 1171000. Dollars in cash now in addition to that in his room they found maps of Florida and Cuba. Travel books. Police and the DA saying this was a man who was ready to Lee who knew he was flee. Knew how to evade the police but just almost got away with it. A complicated picture and obviously learning a little bit more about this very complicated men. There was also set to be a preliminary hearing for today that's been pushed back right. Yeah the preliminary hearing in which again durst attorneys were going to try to argue that its entire case needs to be thrown out. That has been postponed to you next week next Thursday. Again. We're getting into the legal weeds here so durst attorneys are trying to get the entire case thrown out they don't contend that. The LA arrest warrant that they're not gonna go back in flight the elderly arrest warrant but they're saying is they're issued an elf probable cause not enough evidence. For durst had been arrested here today want this case thrown out so we can face. A jury perhaps in Los Angeles. Presumably they feel that their case in Los Angeles is stronger than their case here again police say durst was caught with. To hit with a handgun 40000 dollars plus in cash. And a lot of we in his possession when he was arrested now. Because of the way that facility convictions work here in Louisiana and because of the way that mandatory sentencing works here because durst has. At least three prior felonies and one of the fourth. Conviction city has could be turned into a felony he might spend the rest of his life in jail here if he is convicted. And that's why his attorneys are fighting so hard to get him out of here the seems to be absolutely convinced that he's got a good case and if he does have a good case tears told me that he is going to try this and taken all the way if he can't. I met last summer and ask you then as Robert durst is sitting there listening to this description of what his actions were according to police in these recent days. Having these added additional sets of clothing sent to him. Masks all this kind of think what's been his demeanor artist and his appearance is also changed right. Yet his head is negotiating still wearing the orange jumpsuit his hands were cuffed by his sides that a little the padding patty cops. He didn't look quite as disoriented as last time he looked extraordinarily frail extraordinarily thin. He has a shunt that that helps out release facility in separately that brain swelling or fluid in the in the head. That he suffered from in the past so. Kind of an eerie image of a man who does not. By any means appear well and for that reason he is being kept in a special unit a psychiatric unit about an hour and a half away from here. Partly for his own protection and also partly for his own safety so much better complex in the prison complex here Toby. Oh PP it's known to be one of the toughest jails in the country. But yes his demeanor has changed extensively. And again. A lot of that the judges and prosecutors who. Met with him in the past who've tried. His previous murder trial and other proceeding say that this is all an act Robert durst. Is an expert chameleon he is a manipulator and it's this. Act of frailty is nothing more than that and an act. It ABC's Matt government force and wants Matt thanks so much appreciate it. Keep up with the story as a developed by download an ABC news happen and star in the store for updates on the go. I'm Dan Butler anymore.

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{"duration":"10:07","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman has the latest on a bail hearing for the multi-millionaire murder suspect related to gun and drug charges in New Orleans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29849553","title":"Robert Durst Denied Bail in New Orleans","url":"/US/video/robert-durst-denied-bail-orleans-29849553"}